How does tpa help stroke victims recover

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Avatar n tn I know this does not help much, but it is true. The brain swelling depends on the size of the stroke and I believe it takes a few weeks, but best to ask the Dr. on that one. Regarding the neglect, you can help this situation by making people approach her from her left side..also place her bed so she has to look to her left to see people enter the room..hold her left hand, tap on her left arm...try to make her aware of that side. Re arm movement coming back...
Avatar n tn Afterwards, however, the neurologist explained that bp was a better tool for whether I was going into a stroke zone. Basically, it doesn't matter so much how fast my heart is pumping if the pressure in my blood vessels is low because then nothing is really pushing too hard on my vessels or the ICAD area. I have been amazed at the correlation (and sometimes lack of correlation) between my hr and bp.