How to avoid knee pain when jogging

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Avatar f tn so knee is hurtng more...plz tell me jogging is nt good for me...or wat can i do to t away frm this pain..
Avatar f tn I get unbelievable pain from my knee down to my ankles when I jog. After about 40 minutes that pain is some what tolerable and I can jog for 4-5 minutes straight. For the rest of my day my ankles are sore. Does anybody have any idea what this is?
Avatar m tn About 9 hours after my injections, one in each knee, my left knee swelled up causing extreme pain and discomfort. After calling my doc. and starting on steroids the swelling quickly came down. Here's what I don't understand why only one knee reacted? And I am willing to suffer some discomfort for the relief I got from the other series. Any thoughts.
587778 tn?1261397118 In the last two months, I began having pain on the inside of my knee that is tender to the touch. Even when I palpate the bone it hurts. My doctor sent me for an X-ray and it reveal mild osteoarthritis.
Avatar m tn Squats, Legpress, Deadlifts, they all hurt right at the middle of the knee behind the patella. It also hurts when I try to jog and occasionally go down stairs. I saw an athletic trainer and he believes that it may be a bruised femure. I was wondering if anyone else had an opinion on this, and if they agree with the bruised femure, how long do you think this will last/are there any treatments I can do to speed the recovery process/can i do any form of cardio?
Avatar f tn I have arthritis in both knees and had to switch to speed walking rather then running or jogging. Jogging can cause damage to the knee due to impact as you run or jog. Hopefully you don't have a torn meniscus. I see a orthopedic specialist about my knees.
Avatar f tn Yesterday, I went for a jog for the first time in last 2months. I had only started jogging for about 100metres when I felt this sharp pain in front of my knee around my knee cap area on both sides. I thought nothing of it and continued another hundred or two meters but the pain didn't go away. It is not very severe (about 4~5 on 1-10scale) but I'm worried because I have never had such pain before.
Avatar f tn The doctor injected me in my right knee joint and I thought I would die from the pain. The left knee joint was not as painful. After I felf pain relief. However, when I awoke yesterday both my knees where the injection was given , as I bent my knee, felt crackly. The right knee now "catches" as I walk-almost like something got dislodged. What is going on? I will see my doctor Monday cause he was not in. I am afraid to get the other injections now.
Avatar n tn 8 months post op (cadaver ligament used) and doing great except when I start slowly jogging...what ever happened with your knee?
Avatar f tn Hi. So, you are trying to recreate the original slide that injured you? Is this of necessity to you? My husband was a pretty serious baseball player (high school and college both) and then played softball on a competitive team more for fun. He no longer plays because he hurt his calf. Body wears out and gets old. While it bums him out, he still enjoys the sport as a spectator and coach. I don't know your age and if it is essential you still play ball and slide into base.
Avatar n tn For my third injection he seemed to hit the same spot as in the first and second series. I did NOT get the calf pain and it did help my knee pain. This is just a guess on my part, but I think if the doctor does not inject it into the correct spot that it goes into the muscles and not the joint.
Avatar n tn You have to go for the surgery later but do not hesitate to go to a doctor to see what damage you have done this time. Take anti inflammatory drugs and also give rest to that leg. This might just be a tendonitis so diagnosis of a case is important. Do not delay and try to visit an Orthopaedician. Take care!
6696547 tn?1383850281 walking, jogging, swimming etc to keep fit. • Eat healthy. • Be strong. Hope these steps help you quit smoking once for all! Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar n tn Hello Tttyner, welcome to the pain management Forum of Medhelp. I am sorry to hear about your knee pain. "Bad" knees runs heavy in my family. I know how painful they can be. I have been lucky enough to avoid them. There are so many different reasons that could be the cause of your knee pain. Arthritis, Ligament issues, Cartilage or Meniscus tears, Chondromalacia Patella (knee cap) Bursitis and the list goes on.
Avatar m tn also, i have no pain while walking, but experience instability while running, jogging or during any sudden activities. Thanks alot.
Avatar n tn My knee and lower leg have been in pain for a few months now. I believe the pain is from jogging and putting too much pressure on my leg in general. It hurts mostly when I walk or put pressure on it. Resting my leg and taking naproxen and ibprofen to reduce inflammation does not seem to be healing it. Is it possible that this injury will require surgery? What should I do?
Avatar n tn I been having a sharp pain in my Right knee when I kneel down on it.The pain is right below the knee cap on the r.side.The area also turns alittle numb to the touch.Is there something I can do to fix the problem or do I have to see a Orthopedic doctor.
2143641 tn?1396678143 I am unemployed again and although I get totally free healthcare I try to avoid having to go to visits and wait till I have enough money again.
Avatar f tn I've been to an orthopedic twice now. He diagnosed me with patellar tendonitis, or jumper's knee. It hurts just to walk on it, and whenever I'm reading online, I see to rest it and discontinue any activity that aggravates the knee or causes pain. I was curious whether I should be using crutches or not, I just don't want to make it worse. The orthopedic didn't say anything about it, and just gave me a NSAID cream to put on it for the swelling and what-not.
Avatar f tn Where I live, is now hot and now mostly humid. I go jogging every other night to avoid the sun heat. After 10-15 min (yesterday was after 30 min) of speed walking or light jogging, I get right upper chest pain. It feels slightly tight, with a sharp pain. So I slow down immediately, and after 2-5 min of slow walking I feel much better. Then I continue to speed walk/jog, and this time the pain doesn't come back again.