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Avatar f tn You could use walking supports or knee brace for the time being. Also for starting exercises, it is better to consult a physiotherapist, to avoid movements that could worsen the condition. Hope this is useful. Take care!
Avatar f tn You also can do muscle strengthening exercises for knee pain.A physical therapist may help in pain management.You can take some NSAID like acetaminophen or ibubrufen for the pain.
Avatar f tn But, I got permanent swelling from last 3 weeks and pain also. Pain is in my lower and upper part of knee. I tried cooling and hot cycle belt of wrap but still pain exists. This all started from nov 07. I never had injury with my knees. Completed my blood test and routine check up in January 08 but everything is normal. I never had consultation with my knees.
1306931 tn?1273540199 i am now wondering if the neurology tests just caused a flare up that was going to happen anyway, or did the testing actually cause my knee/leg to start hurting again. I"m definitely calling a dr, maybe orthopedic surgeon?? but trying to do some background work on my own.
Avatar m tn Your physical therapist may show you how to tape your knee to reduce pain and enhance your ability to exercise. You may be able to return to activities such as running, but you may need to reduce the number of miles you run until it doesn't hurt during or after exercise. Icing after exercise may be especially helpful. Don't rush back to activity, however. It can take six weeks or more before you begin to feel better.
Avatar f tn Otherwise, I can walk, climb stairs and put weight on the knee without too much difficulty. What have I injured? I am trying to avoid exercises that hurt, but I continue to do cardio (brisk walking on treadmill). Should I avoid strength training? Should I use a heating pad on my knee? What kind of injury does this sound like?
1573930 tn?1295917640 While my right knee is greatly improved, the left knee is worse than pre-surgery. This pain has caused me to alter my lifestyle and to quite often avoid activities. (even a simple shopping trip can cause a lot of symptoms). The surgeon says that all x-rays and range of motion look good and there's nothing he can do. I am using a pain management doctor to help me manage the pain (with the primary option being narcotic pain meds). Is there a reason that the pain is this severe?
Avatar f tn I broke my leg in August, I had the tib nail procedure, I understand my knee is going to be in pain, some days I feel really stiff and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or exercises that may help?
Avatar f tn Popping or crunching sound in knee can be due to arthritis (it can be rheumatoid arthritis too). It can also be due to medial or lateral meniscus injury or patellar injury (caused by active sports, dancing, exercising or accidental). Another possibility is Chondromalacia patella in which the knee cap keeps rubbing against the underlying cartilage of femur (corrected by braces, taping, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, physiotherapy or surgery).
Avatar f tn It sounds like you and your surgeon have done everything possible to avoid a knee replacement. One comment about you weight. You indicate that you have gained twenty pounds since your arthroscopic surgery. Getting back to your original weight can only help, and may reduce your symptoms substantially. A combination of gentle low impact exercises with diet control will be essential. If knee replacement is your final option, then age should not be a boundry.
Avatar f tn I am doing the exercises given to me by the hospital. I have tried ice, ibuleve gel and medication but there seems to be no improvement.
Avatar f tn I do notice however that I get sever pain in my right leg and especially knee region when I exercise. My left leg is perfect. It can be extremely painful. Is this normal? Does anyone experience this? When I exercise and start having this pain, should I continue or stop?
Avatar n tn I would differ, as whatever you're suffering from isn't something we can know. That fact osteoarthritis showed up on an MRI, for example, doesn't mean that's the reason you're feeling pain. It could be, but it could be muscular or other things as well. And as for exercises for this, I would get referred to physical therapy.
Avatar m tn I was putting in padded flooring in my home gym for about 4 hours. Since then I've had pain in my right knee only when kneeling on my right knee (like when tying shoes). It's to the side of the knee and feels like something is being stretched laterally at first, before I get a sharp pain that feels like it's stinging/tingly. It is not completely on the side of my knee, but in the softer area to the side of my knee cap.
Avatar f tn A few months later we went back to the doctor because it had not stopped and was happening more often (still no pain) but now she did say that her knee felt wobbly. We get them to do an X-ray which shows that her knee is fine again. We insist on an MRI and have recently been advised that it is a discoid meniscus. The doctor we saw suggested that we “could” do surgery and that it would “probably” get rid of her symptoms. I am having hard time with this decision.
Avatar m tn Dear I have also same poblem in my left knee i am working in saudi arabia. i filling very worst pain. i go to india i shown doctors. in my MRI report they found GRADE I CHNGES IN THE PROSTERIOR HORN OF MEDIAL MINISCUS. he gave me to do some exercises.and medicine. then i came back in saudi here i woking 8 hours sitting on chair. now same problem paining is worst when i sit more time. I cant understand what i do? Please give me suggetion..
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been having pain mainly in my left knee above and to the left of my left knee cap. I have had X-Rays and a MRI to see if any problems can be found. The doctors said they have found nothing wrong. I went a physical therapist around April of last year during spring track. He said I didn't have enough thigh strength. I do the exercises daily he instructed and they seem to not work anymore. Right now I am running winter track.
Avatar f tn Have you discussed your pain with your doctor? Are you going to PT or doing any supervised exercises under his/her care?
Avatar f tn Im trying to get back in shape, i want to excercise at home but the space is too small plus my right knee is really bad. My goal is to tone specialy my abdomen and my thighs. What can i do with a bad knee and insinde small spaces ???
Avatar m tn Ugh, that's a long time to have bursitis. I have, however, heard of it taking up to a year to get fully better. You should be at that point, right? hope so! What do you do to treat the bursitis (or did you do)? I know it is not feasible for everyone but a physical therapist would be great to see as they can help guide you on what types of exercise are best for your personal situation. But either way, stretching is important for all with bursitis no matter its location.
Avatar m tn I am sophomore in high school and I am currently running track. I was recently been diagnosed with "runners knee" and was given a few strecthes and leg strengthening exercises to help with my knee problems. Well, after a solid two weeks of performing these exercises, my knee feels strong and well. But whenever i have to stretch and put my left knee into my buttox the entire knee feels an incredible amount of pain.
Avatar f tn I then had a prothesis put in my shoe which cured the knee pain. Funny but true! I try to remember to do the exercises because they have helped a lot but when you feel better my resolve is not so good. I hope you are a better patient than me!!