How long do stroke victims stay in hospital

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Avatar n tn My Q is is there anyone that can tell me how long do you wait, he is in a coma, how do I know if he will ever come around.Please anyone that has gone through this, let me know what the out come was. THANK YOU.
Avatar m tn We are trying to get some info, so we may able to do the same at home. Also, how long after stroke was your husband able to sit. I am wondering if your husband had the same problem in the beginning and how he improved. Also, we are not sure how we can help her to use a bathroom once she comes home, ...if you have any idea or suggestion please please help us out. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn I was told by his surgeon that his progress would be most effective between 6 months to one year. How to best help him? Is there any organization that helps stroke victims that perhaps I havae not heard of? Is there any hospital in the United States that specializes in rehabilation for survivors of such a stroke?
Avatar f tn He had a severe stroke. He was taken to a stroke center in ATL and the doctors couldn’t even tell us how bad it was. He was in that hospital for 2 weeks. In that 2 weeks I learned more about doctors that I wanted to know. We had 6-8 different General docs and 2 neurologists. Every one of them had a different thing to tell us. They took my mother on a rollercoaster ride from hell. Finally I gather all the doctors together and had to speak to them as if they were my children.
Avatar n tn I flew over early Wednesday morning and am staying in a hotel near the hospital. I do not know what to do. I feel his girlfriend is going to pressure me to take him off of life support and I don't know who will take care of him if he does show signs of improvement if she is unwilling to help him with rehab. They have no insurance and limited means. Where can I go for help?
Avatar n tn Hi, The swelling will begin to subside in 48-72 hours and will subside in a couple of weeks to a month. How-ever after a stroke, control signals from the brain often cannot reach some muscles, typically in the hand or foot. Without these signals, the level of electrical activity in these muscles is too low for them to contract adequately on their own. This causes them to become increasingly weaker.
Avatar n tn So how long did you say your wife was in rehab before you noticed a change in her. My dad is much older than her. He is 80, but was very active prior to the stroke.
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Avatar m tn Just ask a nurse or a physician how they would like to work with a large bean in the heel of their shoe day in and day out. Than go home and place the bean in their leisure shoes and carry on with their normal activities with nothing for pain. Add a few burs under their arms and this still would not equal what most chronic pain patients must endure every hour of their lives. This was an activity that we were offered in a pain management class.
Avatar m tn I have had just about every symptom in the past 4 months after a hospital stay which turned me into a "google" searching mess. I now have weak leg and arm muscles which I worry is something else. Dr says I am as healthy as it gets and in perfect health after having testing done. Anxiety can do terrible things to your body. Trying to start back into exercising to see if that will help at all. Glad to have found this website so I can relate to others feeling the same way.....
Avatar n tn Personally, I don't think any of those videos or clinics claiming to have cures are valid. How much do governments spend on heart attack victims, or how much does it cost insurance companies? If such claims were proven and true, then they would be saving costs by implementing those measures. Having said that, I do believe the biggest problem with heart disease is processed sugar. I don't think it matters how much meat or fat we eat, but it does matter how much sugar we consume.
Avatar n tn May I ask u some ?'s?? How long have u had the vibrations?have u had any tingling, numbness??How about the pins & needles I mentioned before? Pain of any degree? U should keep track(i'd write it down!) when this started,so u know how long it has lasted, & write any new sensations / matter how minor u think they are! They may increase rapidly, I know from experience & it helps to know all this stuff!
Avatar n tn The talk of possibly being a symptom of neurological problems and brain tumors is worrisome since this coincided with me discontinuing a prescription of Lithium that was making me break out in acne. Anyone know if the two could be connected some how? I rarely have colds and don't have allergies per se. I do have mild sinus issues that are aggravated by changes in the weather, but nothing major at all. The smoke smell is driving me crazy!
Avatar f tn I know this all to well.....My first stay in the hospital was 2 months long, and I could point out the paycheck nurses and the caring nurses who entered the field to help sick and injured. Can you believe some nurses were already coaching me about addiction. Here I their mercy for 2 months, w/ 28 broken bones, and all I heard was, "don't be an addict now!"...It's really silly isn't it. The good old USA!
1431003 tn?1283344673 If not they have no reason to be considered a stroke doctor. What stroke related magazines do you recommend? What internet sites do you recommend about stroke? There are at least 15 stroke forums out there.
Avatar f tn I just had a stroke last week. I am pretty healthy. It runs deep in my dad's side of the family at young ages.. I am 48. The stroke was called a "minor" stroke in the cerebellum. I do not have blockages in my arteries at all. I am a bit confused as to how I can have a stroke with no blockages.. They mentioned something about small vessel but I do not understand... I just know that I had a stroke and I am overwhelmed.
544292 tn?1268886268 You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.
1323357 tn?1274826939 If you respond to his taunts with anger or sadness, he knows that he can hurt you and so it will keep happening, day in, day out. But if you simply accept him no matter how difficult that may be, and how persistent the bully may be it will eventually stop. Some people who wear visual aids like glasses and contacts have noted that the stress of DP can be reduced by removing them for a while. I wear contacts myself, and found that removing them did in fact produce a calming effect. Why is this?
544292 tn?1268886268 Please make yourself at home in Part 31 ...
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Friends! Welcome all Tramadol warriors. We're all very glad to see you. Please come in and share.
544292 tn?1268886268 AND, every tramadol related seizure I saw did not seem related to how high a dose the person was taking; RATHER was in instances where someone markedly INCREASED their dose. I think the confusion is in that seizures are common when withdrawing from sedatives (alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazapines etc). Rare in opiate withdrawal. My experince has been that on talking to someone who had "seizures" during tramadol withdrawal, it turned out to be "tremors"...
519226 tn?1378994921 Well I am finally stating in this entry what I felt for a long time. I DESPISE HER!!!!! She disgusts me. How dare she talk about me and lie. How dare she treat me nasty and disrespectfully, even in front of my kids. I cannot stand her. I am an adult and deserve respect. I am non-confrontational and that is probably why things affect me so stressfully.
Avatar n tn It is very drustrating to a stroke patient to see food brought out and then with-held to cool. The cooling should be done in the kitchen. Do not feed in bed or in the day chair. I insure all eating is done at a proper table with a proper setting. I bring the silver tray out and show her, then walk the tray to the table. Then I place the wheelchair across the room and walk her to the wheelchair. This is an exercise session.
429155 tn?1205676864 Tried to sleep, no joy so went for another 3 mile walk, pain in legs gets bad. Sunday 18;30 Had to take Terri to hospital, ( bad cut to finger ). Home at 21;00 had some food, bed at 22:00, ARMS AND LEGS DRIVING ME CRAZY,REAL BAD,got up at 23:00 went on computer, then went for a drive, home at 01:30, back to bed, and after a lot of thrashing about, holy of holies I sleep for 3 hrs, wake up and dressing gown is drenched in sweat, back to bed get another 1hrs sleep, then up at 07:30.
544292 tn?1268886268 Day 22 Cold Turkey Tramadol ... I woke up HAPPY. I used to wake up happy all the time, before the Tramadol. Waking up happy is good. Then I tried to move. I had to use my hands and arms to get up out of bed. My body has been pushed as far as it will go. So after trying all my best tricks (aminos, coffee, food, vitamins, water) I finally stopped the struggle and called in sick for work. Tomorrow will be a busier day anyhow.