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Avatar m tn I am 78 and had a mini stroke 11 Jun 2014. I was placed in the hospital for overnight observation and was released the following day to my family doctor. I have high blood pressure so he placed me on Exforge 10-325-25mg HCT and also Clopidogrel 75mg In the hospital I had a MRA, MRI, CATSCAN, Chest Xray and several blood tests. I lost peripheral vision in the left eye. When I left the hospital I had this slight lump across from my left ear about 1 inch long pointing to the top of my head.
Avatar f tn Is it possible that without me realizing it that I may have had a mini stroke and not know it or am I over reacting? Since then my blood pressure has been 150/90.
Avatar n tn   I was just wondering, what do you do during a mini stroke? Do you get up and start walking around to get the blood flow going, (that's what I do), or do you sit down and relax? It's crazy that this mini stroke came back into my life! I had it come and go for about six months when I was younger back in 2006. When it happened back then, my whole right side of my body was paralyzed.
Avatar n tn ve had same problem for 16 yrs this week I had and echo with bubble done on my heart they found a hole in my heart which is normal in 25 percent of population but for me the pfo or hole in my heart causes tia or mini stroke there is a procedure that can fix hole but not approved by fda so not approved
Avatar m tn Hey guys i believe that i had a mini stroke this past friday but know on eis giving me the time of the day. the doctor was in and out within5 minutes. two of my fingers went numb followed by blurred vision. i went to call 911 and then couldnt speak and also had a hard time thinking. this was also followed my throwing up. since friday ive stuttered a little here and there. any thought as if you think it was a mini stroke?????
Avatar f tn Although a stroke can manifest as a transient visual disturbance, that is relatively unusual. But something is going on, and you best have it checked out. Anything having to do with vision is VERY important. You cannot be turned down for medical assistance in the event of possible blindness because of financial reasons. If it happens? Good! Take them to court! (Just make sure that you sue for the cost of a chauffer).
Avatar f tn are ct scans any use at all and if it was mini stroke would it not have shown something.
Avatar m tn No warning whatsoever. With my heart attacks or mini stroke. Especially with the mini stroke. I was watching TV one evening and all of a sudden the vision in my right eye went. In an instant I could only see the bottom of everything with my right eye.
Avatar n tn I'm glad your husband's BP is coming down. I am not a doctor, so I have no idea what could have happened. Maybe a mini-stroke? I just don't know, sorry. Was he on BP meds BEFORE this happened? What is he taking now? I'll keep him in my prayers...
Avatar n tn 8), waiting results of other bloods, Age 40, exercise moderate. They said it may be a mini stroke so not to drive for month. Feel Ok since except shoulder feels like it has carried a heavy bag. Was back a work 2 days later altho long trains due to having to catch train. Will see consultant again in a couple of days. Could it be anything else. I don't them to say mini-stroke without considering any other cause.
Avatar m tn although she seemed to have suffered a mini stroke (although doctors did not say this exactly), is there anything we can do to make sure this does not happen again? She is slightly overweight with a BMI of 27-28, and for the past weeks we have started to exercise more than before to become healthier... We eat generally good and a well balanced diet, but I am trying to make her completely quit food high in fat/sugars.
Avatar n tn The doctors cannot tell us what happened to cause this, they simply do not know. They also told us it appears that she had a stroke prior to this stroke, and she never knew about it. They thought that it was possible that she had a brain infection that caused this. We are up in the air and are still trying to cope with this. They also said it appears that she had several mini-strokes. She is now coherent, has her memory, no facial drooping and is raring to go.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I was discharged from a stroke unit in the uk yesterday after having a mini ischaemic stroke which I was frombolised for. When I was first admitted my troponin levels were at 365, dropping to 190 over a 4 day period. I'm unsure of the level now but I imagine it's lower. But I know healthy people are supposed to have no reading. I'm a 29 year old, otherwise healthy female - no drinking smoking or drugs. No history of strokes in the family.
Avatar n tn i also have tingling (pins and needles ) in both the right and left arm and sometimes in my legs, could this be a mini stroke or a pinched nerve i am 60 years old
Avatar f tn i was recently admitted to hospital with a suspected mini stroke. whilst there they gave me an ecg. and kept asking if i had any chest pain. i later read my notes and on top of the page was printed borderline left atrial abnormality, this was not discussed with me as they were concerned at the time about the diagnosis of a possible stroke which the tests came up inconclusive. can you tell me if i should be worried please.
Avatar f tn you have the procedure it takes about 3-4 hours and they can tell you when you wake up they put you to sleep if it was completely sucessful. then you stay in hospital two days. and you dont have to stay on your back for 6 hours since they dont go in your groin and you are completely mobile he doesnt recommend cathere ablation says its to dangerous can cause scaring of the heart and bleeding. will be off work a few days. i was wondering if anyone has tried this one.
Avatar n tn Doctors now do not believe I had a mini stroke as it was never recorded at the hospital..... Is it possible these symptoms were from something else or was it probably a misdiagnosis due to me being a young male (22 years old).
Avatar n tn Hmmmm...a mini bleed on the surface??? That sounds like a subarachnoid hemorrhage which is another form of a stroke. That's where the bleed is on the surface of the brain between the brain and the skull, which is just as devastating. It doesn't have to bleed into the brain for it to be a stroke. Make sure her blood pressure stays down and talk to a neurologist. If the doctors say it wasn't a stroke you should ask exactly what was it that happened.
Avatar f tn My Mother was recently diagnosed as probably having had a mini stroke or something similar. What would something similar be? Also, could a situation that caused a person to panic cause a stroke?
Avatar n tn Now im kind of worried that I had a mini stroke. I was not able to make a complete sentence at all and my head was in severee pain. Am I worrying to much and just had a panic attack that was so intense it messed up my motor skills, or did something else happen?
Avatar f tn I just started on Lipitor was in the hospital for a TIA mini stroke I feel a little shaky a little sore in my legs I was just wondering how long this will last? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Neurology/peripheral-neuopathy-and-foot-drop/show/297809">peripheral neuopathy and foot drop</a>.
Avatar f tn Last night I awoke with numbness on my right side and mild nausea and was concerned that I could be having a mini stroke instead of a migraine. I searched online for symptoms of a stroke and they mirror those of a migraine. Is there a way to differentiate between the two? Obviously, I don't want to run to the hospital every time I have a migraine but I would also not want to dismiss a more serious condition.
Avatar n tn "Do I have to have High blood pressure in order to have a stroke? I have diabetes."............No per se, however, having Diabetes puts you at a higher risk for vascular problems/issues. Are you should you don't have high blood pressure? Are your blood sugars well controlled? You should definitely consult a Neurologist for follow-up.
Avatar f tn I know something was happening but just not sure what. Some people said it could be a mini stroke. Has anyone dealt with this before?