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Avatar f tn Either way ask for what therapy should be followed to address any deficits and ask for a doctors order for those therapies, which may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy. You should never have been allowed out of the hospital without some explanation of preventative measues being taken. Does he have any deficits? With that knowledge someone here could respond specifically.
1041487 tn?1256327719 I have set up consultation with a physiatrist, this week, to see if he can prescribe a more aggressive physical therapy plan for my mom. If he does prescribe a physical therapy plan for my mom, I'm not sure if mom will have to go to another physical therapist, or work with the physical therapists at the nursing home. The physical therapist at this nursing home, don't seem to be very interested in doing much with my mom.
Avatar f tn I went to physical therapy today for the first timeand I feel so much better! Did anyone else have to do physical therapy or are planning on starting? They have me a list of exercises to do at home and they work wonders.
Avatar n tn Stroke rehabilitation should begin as soon after a stroke, the priority being stbilising medical condition and controlling life-threatening ones. it may include therapy for communication disorders helping you regain lost abilities to speak, write and comprehend. Exercises to improve motor skills, mobility training to use walker or canes,improve range of motion therapy includes exercises to help lessen spasticity, psychological evaluation and constraint induced therapy.
Avatar m tn If you have access to a gym you could work on the exercise machines that require two arms and start exercising with both arms and slowly remove the good one and keep going with the bad arm at the lowest weight setting.. Read the book Stronger After Stroke by Peter Levine for lots more ideas on what recovery will look like.
333672 tn?1273792789 I had an evaluation for physical therapy on Monday and my first session today. I am having increasing trouble with walking and, although I don't know if this is going to help, I think it's worth a shot. So far I have found out a number of interesting things. My flexibility is okay for my age (although it seems worse to me than it used to be), but I have weakness in my hip flexors and in my ankle muscles.
Avatar n tn My dad had a massive stroke in December of 2007. He is currently being fed by a PEG tube and I have spent countless hours researching anything that might help. I found a system called Vital Stim Therapy. The therapy uses a machine that massages the muscles used for swallowing. I believe it stimulates the area with electrical impulses. The treatment is said to be highly successful. 98% show improvement with about 35% being able to swallow and eventually remove the PEG tube.
Avatar n tn Is there a website listing support groups for stoke victims? Does anyone know if there is a support group for stroke victims in the Owatonna or Faribault, Minnesota area? Thank you!
Avatar f tn Selma has neck exercises posted on the forum that could probably help. I went to physical therapy for 8 months after my surgery and it did help. The physical therapist researched chiari and syringomyelia and did not allow me to do anything that caused pain- ie: if the exercise caused pain she discontinued it and had me try something else. You may also benefit from seeing an occupational therapist.
Avatar f tn As the swelling and inflammation subsides and the blood supply is restored well, he should improve, until then he needs to be monitored. And once stable his doctor will initiate physical therapy. If the stroke is stabilized, and there is no further bleeding or clotting I would remain optimistic. Good luck with his therapy. Regards.
Avatar f tn m not totally clear on what all that means (any clarification would be appreciated) but my doctor is recommeding that I try physical therapy for one week to see if it helps and he has prescribed Lorcet 10/650 four times a day for pain (I'm taking only one a day because pain medications and the fear of addictions scare me to death). My first physical therapy session is today (July 23) at 2:30 p.m. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Does it hurt? Has it helped with ailments such as mine?
Avatar n tn I had ataxia from a stroke in the cerebellum and haave gone to physical therapy for it. First is cocentration on balance. One the exercises that can be done for this is standing on a stair, with one's toes and balls of feet on the stair and the heel hanging off and downward. Hold that position for 3-5 minutes to strengthen the tendon at the back of the leg. One of the most important things is to build-up muscles in the legs as well as one's core ( muscles in stomach and back).
Avatar f tn Ordered to wear a cervical collar and isometric physical therapy. The appt. was alot of coverage and overwhelming so as soon as the report comes in I will have a better understanding as to the blockage and everything going on. Have been to physical therapy in the past but very short term. 3 sessions. Oh and EDS dx as well. Waiting on my insurance approval for PT.....found isometric cervical exercises on Mayfield Clinic website but they make me dizzy, lol.
Avatar n tn It is better to start the physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational and massage therapy as soon as possible as it requires couple of months to regain the muscle strength. You need to have patience, as she will progress slowly. Gentle massage, routine exercises and heat therapy can be continued till a physical therapist works on her soon. Also she can be assessed by the attending neurophysician/neurosurgeon for the progress and advice. Take care and share your thoughts.
Avatar f tn I have been doing physical therapy and occupational therapy before I got out of the hospital in March 2010 and continued afterwards. I have also been doing strength training at the gym 3 to 4 days a week as well. The general concensus was that the stroke was brought on by my battle with terminal breast cancer for 2 years. I was declared cancer-free two weeks before the stroke occurred. I'm beginning to wonder if I can recover from this disasterous event and get my life back.
Avatar f tn hi everyone - im curious.....im 8 weeks post op today and have been in physical therapy 3x's a week for the last three weeks. i have had an increase in pressure headaches, difficulty bending forward (feels like my head is a brick on a stick) alot of muscular tension in my shoulders and neck also. did anyone else participate in physical therapy post op? if so, how soon post op and what type of activities were you doing?
193609 tn?1292180293 We went to the physical therapist for the first time today! He said that the muscle tightness is through his ankles and hips. He said his knees look great. He said he wants to focus on exercising the muscles in the office and at home and showed me three different exercises for his ankles and legs. He said that his occupational therapist can focus on his arms right now since he said they are kinda tight, but appear to be loosening up and looser than his legs.
Avatar n tn Can physical therapy cause more pain than what you started with? I'm a 16 year old female and I injured my shoulder from playing softball. I've been doing physical therapy for a year now and I had an appointment on Tuesday the 5th of this month. During the appointment they used ultrasound, and electrical impulses to see if that would help me. Today which is the 6th of August my shoulder and my whole arm has throbbing pain that won't go away.
Avatar f tn My 65 year-old mother had a hemorrhagic stroke in the right perietal lobe - three months ago. She was in the hospital (acute care for two weeks) followed by 6 weeks of inpatient rehab. The last month have done out patient OT and PT and now our OT said that our 10 sessions are up and she suggests that we save our last 8 eight sessions for the fall when mom may have more movement in her hand. She said it is an "act of congress" to get Medicare to pay for extra therapy.