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Avatar m tn I was just wondering how much support is out there for the younger stroke victims maybe in the format of groups or chatrooms or something.
Avatar n tn Is there a website listing support groups for stoke victims? Does anyone know if there is a support group for stroke victims in the Owatonna or Faribault, Minnesota area? Thank you!
Avatar f tn I am looking for a spouse support group. My husband (43) had a hemorrhagic stroke in May of 2011. Recovery has been very slow and I am his sole caregiver. Plus we have a 2 year old at home. I have not found the right support group for either of us yet. Any one have a suggestion?
Avatar m tn I recommended a support group for people with ICD`s to a few members who have ICD questions . My posts were edited and the link taken out. I thought we were here to help each other, I am very disappointed If I am not to post links I missed it. Now I want out of this group or at least an explanation why I can`t post links to help others ? Please tell me how to leave this group ? If the moderators of this site have a problem they should tell me....
Avatar f tn Attended Celebrate Recovery. I had felt all day that my chest resembled a balloon filled with air that just keeps getting bigger and bigger but refuses to pop. Even sticking a needle in the balloon does not relieve the pressure but finally after sharing at cr the balloon was able to be penetrated and let some of the air out.
Avatar f tn my daughter had an asd closure and 5 days later it was told to us that she suffered a spinal stroke is there any support groups for her she is now 18 and feeling very depressed about her life
Avatar f tn My 58 year old husband had a stroke last Sunday. We were let out of the hospital last night with no instructions, warnings or anything. Any sugestions? I am terrified. What next?
1390877 tn?1281762980 Sunny and warm Walked w Mom before doing a load of wash and then off to Dual and then LR. Did banking and then lunch and nap. Back to Dusty's for a shower, computer time and dinner. Looking forward to meeting.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know off any support groups you can go to in Belfast?to talk to people with the same depression illness as me?
203342 tn?1328737207 Does anyone know of any support groups or national organizations that can help families who have a child with a brain injury due to a brain aneurysm? My brother's child had a brain aneurysm about 8 years ago and he's come a long way in healing but they're not sure he'll get much better. He nearly died from this and it's been a long road back. He was in a wheelchair and tube fed for some time. He's now able to walk, feed himself, etc.
Avatar m tn It seems that Seattle does not have any support groups in the area? How do people cope when they find out they are positive for HSV 1 or 2? I was diagnosed over 3 years ago through a blood test IGg. I have pretty much isolated myself from going out, meeting anyone and I have no one to talk to at all. I got blood tested after going online and requesting the STD test through quest diagnostics laboratory. My results ccame back positive for both HSV 1 and 2.
Avatar n tn I have shied away from going to support groups for various reasons but am beginning to think now maybe one would be helpful. Thoughts? I feel like I am losing ground daily not only physically but also emotionally. I have applied for social security disability (something I said I would NEVER do) because my physician refuses to release me to go back to work. I just feel that I can no longer be the "strong" one.
Avatar f tn i heard that there are support groups i was wondering if anyone knew of a site i can search for one in my area or does anyone know of one in the daytona beach fl area?
672839 tn?1305792947 To me, there are two types of groups, 1) Support and 2) Self Help. Support Groups are places to go and feel safe. Lead by others with medical conditions like ours, opinions are shared by all, and comfort is widely given while tears flow. The discussions are personal and individualized making this the place to be when your chin is on the ground. Self-Help groups relieve a different pain. In this setting professionals teach you the steps necessary to better yourself and your position.
Avatar n tn Are there any support groups or information for people whose significant other is affected by BDD?
Avatar f tn Also i am in the new york city area so if anyone knows of any support groups or meeting places for this i would really appreciate some information on it thank you.