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1521115 tn?1305267562 I was diagnosed with fistulas on the underside of my right patella about two years ago which can make my knee extremely painful. After an unplanned weight loss in the past year I am still about 10 lbs over weight and my pain is unchanged. My orthopedic surgeon told me that my weight had no bearing on the amount of pain I was experiencing....I thought he was mistaken as the consensus is that weight will make any knee pain worse. Well he was absolutely correct.
Avatar m tn First of all start eating healthy and less, around 1700 calories daily (for more info contact a nutritionist) please don't consume less than 1500/day. You could try jogging but if that's too intense for your knee a-45-minutes walk 4-5 times a week is proven to promote weight loss. Also you can look for exercises like crunches, curls and leg raises that won't make your knee worse. You can also follow my blog on tumblr for more inspiration and tips :) feel free to ask anything.
Avatar m tn I’ve had problems with my knees since 2014 am 25lbs. Weight got thrown on my knee. It didn’t break or anything. My has bothered me over the years but recently it’s worse. I movies into a house with stairs and when I walk or run up the i feel a ripping sensation in my knee. That’s the only way I can describe it. It doesn’t hurt on impact it hurt when I take off so to speak. Also when I have my knee bent for a long time it’s very hard to straighten it.
1107486 tn?1258400832 Before I go to bed everyday I do 50 situps for upper abs, 20 side crutches for my obliques, 20 knee raises for my lower abs. But, I try to do different exercises each night. Like one night is all about abs and the next night is all about legs. I'm doing everything right but I'm not getting the results wanted. HELPP!!
Avatar f tn You also can do muscle strengthening exercises for knee pain.A physical therapist may help in pain management.You can take some NSAID like acetaminophen or ibubrufen for the pain.
Avatar m tn The weight loss alone will help dramatically with the pressure. As I have put weight on I can deffinately feel the difference especially after I run.
Avatar m tn About 15 years ago, a sports orthopedist gave me some really serious knee braces and said they would stabilize my loose knees. They controlled the pain. But over the last couple of years or so I arrive at this point: Both knees hurt all of the time and it makes it very difficult for me to even walk or bicycle. Prior to having knee surgery (I don't have a surgeon yet) I want to strengthen the muscles that support my knee and lose about 20 pounds (I weigh about 20 1bs ; I now weigh 260.
Avatar f tn s also a beneficial weight loss exercise that someone with bad knees can use. Leg exercises like heavy squats, leg presses and leg extensions will likely have to be avoided, but you can still get a good calorie burn with others. The bench press, shoulder press, rowing movements, biceps and triceps exercises and abdominal work helps to build lean muscle, which helps burn fat. Set up a series of exercises in a circuit to increase the calorie burn even more.
Avatar m tn Also walking lunges with anywhere from 6-7kg Dumbbells up are great leg exercises. You can do body weight squats with a chair or bench underneath you so when you bend your knees and hips at the same time going down in the squat position, you sit on the chair/bench and back up this takes a little impact off your knees as your not going the full way down. I'd start off with some leg exercises with weight machines also e.g.
1448446 tn?1284774417 well then are there any exercises that will help tone up my stomach quickly. i feel like i tried a bunch of workouts for awhile and none of them got me the results i all. so i'm kinda big on workouts that will show me results!!
Avatar f tn I had knee surgery and was given therapy exercises by physical therapists. Obviously the exercise changed as time went on. I couldn't believe what a workout they were.
Avatar f tn If you are only exercising on the treadmill then you need to change your exercises and indulge in other exercises like cyling, rowing, cross trainers and floor exercises also. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn After six weeks, patients begin weight bearing and other exercises for another six weeks. Low impact exercises are started at 12 weeks with full exercise at 16 weeks. Return to sports Guidelines is rigorous and you must seek your orthopaedician’s clearance to be able to perform sports specific drills at top speed.
Panda I know that the pain and suffering in my knees is due to the fact that I am heavier, so I am trying to drop weight . I have lost 10 lbs so far, but it's quite a struggle since I have to be really careful not to injure myself to the point where I won't even be able to work out. I have also changed my eating habits. I am on a 1200 calorie a day diet, and workout 4x a week, an hour each time.
Avatar f tn Aerobic activity causes the body to burn fat reserves, resulting in side fat loss. For the quickest result, select activities with the highest calorie burning potential. For example, high-impact aerobics burns 511 calories an hour for a 160-lb. person and jumping rope burns 730 calories an hour, according to Tae Kwon Do burns 730 calories an hour and swimming laps burns 511 calories an hour. Using an exercise ball makes strength training more difficult.
Avatar n tn If you exercise regularly and make changes to your eating habits, as your body fat percentage decreases, you’ll see improvements everywhere, including your thighs. Cardio will help you increase the number of calories you burn to help your fat loss. Weight training will build size in your gluteus maximus, which is the major muscle in your butt. Do three to five cardio workouts into your schedule every week.
Avatar m tn Leg presses and lifts still aggravate my knee so I have been doing exercises to build up the side of my legs and my gluts in hopes of off-loading weight from my knee. These exercises have caused mild irritation but are now aggravating my knee, presumably because the cortisone is wearing off. Neither the doctor not the physical therapist can pin point a diagnosis. Its really frustrating and I am reluctant to do surgery when the MRI showed nothing. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.
Avatar n tn To achieve aerobic benefits and promote weight loss, you should exercise hard enough so that you can speak a few words but not carry on a conversation. Do squats, lunges, side lunges, calf raises, scissors, the bicycle exercise and rear leg raises or donkey kicks to strengthen your legs and tone fat knees.
Avatar f tn due to medical restrictions makes it difficult to exercise. Does anyone here have any advice or exercises that could help me get my legs stronger? I am not yet stronger enough for running or jumping but am willing to do whatever it takes to get stronger. All comments are welcome and thank you for taking the time to listen to my rambling.
Avatar f tn I had gastric bypass surgery & now that ive lost 82 lbs, im having more knee pain than before the surgery. I would occasionally have knee pain when I was extremely overweight whenever going up & down stairs. Now that I ve lost the weight, my knees hurt more often & I have to be careful when stepping up or down stairs, or bending over to pick something up off the floor. Is this because im not working out at all?
614557 tn?1243708351 Also if you are not at your optimal weight you put more wear and tear on the knee which also can shorten the life span of your knee and excess weight also makes you a less desirable surgery subject. Have you been told you need a total knee replacement but that you are too young?
Avatar n tn the best thing for that is aqua aerobics also if you have knee problems this realy helps
Avatar f tn I want to loss my bat wings & belly. What type of exercises should i do?
Avatar f tn t fully extend my knee. The sweeping and pain is in the back on my knee. Every morning I usually extend my knees and crack them but now I can't to the hurt one everytime I try to extend it it feels like too much pressure and it's gonna snap. What should I do?
Avatar f tn Do you have an under active thyroid or insulin resistance? Either of those will make weight loss very difficult. I have both and have a very hard time losing weight.
Avatar f tn I have started weight bearing some on the operated knee and except for lots of swelling that appeared yesterday, things are looking good. I do my exercises, I can already flatten my knee, get it to bend some. My first PT is in 4 days next week. Since yesterday I started developing this intense throbbling pain in my calf and lower leg. Yesterday I was sufficiently scared by it and stayed off my feet, upped painkillers.