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Avatar f tn So far only one week in on NuvaRing, I'm feeling much better but I'll see how it goes end of week 3 when I have to take it out and allow my regular menses flow. Thanks so much for your reply, it was helpful! I hope your NuvaRing experience also helps with shrinking your fibroids. Keep me posted in a few months on how your doing and if your fibroids get better. Take care.
Avatar n tn I finally went to a gyno after I was experiencing a lot of pain during intercourse. Turns out I had a imperforate hymen, however was still receiving my period on a monthly basis. Doctor stated that it was a simple procedure to correct, but advised me to have lap done just to make sure things were okay in there. I had lap done on October 17, everything turned out normal. I read everything I could find online regarding the lap, however nothing prepared me for the pain.
Avatar f tn DON'T!) Endometriosis is caused by too much estrogen in your diet and enviroment. If you're not aware of it and don't make lifestyle changes, you'll probably get it again as it is the disease of the 21st century that 1 in 20 women have, most unknowingly. There is WAY too much estrogen in our world that is sterilizing us women!
Avatar n tn As the menstrual cycles progresses, the ovaries increases the amount of estrogen released. The estrogen not only directs the mucous to change the nature of its make-up, it also creates changes in the cervix to make conception a possibility. There are four basic changes in cervical mucous each month. It may take several cycles for a woman to become familiar with these differences.
Avatar n tn I am confused, I would love to be preg could i be and it is just to soon to tell? How long do i wait to retest and was that my period and why am i peeing so much at night HELP ME I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Robyn P.S.
Avatar n tn I had a DNC and they told me to follow up with my doctor in 6 weeks, and that I should get my period in 4-6 weeks. Well, I did follow up, and avoided trying to conceive until I spoke to my doctor. When I did speak to him, he did an exam and said that I had to eggs ready to pop and it was possible to have twins that month. He told me if I wanted babies to just try right away. Not to wait. I went home all excited, thinking that it would happen right away. It didn't:(...
Avatar f tn Second if you feel ligh headed or sick to you stomac, you might be loosing to much blood and should consult. third you should consult before you use the nuvaring again because you might have a reaction to it.
Avatar n tn The nuva ring may not have been specifically tested and the results would have to be considered in terms of how much estrogen is systemically absorbed. This may be a good question to discuss with your mother's oncologist or even a genetic counselor who can better outline your risk and help you to determine the best choices for you.
2121625 tn?1350488349 Im almost 6 weeks pp and want to get on bc. I can only take certain things becuz I can't have the extra estrogen in my body. It makes my headaches worse and more often. I've had the mirena and it came out of ne within a month, worse experience EVER!!! I got pregnant on the pill 2 summers ago and don't want another unplanned pregnancy and I don't want the shot... any advice??
5121963 tn?1363908857 After 4-5 months I was eventually prescribed the Nuvaring, its in for 4 weeks and then replaced with a new one each month. With much luck, it reduced my cysts to 1 and 1.
Avatar f tn Im going on the patch. I loved it before this pregnancy so i hope it works just as well after!
Avatar n tn Side effects often wear off once your body gets used to the treatment, so do give them a chance before changing to another brand. With regards to accutane, severity is based on how much the acne is upsetting you rather than the number or type of lesions (Who's to say which is worse: ten big spots or twenty small ones?) Accutane will give you a holiday from your acne and in many cases, a total remission.
Avatar f tn Well thank you very much! If it doesn't get thick enough, is that a easy fix? Like with hormones or whatever?
Avatar f tn until last night I had a complete meltdown out of nowhere! All my friends and boyfriend were telling me how much I've changed and how I should not be on it but t was so easy to ignore! Took it out this morning...hoping to feel better soon!!! Thanks for all the posts above! Made me feel like I'm not the only one who got pushed over the edge from this dumb thing!!!!
3591597 tn?1347661957 She explained that she believes the nuva ring puts me into a hypo-estrogenic state which has caused the weakening of the tissue. She gave me some cream containing estrogen in it to beef the tissue back up, and gave me some IUD brochures. The Ultimate Question: Is the Paragard (no hormones) or the Mirena (hormones) better for me??? I want my libido back and don't want the dryness/tears anymore!!! I want to enjoy sex from now on, not dread it...
Avatar f tn I have heard so many horror stories of heavy periods after a tubal, and mentioned that concern to my OB/GYN. I currently use the Nuvaring, but we are sure we are finished having kids, and I would like to get off hormones (I get the automatic 5lb weight gain). My OB/GYN recommended the partial hysterectomy. I am having mixed emotions, I'm looking forward to no period, but am concerned about possible hormonal changes, since I am only 32.
Avatar n tn Girl,I love how you lay it out there! :) You are right protection SHOULD ALWAYS be used if you do not want to get pregnant or an STD.
144100 tn?1283526167 For everyone that has endo you are in my prayers cause I know how hard it can be, I have had problems for the past five years and I hope it is finally over after my surgery. But some people that i have spoke to has aid that the lupron depot shot worked for them and that they havent had any more problems.
Avatar f tn Both items I used are vaginal rings, so I don't have to even think about it. The estrogen only would have only needed replacement every 3 months. The Nuvaring every 3 weeks. It's actually used for birthcontrol and fertile women use it for 3 weeks and take it out for 1. I never actually sweated during a hotflash - just felt hot from the core out! Night sweats is where I would sweat from head to toe in my sleep - but, it would wake me up...I only had a few of those and that was enough for me!
959562 tn?1247113579 But keep in mind, that the bleeding you have on the pill is not a real period, it is called forced bleeding, you get this because when you are off the pill for that one week, your body is withdrawing from the estrogen in your pill and every women is diff on how your body reacts. Some women gain weight there are all diff brands and amounts of estrogen and progestron.
Avatar n tn Did you know that the pill is has Estogen in it? Estrogen caused sweeling of the breast nausea hot flashes and not to mention weight gain. It could be a reaction of the estrogen. I've learned that from a personal experience a while ago. It also made me have a lot of spotting. But of course there is always the possibility of pregnancy. I remember when I became pregnant 9 years ago with my daughter I was on the pill but I skipped a day and became pregnant.
Avatar n tn Basically, with too much estrogen, the pituitary gland would sense this and turn off some of the estrogen and unfortunately signal to shut down some thyroid production too, making you hypOish. Because women are all different, getting reproductive lab tests along with thyroid lab tests may help you to get a bigger picture of what is going on. The adrenalin gland, reproductive glands, the thyroid gland and others are sort of like a family. When one goes off the others can go off too.
228463 tn?1216765121 In your menstrual cycle the estrogen hits rock bottom 4 to 5 days before your period. In fact, the link seemed so promising that a few years back there were come clinical trials to see of adding in estrogen might actually help treat MS. I think they found it didn't really. But, the hormonal connection is very definitely there. You're right about the rise in body temp also triggering the symptoms. It's basic heat intolerance. I do not know the answer to this, but I can look it up.
1615573 tn?1298540150 Three weeks later, I still get bad cramps that usually come in the afternoon/ evening, and feel like they're affecting the right side of my uterus more than the left (that's just how it feels). Heat doesn't seem to help much, but I usually get relief from ibuprofen. I've had sex only once since insertion, two days ago (which is two and half weeks after insertion). I popped a few ibuprofen and a short while later, attempted sex with my boyfriend.
1754037 tn?1327890411 wanted to try the nuva ring but was told it has estrogen in it and im breast feeding i cant use it since it would drasticslly decrease milk production thoght about implanon but decided to try mirena again hopefully wont have a problem this time sine dr said it usually doesnt CAUSE cysts i probably already had it and it got worst so ill give it another shot since i liked it up until i started having excruciating pain....
Avatar f tn Not that damn nuvaring!
Avatar n tn After the birth of my last child in 2002, I went on the birth control patch, then the NuvaRing until 2006. I went off of it because I developed high blood pressure. In 2007, my periods although not heavy, began to get longer - approximately 8 or 9 days. I underwent the NovaSure endometrial ablation procedure in April of 2008 which reduced the duration of my periods to around 3 or 4 days and they have become quite light.
3903484 tn?1348535242 Thyroiditis is a defination meaning swollen thyroid or inflammation in the gland. This can be caused by stress, and other hosts including high estrogen levels. OB GYN's aren't very explicit when offering patients BC about the other hormones affected and most patients seeking BC are only thinking of protecting them from pregnancy and don't do their entire research on how these scripts can throw other hormones way out of whack.
Avatar f tn How many days on average were you in pain? How many had no symptoms but found out you had endo? Was your endo removed? Did it re-occur? Sorry to ask so many question, I am just a bit on edge, I finally have a chance to find out for sure if I do have endo (ist lap is on the 18th), no day is ever the same with me, I am fine on day, in pain the next, moody the next, can't eat the next and so on so forth.
1349678 tn?1276832186 You could always make the guy wear a condom if you don't want to be bothered with it, and keep the morning after pill in your home just in case, although that is meant to be taken as an emergency and not every day.