Inner knee pain after jogging

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587778 tn?1261397118 Well, in the last week, the are between my patella and thigh began to hurt badly, along the outside of my knee hurts all the way up into my thigh, on the inside the tenderness has progressed, also on the inside of my knee midway up my inner thigh I have a severe line of pain that I can also palpate. My knee and thigh are noticeably larger than the other other one. I am in so much pain.
Avatar f tn I get unbelievable pain from my knee down to my ankles when I jog. After about 40 minutes that pain is some what tolerable and I can jog for 4-5 minutes straight. For the rest of my day my ankles are sore. Does anybody have any idea what this is?
Avatar m tn About 9 hours after my injections, one in each knee, my left knee swelled up causing extreme pain and discomfort. After calling my doc. and starting on steroids the swelling quickly came down. Here's what I don't understand why only one knee reacted? And I am willing to suffer some discomfort for the relief I got from the other series. Any thoughts.
Avatar f tn so knee is hurtng more...plz tell me jogging is nt good for me...or wat can i do to t away frm this pain..
Avatar f tn My left knee is doing really well, but I am experiencing quite a lot of pain / discomfort in my right inner-ankle bone. The pain is difficult to describe - it isn't a dull ache, but feels more like a burning sensation, or a bit like having pins stuck into it when I walk - especially after having been sat down for any length of time. Does this sound similar to your symtoms. If this is reasonably normal for a while, then I can live with it - just hope it eases over time.
Avatar f tn I have been running 3 miles a day fro 3x a week, until recently because i have been experiencing really aching pain in my knee and if i keep running it becomes really painful like i have torn something, and sometimes my knee gives way too, if i stop running and walk the pain wears off for a while, i have had an 6-8 week rest, but it still hurts when i try to bend my knee, it pulls really tight and hurts, haven`t tried running fully yet, sometimes the knee hurts really bad , it hurts in the back
Avatar n tn I have for the last month developed inner knee pain. Feels like an electrical jolt at times. Is not a constant pain but wakes my up at night.
Avatar f tn I had keen surgery to fix a torn meniscal tear back in may and have arthritis in my keen in the bone for the last six months I have not felt a least bit better still have pain in back of knee and now have sever pain in the inner part of my keen after walking for just ten mins. I just had another MRI today and show the tear was still the but the doctor said that normal to still show the tear after being fix.
Avatar m tn When I landed, i felt a sharp pain in the middle of my left knee. I did not feel any popping, just a very sharp pain right behidn the patella. I didn't think anything of it that day, and it never bruised or swelled. I laid off the knee for the remainder of the week, but when i started lifting the next week, anything that put stress on the knee hurt. Squats, Legpress, Deadlifts, they all hurt right at the middle of the knee behind the patella.
Avatar f tn Hi there my husband underwent partial knee replacement surgery 10yrs and then second knee 6years ago. his knees have been fine and he started gentle running again after many years of not being able to due to pain. 5years ago whilst jogging he experienced a near fatal anaphylactic shock and was later diagnosed with exercise induced anaphylaxis but only after eating wheat. All has been well for a number of years but then a couple of wks ago another problem occurred.
Avatar f tn ll feel this stretch in your quad muscles along the front of your thigh. If it causes knee pain, stop. First, balance on your left foot. Bend your right knee, raising your ankle to your hand. Grab hold of your ankle, pulling your foot towards your butt to deepen the stretch. Hold 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2 to 4 times for each leg. If you can’t reach your foot Loop a towel around your ankle to extend your reach.
Avatar n tn I am 8 months post acl surgery. I started having medial knee pain around the insertion site on my tibia. When i walk for long periods or use the eliptical it hurts sharply. Only hurts with weight bearing. It is starting to both make me nervous and make me feel like this is it for life.....
Avatar f tn A few weeks ago I started experiencing acute knee pain, the best way to describe it is a serring ripping pain in my knee. It feels like a knife is slicing my knee open. The pain is localized to the inner portion of my knee. As quick as it comes it leave.
Avatar f tn During the episode of pain if you use crutches then it is important not to do any weight bearing on the affected knee. You can apply ice packs when your knee is painful, after physical activity as this reduces your pain and inflammation. Resting from aggravating activities such as running and jogging allows time for recovery and healing. You should also practice stretching activities. You should consider physiotherapy to strengthen your quadriceps and hamstrings.
Avatar f tn The swelling in the knee has gone down significantly, and the pain is not too bad. However, about 3 days after surgery me shin hurt very badly. I thought possibly it was infected. The doctor attributed it to blood flowing down from the surgery. The shin is feeling better, but now my after lying down or sleeping, my ankle aches, and burns inside with extreme pain. I imagine it is from the same source. After walking around a bit, or using the leg machine it subsides.
Avatar f tn Today while running up the stairs I fell and landed on my left knee, it has three small bruises (inner side) about an inch from the knee cap, although the whole area hurts, it's not all bruised... is it something I should worry about?
Avatar f tn Today while running up the stairs I fell and landed on my left knee, it has three small bruises (inner side) about an inch from the knee cap, although the whole area hurts, it's not all bruised... is it something I should worry about?
Avatar n tn For my third injection he seemed to hit the same spot as in the first and second series. I did NOT get the calf pain and it did help my knee pain. This is just a guess on my part, but I think if the doctor does not inject it into the correct spot that it goes into the muscles and not the joint.
Avatar f tn The other such inflammatory tendinitis conditions giving pain at the back of knee on inner or outer side are Hamstrings tendinitis (biceps femoris tendinitis) and Gastrocnemius muscle tendenitis. Another cause of popliteal pain is injury to the posterior horn of lateral meniscus. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage without examining. Please consult an orthopedic specialist regarding this. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn Most of the time when I am walking around it feels like normal, however there are times that I feel excruiating pain in and around the knee. I have noticed most times it occurs is when i am bending deep with my knee I.e. getting into my car, going down stairs fast, bending down to pick something off the ground. However it does not always happen when I am doing these activities. When the pain starts the only way I have seen to relief the pain is to straighten out my leg.
Avatar f tn 7d) and I have developed a new symptom. It started about a week ago. The pain is above my knee, inner thigh. It started on my left thigh, and it feels as if I ran a marathon and my thighs were rubbing together the whole time. Now the pain is on both sides, The pain is bearable, very uncomfortable. It's gotten to the point where I can't bend my legs. Anyone had this? Someone onlline said it might be a blood clot. I have a dr.
Avatar n tn The pain is on the top left (inside) where the quad connects to the knee (when bent it feels like the top of the bone to the inside of the knee). It hurts to bend my knee after sitting for a long period of time and sometimes need to help it bend. To straighten out the knee doesn't hurt but when I tighten my quad, it is a little sore. There is some bruising on the inner part of the quad. I am hoping it is just a bad bruise and nothing serious. I will try to run later this week so...
Avatar n tn Exactly 2 weeks ago, after jogging, two off-leash dogs playing tag slammed into the front of my R knee, and knocked me over. Swelling and pain started soon after, and got worse over the next few days. Particularly on the center, sides and above my knee. At first I alternated between hobbling around and using crutches, as well as R.I.C.E. but I have become more strict about staying off the bad leg, hoping soon I will be able to walk again.
Avatar m tn also, i have no pain while walking, but experience instability while running, jogging or during any sudden activities. Thanks alot.