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Avatar f tn Either way ask for what therapy should be followed to address any deficits and ask for a doctors order for those therapies, which may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy. You should never have been allowed out of the hospital without some explanation of preventative measues being taken. Does he have any deficits? With that knowledge someone here could respond specifically.
Avatar n tn We continued with physical, speech and occupational therapy home visits through a private agency. Are home visits for therapy an option for you? I found that though the scheduling was erratic for these home visits, it gave us both something to work from. I don't know about your area, but there is an excellent rehab hospital in Washington DC, National Rehabilitation Hospital that is state of the art in their programs for recovery as well as neurological research.
Avatar f tn Calisthenics refers to the strength building exercises for physical therapy. Stretching refers to the stretching exercises.
Avatar f tn First day of Physical Therapy included TENS, Heat and exercises. Slow and steady, feel I am very protective of my back. Exercises hurt in back, numbness went crazy, but nothing "out of ordinary" so not enough to cause them to stop. One set of each today.
Avatar f tn First day of Physical Therapy included TENS, Heat and exercises. Slow and steady, feel I am very protective of my back. Exercises hurt in back, numbness went crazy, but nothing "out of ordinary" so not enough to cause them to stop. One set of each today.
4700214 tn?1361170956 Back to P/T today and I am hating life right now. I did all my exercises and even increased in a few. One of 3 exercises flared my shoulder up bad (arm bike, pulley behind the back, or ball and trampoline). I think it may have been the pulley because that is the only totally new one we added. I will talk to them on Thursday and see what they have to say.
Avatar n tn Although you often hear that the majority of recovery for stroke victims is seen within the first six months, I feel there is always hope. New advances and research are taking place and have now proven that the brain can make new "pathways". I have read reports that state even though damaged brain cells cannot be replaced, that unaffected brain cells can take over some functions of the destroyed cells. Has your mom continued physical therapy?
3112530 tn?1434032033 I have a history of degenerative joint/disk disease and have had 5 surgeries, had metal implanted and removed due to nerve impingement but my orthopedic surgeon and pain management team has done a good job, better than the physical therapy. I am walking for the first time in 5 years but they are recommending a physical therapist again and each one seems to cause me problems. I used to do Pilates(for beginners) and I liked the program that I did at home.
Teacher I have exercises I need to do everyday. They are to help mobility in my upper and lower back and prevent nerve pain associated with the cysts, degenerated discs and the SI joint.
4700214 tn?1361170956 Was able to do my exercises today with only a little drop in how many, probably due to the whole dropping the box on Tuesday. They had me do my wall push ups and those were horrible, I think I did like 20 seconds of the minute they wanted me to do. They told me to keep trying to do them at home along with scaption and the other exercises I am already doing. They did tell me to not push it and to take it easy.
4700214 tn?1361170956 P/T did manipulation today. I was doing pretty good able to do all my exercises just fewer in number on a couple of them. I was feeling good after the exercises my shoulder was just tired. Then they presses on my shoulder bicep area to decompress it ( I think) and now my shoulder is killing me, even when I am doing nothing. Trying not to take meds because of my stomach so I guess I will just tough it through, but this really stinks.
Avatar n tn //www.sanqiginseng.com/forum/index.php gave me some idea. I would like to know your opinion about this herb and other alternative therapies.
Avatar f tn as a family, your job is to be supportive, not to frustrate him, to encourage him and let him rest when he needs it. stroke victims require a lot of rest but they are also eager to function again. once he is out of the ICU, that is the time to get him into rehabilitation. you can learn a lot of techniques and exercises from physical and occupational therapists once they start working with him.
4700214 tn?1361170956 Was a little stiff and sore during PT today. Did all my exercises with minor decreases in the amount I can do. They did manipulation again today and that hurt really bad, had to tell him to stop because he was hurting me. They did a cortisone ultrasound to try and get it under control. I don't think it really helped. They also told me to take an easy on exercise for the next week since I am not in PT next week. They said not exercise above my head keep everything at the waist.
Avatar m tn Witnesses have described "Shak Stroke therapy" as a miracle therapy, In the majority of cases has given full mobility to Stroke survivor Victims, sometimes within minutes even after they have been imobilised for years. Go to You Tube and type in Shak Stroke Therapy and see the speed some people have recovered. in many cases the following has occurred... Limbs have gained full mobility in minutes. speech has vastly improved in minutes. balance back in minutes.
Avatar f tn "other supplement" is adderall, "muscle relaxation" is physical therapy exercises.
4700214 tn?1361170956 Did some new exercises today. Started to flare when I was being iced at PT. I am really hurting bad, I took naproxen and tylenol to get through the day. Going to take a hydrocodone before bed in hopes of getting my shoulder be back in the manageable pain range. Ready to cry right now.
4700214 tn?1361170956 Therapy went good today. I was able to do a lot of reps and new exercises. I felt pretty good coming out, could have probably done more but they did not want to flare me up. I am trying to quit taking naprosyn because my stomach is not happy. I took one about 10 am because I was starting to ache. Not planning to take anymore tonight, maybe a tylenol pm before bed. I used my ice machine for about 2 hours, doing okay. Still sore but it is livable.
Avatar f tn I went to physical therapy today for the first timeand I feel so much better! Did anyone else have to do physical therapy or are planning on starting? They have me a list of exercises to do at home and they work wonders.
Avatar n tn Have these conversations out of ear range of the patient. Every meal, for example, is an opportunity for physical rehabilitation. Every trip to the toilet is an opportunity. I have a three times meal schedule at 0800, 1300 and 1800 HRS, with the proviso that the patient is asked if they want to eat, and if the say no, the meal is pushed foward. Initially I like the corning ware transparent glass, because the small bowls have vertical sides against which the patient can push food.
Avatar n tn Stroke rehabilitation should begin as soon after a stroke, the priority being stbilising medical condition and controlling life-threatening ones. it may include therapy for communication disorders helping you regain lost abilities to speak, write and comprehend. Exercises to improve motor skills, mobility training to use walker or canes,improve range of motion therapy includes exercises to help lessen spasticity, psychological evaluation and constraint induced therapy.
4700214 tn?1361170956 Did most of my exercises today though I had lower numbers but was able to do everything. They didn't let me do the ball throw but I expected that. Looks like they are planning to keep me in P/T for a while longer since they made appointments for me next week. What I don't understand is that Sherry who I work with is being let go this week with instructions to exercise at home and if she has questions to ask me since I do everything correctly and they don't have to watch me.
144586 tn?1284666164 Both Medicaid and Medicare patients are entitled to physical therapy. Medicaid limits this to 25 visits per year. Medicare has a $155 deductable and then pays 80% to a cap of $1860. I just got through visiting an 86 year old friend in a nursing home who has not been getting this therapy and who would benefit greatly. My point in this post is to make sure the nursing home in which your loved one is staying "gets off the dime" in this respect. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.