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Avatar f tn My brother who is 36yrs old w/no prior medical problems fell down with a massive stroke paralizing his right side according to drs brain swelling covered left side and they advised us to pull the plug**we didnt** drs stated he will never reconize us open his eyes move** he is able to do all these things w/in a week time of stroke**now drs are advising us to put a trachea in**we are very confused and dont know what we should do what is going to be the best decision for my brother>>
Avatar f tn What I would give to look much older and uglier in exchange for my very disabled life since my stroke. Other problems with a stroke include not being able to eat, except by tubes, paralysis, not being able to speak, having life long severe migraines as well as death. It would help you to volunteer with stroke victims. Get the help that you need.
477009 tn?1210876873 My mom had a stroke one week ago today. She is almost 60 and this is her 2nd hemorragic stroke. The first she was released from hospital in less than a week. But this one was worse and at the basil Ganglia. She had a tube inserted in her brain to drain the blood and fluid due to the they could not do surgery. Every day has had a new result. She has spoken to us, answered questions correctly. Regained all motor skills in her left side.
Avatar f tn You should go back to your doctor and ask what has been done to prevent another stroke, you may need to see a new doctor, which is perfectly fine. Either way ask for what therapy should be followed to address any deficits and ask for a doctors order for those therapies, which may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy. You should never have been allowed out of the hospital without some explanation of preventative measues being taken. Does he have any deficits?
Avatar m tn In regards to people with elderly family members who suffered a stroke, did they have feeding tubes or sources of nutrition provided? I am really struggling with this and feel like it is giving up. She is conscious and aware.
Avatar m tn Hi, its difficult to tell the exact prognosis. As the post stroke swelling subsides she may recover function. But now all depends on if her vitals are stable or not. As she is improving and if the "stroke" is stabilized, and there is no further bleeding or clotting I would remain optimistic. Regards.
Avatar n tn Is there a website listing support groups for stoke victims? Does anyone know if there is a support group for stroke victims in the Owatonna or Faribault, Minnesota area? Thank you!
Avatar m tn Is it normal for them to discharge him being he still in a coma. He is also on a ventilator and have tubes for feeding.
Avatar f tn I do not have a feeding tube, but many POTSies who have feeding tubes have a GI disorder called gastroparesis. This is when the intestines and stomach move food too slowly and in severe cases the stomach can actually be paralyzed. The other reason I have heard for POTSies to get feeding tubes is because of extremely severe nausea and/or vomiting to the point where malnutrition sets in and severe weight loss occurs. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Yes a person can get a stroke from too much Morphine...I am a R.N. and work with stroke victims , Look up water shed strokes...
Avatar f tn In my opinion, I doubt he will get better than what he is doing now. He has had a brainstem stroke, and I am surprised he survived that. I am not saying there can't be some "miraculous recovery" but I HIGHLY doubt that. Being that the clot is still in the brain there is a high possibility he could have another. Secondly, think about him; what would his wishes be? Would he want to be kept alive with a "trach and feeding tube?
Avatar m tn It does seem, as you are indicating, that if things are done now when he is so young, they can have an outward positive effect maybe more than for older stroke victims. I think in your shoes, I would reach out (or have your mom do so) to the doctor who treated your brother for stroke, and ask him about rehabilitation specialists who work with kids that have had strokes. See if you can get a referral, and go to the appointments, and learn what they are doing.
Avatar f tn My mother, who is 57 and takes good care of her health, suffered a stroke two days ago and is in the hospital as we speak. The stroke occured in her brain stem and the top/side of her head. Through an MRI and a certain procedure I forget the name of, the doctors were able to determine the reason for the stroke on the top/side of her head, which was blockage, i believe, of the vein.
1931865 tn?1326127309 I go back to my doctor Thursday and hoping the news his going to give will be get, hope he put me on victims and tell me I can get started with my family . My tubes ate open so looks great so far..
Avatar m tn I have found a few case reports that indicate that people with this type of stroke (Wallenbergs syndrome) can suffer from central sleep apnea and I was wondering if this is common knowledge amoung doctors that treat stroke victims. Is 24 hr pulse oximetry monitoring typically required following this type of stroke for 7 days ? Am I right to assume that inpatient care does not perform 24 hr pulse oximetry monitoring.
Avatar n tn My dad had a massive stroke in December of 2007. He is currently being fed by a PEG tube and I have spent countless hours researching anything that might help. I found a system called Vital Stim Therapy. The therapy uses a machine that massages the muscles used for swallowing. I believe it stimulates the area with electrical impulses. The treatment is said to be highly successful. 98% show improvement with about 35% being able to swallow and eventually remove the PEG tube.
Avatar n tn - Can anyone share stories of young and healthy stroke victims recovering slowly over the years. I hope and pray that his youth and good health translate to better chances for long term progress? - Last, they discovered just last week at outpatient therapy that his right hand reacts to vibrations. After using a vibrating machine on his R forearem, he is able to do some movements in his R wrist that he can not normally do. Can anyone share their thoughts on this.
Avatar m tn This is serious stuff and quite honestly, my symptoms have improved but not gone away. 10% of TIA victims go on to have a major stroke within 90 days (1 in 10), and you now have a 35 to 40% chance of having a major stroke. I don't want to scare you, but you need to press the issue with your Doctor.
144586 tn?1284666164 Thus an aide/nurse could spent ten minutes feeding one patient, permit the LES to real while feeding a second patient, and then return to the first patient. Going back and forth several times between patients will optimize use of time while decreasing the probability of a fatal complication.
Avatar n tn Told that it will take about 6-8 for some of the blood to be absorbed by the brain and that it is normal for stroke victims to sleep more then 12 hours per day. There also risk of seizers, "but hope not". It's also common for stroke victims to suffer from OCD after the stroke. Taking walking for granted and learning to walk was the most frustrating for me. Wish you and Mom well.
691463 tn?1227419054 we have an elderly cat of 17, he is suddenely much more lethargic than usual, as if in a daze and drooling heavily, we wonder if he may have had a stroke, he experienced something like a seizure couple of weeks ago.