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Avatar f tn I would suggest resting the knee till the pain and swelling settle. Ice-packs and NSAIDS may also be helpful for relief. After that I would advice seeing a physiotherapist for exercises that would strengthen you hamstrings. You may also consult with your doctor if you would be required to wear a knee brace. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn I have been having knee troubles since mid november of last year. The pain came up about two weeks after basketball had started and it hasn't gotten much better or worse to this day. The pain comes when I jump, squat, lunge, etc. which causes playing basketkball very difficult. The pain is worst directly on my kneecap.
Avatar f tn Patello-femoral syndrome is typically managed with NSAIDS and physical exercises to strengthen the muscle around the knee joint. However with your symptoms, the presence of loose bodies and internal knee injuries may need to be ruled out. You may also require a knee brace to stabilize the patella if suggested. At this stage I would advise seeing an orthopedician and after an evaluation a management plan can be drafted accordingly. Hope this is useful. Take care!
Avatar f tn First you have to find out whether the muscle wasting was the cause or the effect of knee locking or knee pain. Generally weakness of the inner thigh muscles and tightness of the outer thigh muscles causes the knee cap to move from its place and cause knee pain and knee locking. This could have happened in your case if you have a localized muscle wasting only.
Avatar n tn Do you have access to a gym? Or is this for at home exercises without any equipment?
Avatar f tn due to medical restrictions makes it difficult to exercise. Does anyone here have any advice or exercises that could help me get my legs stronger? I am not yet stronger enough for running or jumping but am willing to do whatever it takes to get stronger. All comments are welcome and thank you for taking the time to listen to my rambling.
Avatar f tn m reading online, I see to rest it and discontinue any activity that aggravates the knee or causes pain. I was curious whether I should be using crutches or not, I just don't want to make it worse. The orthopedic didn't say anything about it, and just gave me a NSAID cream to put on it for the swelling and what-not.
Avatar m tn If it is just occasionally popping with no pain, it could be nothing and some exercise like knee bends could strengthen your knee. On the other hand, it is painful too especially with swelling you may want to see a doc. If your knee is making a grinding noise for example it could mean that the cartilage is wearing down. Especially if this continues to bother you check with your pcp or an orthopedic specialist before exercising or anything!
Avatar m tn Now about a month back i had fallen while snowboarding and it bent my knee inwards the pain at the time wasnt too bad but its worsening and also is making my ankle hurt more. Im only 21 years old 140 lbs any type of reason for the constant ankle pain would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn A good thing to do for your knee is doing some simple exercises. When your sitting down, pull your legs up and flex your thigh muscles, this will help strengthen the muscles around your knee. And also doing some water exercices, with the warm weather, it is a safer alternative than low impact aerobics and you won't even notice your exercising! We here understand the pain of arthritis, I hoped this info helped some.
Avatar n tn It is all so embarrassing. I am a nurse that knows better. What exercises can I do to strengthen my knees and thighs so I can function better. In the pool I can hardly get out because the step is pretty deep. I took something to stand on to help me out. I'm a mess.
2092579 tn?1332911982 You could try resting the knee for a few days, followed with physiotherapy or exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee. Tylenol/ OTC NSAIDS may be helpful for pain relief. If the symptoms continue, I would suggest a review with your orthopedician. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn After menisectomy I would suggest you to go for physical exercises and exercises to strengthen your quadrceps femoris muscle before thinking about surgical procedures. Rehabilitation after arthroscopic meniscectomy carries little or no risk. Rehabilitation is continued until the knee has regained full range of motion and strength .
Avatar n tn After the swelling and pain, you need to strengthen the quadricep muscle specifically the vastus medialis to prevent future patellar dislocations. Start with muscle setting exercises.
Avatar m tn Now I am paying for it, my knee gives way and I have very bad pain every day my leg is half the size of my other and you can see the sutures move in my knee. I have to go for a Camera in my knee in 4 weeks have I damaged my self ? or can i repair this? pls give me some advice I know its my own fault.
Avatar m tn sudden knee pain during pt and continued pain interior medial aspect. medic took xrays - all ok. Soft tissue issues. therapist can feel the popping of (muscle, ligament, tendon???) during flexion and extension. It feels like something has to pop over something else for leg to straighten. It hurts when it does. Occurs during weight-beating and non weight bearing. Therapist says muscle may be increasing in bulk but not stretching out causing other soft tissues??? to have to pop over them.
Avatar m tn I would first say, do not do any exercises that cause pain. The pain could be realted to the knee cap. Apply ice (no heat!) 10 minutes at a time a few times a day.
Avatar m tn 2/4/09 Dear Dr. Gross: I damaged both of my knees playing football more than 40 years ago. I damaged the meniscus on the inside of both knees from being tackled many times. I have been able to get by all of these years but now the jig is up. About 15 years ago, a sports orthopedist gave me some really serious knee braces and said they would stabilize my loose knees. They controlled the pain.
Avatar m tn I play street hockey and while running during a game about 2 weeks ago, I landed a bit awkwardly on my right foot. I felt like I had jammed or very slightly hyperextended my knee. The pain was moderate and after a day or so it was all but gone. I have suffered no 'real' injury from this, as I am able to walk, run, work out, etc. with no issues or loss of performance. However, since the event I've noticed that my knee aches after I play hockey.
Avatar f tn ve had this weird sound with this knee for well over a year now, and still no pain whatsoever nor limitations. I will still avoid incurring the sound as much as possible. Next time I have to see my GP, I will mention it to him.
Avatar m tn So, is there any coverage for you insurance wise to see a physical therapist? they can show you stretches and exercises to do to help strengthen the knee. And Ibuprofen is good for reducing swelling/immflamation and pain. My pt has told me to take 4 200 mg tabs of ibuprofen. I was reluctant but they felt it would help. Another thing I use is arnica cream bought at the drug store. It's holistic and hey, why not? It always seems to help. I like the icy hot type patches too.