How does tpa help stroke victims recover

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Avatar m tn a five-year trial, conducted by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) found that carefully selected stroke patients who received Activase within three hours of the beginning of stroke symptoms were at least 33 percent more likely than patients given a placebo to recover from their stroke with little or no disability after three months." Three months? So what does that mean?
Avatar f tn my mom had a stroke 7 months ago. tPA was also administered in a timely manner but did not help. also right side, no speech whatsoever. I was devastated, panicked, scared... However she started showing some progress now, some walking, some words. 3 months post stroke is not that much, 70 is not that old. Keep hoping and do not give up on therapy and hard work.
Avatar f tn My brother is 46 years old and had a stroke on 9-19-13 on left side of brain.My whole family is devastated.He left work early because he didn't feel right and had vision problems.His stroke happened in the waiting room of the ER in which they started the t-PA drip right away to dissolve the blood clot.From there he was transported to another hospital with a neuro dept.At that hospital we were told that he would never be the same,etc.
Avatar m tn Hello, what medications are prescribed after stroke? Is cerebrolysin good enough to help the person to recover after stroke? It doesn't seem to be working well, we don't have a way of seeking medical help other than research online, what medications do doctors prescribe to help recover after stroke?
Avatar m tn I was just wondering how much support is out there for the younger stroke victims maybe in the format of groups or chatrooms or something.
Avatar m tn I am on a visit with my mother in Florida (I live in Texas) when she suffered a stroke. Actually, we were on the golf course (yes, at 82 years old, she still plays), and she seemed to get more confused/disorientedand then she stumbled into the cart. She also had problems with her vision. We quit at that point. I asked her to raise both arms and smile, and she could. She drank lots of water, I went to the clubhouse to get a raincheck and by then, she started to look/behave more normally.
Avatar n tn my father can not speak after a stroke he had 6yrs ago but he now is making funny noises and striking out at people does not want to eat or let any one help him he just wants to stay in bed wat is goin on can u help answer my questions
Avatar n tn I had symptoms of a stroke (wekaness in left arm, leg and face some dropping in face) on april 22 and was given tpa. the mri's were negatvie, I had no risk factors for a stroke. I was put on plavix and was going to physical therapy. Nine weeks later I had another epiosde this time it started with left side pain in leg and arm then wekaness in arm and leg and left side of face. Was given TPS again and everything but some weakness in legcame back to normal.
Avatar n tn With the recent introduction of tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) drugs, how has the standard of care changed for the E.R. physician in his/her treatment of a patient with symptoms of stroke (e.g. dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision, hypertension, lethargy and loss of awareness), but whose CT Scan is negative and desires to leave the E.R.? What is the standard of care both pre- and post-t-PA?
Avatar f tn Do most stroke victims have this happen to them, and do most of them not wake up??? I just dont understand cause she was so alert and talking to us the day of the stroke and then the day after nothing.
Avatar f tn I always hear how people have had strokes, and sometimes there is a disability based on how bad the stroke was. I just seen my dad pass away, from a stroke. He went into the hospital (E.R.) for a possible heart attack, they said it was not, but wanted him to stay over night to keep an eye on him. During the night my dad had a stroke and was unable to move, speak or eat I He passed away less than a week. How can this be? I would love to fined out how can this be???
Avatar n tn Hi there, I can totally sympatize with you there. I know when my mother was brought to the hospital about 2 months ago for her stroke. The doctors didn't locate it until it was nearly too late with their CT scans. For some unknown reason, the inital scans missed the location of her brain's stroke. The sleeping part is normal. It's the body's way to help itself to recover. You may find that your father will sleep alot and for long hours.
Avatar n tn was there anything the ER doctor could have done to prevent the TIA from turning into a full blown stroke?
Avatar n tn The miracle already occurred, he is alive. Anyway he is a survivor not a victim, survivors do what they can to help themselves recover. Victims wait in vain for a miracle to occur.
Avatar n tn Is there a national registry or data base that tracts quality measures. JCAHO has measures for primary stroke certification however they do not make recommendations on their measures. I am looking for a variety of clinical, operational and financial measures. i.e., incidence of pneumonia, UTI, post stroke, procedure times, fluoro times, efficiency measures for interventional neuroradiology cases, IA-tPA, coiling, thrombectomy and costs per case.
Avatar n tn ve worked mainly in neonatal icu for 7 years, I was under the impression that TPA was the treatment of choice for all strokes if it could be given w/i a few hours, but the cardiologist told me that due to a small risk of hemmorrage, "small strokes" aren't usually treated with TPA or kinase drugs.
Avatar m tn I have had 5 different conflicting reports about what was to happen regarding Coumadin, ranging from total d/c, to hold for 1 week, to hold for 1 day, to resume. TPA was withheld after this stroke, because of GI bleed. Why would it have been OK to give TPA last year after an upper GI bleed when many units of blood were needed, but it was NOT OK for TPA this stroke following colitis with trace blood? Why would Coumadin have been held at all after the colonoscopy?
Avatar n tn I enjoy reading that research is leading to new breakthroughs to help victims of stroke. I have also read that although most recovery for stroke patients is seen within the first 6 months, that patients may recover for YEARS after stroke. I personally believe that a persons will and the support they receive greatly assist in their ability to recover. Researchers are also making breakthroughs to assist in the treatment of aphasis, dysphagia, paralysis etc.
Avatar m tn t think she sees us. The Dr said it was a massive stroke which affected her left hemisphere. She does however squeeze our hands from time to time. We're unfortunately fearing the worst but taking her age in consideration, what are the chances of 82 year olds making recovery's? ie be able to speak, hear, see and eat Thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn I had a stroke in March 2013 in the US, and was given an injection of TPA (Alteplase), the 'clot-buster'. Within seconds I recovered the use of my right arm and leg, which had been paralysed. I had a travel insurance policy (I was visiting from the UK) but I suspect they won't pay out. My total bill was $35,000, but a major item was the TPA injection, which was billed at $13,283, for 2 x 50mg phials (they actually used 70mg).
Avatar n tn Have been told of great success stories for young stroke victims from people as the young brain can do many things that may be an older brain would not. Does any one have any success stories to share w/ us - it just gives us hope - he is a 6'2 , 240 lb high school football player set to play college football next year pre stroke. Any info would help - thank you and God Bless.
Avatar f tn My 58 year old husband had a stroke last Sunday. We were let out of the hospital last night with no instructions, warnings or anything. Any sugestions? I am terrified. What next?
Avatar n tn My question is that I am wondering why I still have no energy and want to sleep all of the time two weeks later. If the stroke was reversed, why am I still so tired? And how long will it be before I can expect to regain my energy? All answers and opinions will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.