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Avatar f tn Either way ask for what therapy should be followed to address any deficits and ask for a doctors order for those therapies, which may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy. You should never have been allowed out of the hospital without some explanation of preventative measues being taken. Does he have any deficits? With that knowledge someone here could respond specifically.
Avatar n tn I enjoy reading that research is leading to new breakthroughs to help victims of stroke. I have also read that although most recovery for stroke patients is seen within the first 6 months, that patients may recover for YEARS after stroke. I personally believe that a persons will and the support they receive greatly assist in their ability to recover. Researchers are also making breakthroughs to assist in the treatment of aphasis, dysphagia, paralysis etc.
Avatar n tn My dad had a massive stroke in December of 2007. He is currently being fed by a PEG tube and I have spent countless hours researching anything that might help. I found a system called Vital Stim Therapy. The therapy uses a machine that massages the muscles used for swallowing. I believe it stimulates the area with electrical impulses. The treatment is said to be highly successful. 98% show improvement with about 35% being able to swallow and eventually remove the PEG tube.
Avatar f tn As the swelling and inflammation subsides and the blood supply is restored well, he should improve, until then he needs to be monitored. And once stable his doctor will initiate physical therapy. If the stroke is stabilized, and there is no further bleeding or clotting I would remain optimistic. Good luck with his therapy. Regards.
Avatar f tn For most stroke patients, the rehabilitation process includes nursing, occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), therapeutic recreation (TR) and speech therapy (or speech language therapy, SLP). OT involves exercise and training to help the stroke patient relearn everyday activities, sometimes called the Activities of daily living (ADLs), such as eating and drinking, dressing, bathing, cooking, reading and writing, and toileting.
1474053 tn?1297825738 I guess what I am wondering is since I have never been around someone who had a stroke in the first days after one is whether this happens to all stroke victims and if some of it goes away on its own. Its terrifying to see her like this and I read alot of hopeful stories about stroke survivors. I guess I just want to know from someone else going through this or have gone through this if they went through the same thing themselves or with their loved one?
Avatar n tn Is there a website listing support groups for stoke victims? Does anyone know if there is a support group for stroke victims in the Owatonna or Faribault, Minnesota area? Thank you!
Avatar n tn It is very difficult to tell if he will be able to recover completely or not. There is no way of finding out for sure. Please continue with speech therapy. Hopefully he will respond to it. It requires patience and perseverance. Please be optimistic and do not give up. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I'm in pt,ot, and speech....I'm doing great in therapy! It wasn't a carotid Artery Dissection. It certainly *****!
Avatar f tn Dear, A stroke recovery, is the process by which patients with disabling strokes undergo treatment to help them return to normal life as much as possible by regaining and relearning the skills of everyday living the rehabilitation process includes nursing, occupational therapy , physical therapy , therapeutic recreation and speech therapy .
477009 tn?1210876873 My mom had a stroke one week ago today. She is almost 60 and this is her 2nd hemorragic stroke. The first she was released from hospital in less than a week. But this one was worse and at the basil Ganglia. She had a tube inserted in her brain to drain the blood and fluid due to the they could not do surgery. Every day has had a new result. She has spoken to us, answered questions correctly. Regained all motor skills in her left side.
Avatar f tn Just a little encouragement for the families of the stroke victims so devastated here. I had a infarct in the temporal lobe in July, 2013. It left me with a grossly weakened left side, numbness and non-control of my left arm and leg plus a myriad of other minor complaints. I have memory issues and anger issues, as well as fatigue. I certainly am not the person I was pre-stroke. I had a lot of therapy for several months and looking back, I regained MUCH control in those months.
Avatar m tn You must take him to a speech therapist and his neurologist to assess whether speech will come back or not. Speech therapy, physical therapy and motivation is important for recovery. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar m tn Did your husband ever get any physical therapy or speech therapy after his stroke? I got physical therapy a year and half later after my stroke, in addition to the physical therapy and speech therapy that I got following my stroke. It could probably help your husband.
Avatar f tn My Dad had a sever ichemic stroke in January. His speech is very limited yet he can read no problem, he loves reading aloud subtitles on tv, road signs, number plates. His speech is improving a little and we can pick up maybe 30% of what he is saying. I've convinced reading is a big help.
620081 tn?1221442530 too little blood or ischemic stroke and too much blood or hemorrhagic stroke. Complications of stroke include: pralysis or loss of muscle movement, dfficulty talking or swallowing; aphasia, a condition in which a person has difficulty expressing thoughts through language, memory loss or troubles with understanding. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn And that that place where they only asked her to point at a brush, or comb or asked who is the president was worthless speech therapy. The physical therapy did not help either .for the teacher was mean to mom and others too. " he said things like" you don't want to have a third stroke, for most people do not recover from a third one. Even though it may be true, you should not say that to a patient and make them sad, or feel that it is their fault they are in their situation.
Avatar f tn Ask your therapists for therapies that do not require physical movement like mental imagery, mirror-box therapy, thermal therapy,music therapy, passive movement. If they do not know of these they are way behind in keeping up with research. Good luck.
Avatar n tn It doesn't necessarily take years, i have worked with stroke victims who have shown some great improvements. I think your mom is over reacting. Keep in mind the doctors usually tell you "the worst case scenerio". What exactly does your mom mean about "recovery"??? Does she think he could be in a vegatative state?? Make sure you find out what exactly mom means, before the meeting so that she can get it cleared up when you all meet with the doctors.
Avatar f tn In looking at his symptoms, the aphasia stood out, but the loss of time almost seems more seizure like then TIA. Most stories I have read, TIA victims have not lost time with their attack. Thoughts?! I'm apparently more concerned than he is, but my brother had a stroke last year and has some very serious permanent damage from it, but lucky to have his life.
Avatar n tn my 48 yr old mom had a Hemorrhagic stroke on the 26.05.2008. After 5months in hospital, she just came home yesterday. The neuro doc said it was a large bleed in the left side of her brain, which has left her paralysed on her right side. Mom has no speech whatsoever but she does understand and recognise us.
1041487 tn?1256327719 Mom has reached the 3-month mark of her stroke recovery. She is still in a nursing home, doing well with her speech therapy. She is able to slowly lift her neck, and slowly turn her head from the left to the middle. She is alert and talks with slurred speech, since she is still unable to completely control her tongue. She can, however, clearly say "yes, no and hi" On the negative side, she is still unable to move any of her limbs. Her left arm has contracted close to her chest.
Avatar f tn My stroke was in Dec. and for the last 6 weeks, I have had trouble with food. I feel as if it is stuck in my throat. I only drink liquids and have lost 20 pounds. I go to a nuerologist on Thurs. I also have a bad post nasal drip and I think when that is resolved, food won't be such an issue. Thanks for posting. I thought I was the only one with this problem.
Avatar f tn My mom, 66 years old, suffered a big ischemic stroke on the left side of her brain 2 weeks ago on January 30th, 2013. We were lucky that my brother was home when it happened and called 911. She was in the ER within 35 minutes of the time it happened. Three hours passed before we were told that yes, she was indeed a candidate to receive TPA in order to help dissolve the clot. The stroke left her right side paralyzed and she also has difficulty with her speech and swallowing.