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7166590 tn?1408351416 Hiiya mums! Was wondering if any of you know any at home jobs??( Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia) I currently work on check outs at woolworths but my health has caused to me have so much time off work and when I do make it, it's too hard on my body due to my bad health :/ now wanting to look at working from home but don't know where to start looking. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I do in home care & I love it. This is the 1st time I have done this line of work. I have done nursing home & group home work before but this is so much better as it is 1 on 1 w/ people in their own houses & I got to set the hours I wanna work. There's no heavy lifting. Basically I just make sure they take meds, do some house cleaning as needed, take to dr appt if needed, & keep them company. Maybe you should try it. You might like it as well.
8924846 tn?1410572901 There isn't really any at home Jobs you can do, especially if you are young and don't have a degree, but if you do have a degree than I would Google at home Jobs and see what you find. what I recommend is to just go part time at the job you already have it work about 3 or 4 days a week until your baby is about six month and then you may be able to work more. I hope this helps and God bless!
Avatar m tn I work in home constroction we do bath and kitchen mostly. Guy I work with told me he is hiv positive he is from mexico I guess he got it there? Well I am worried the last two months since we share tools and paingt brush wood putty and all that stuff. His hands are VERY dried and cracked and I can sometimes see blood on his hands but not alot. There is no way I can wear gloves now or it would look to obvious and I can't really work well with gloves.
6387609 tn?1393274731 Check about doing in-home care...that's what I do & I love it....my work is easy (nothing I don't already do at my own home) & even though it doesn't pay the best its still very rewarding to know that you arehelping someone in need & possibly keeping them from being sent to a "nursing home". I work for a company called Home Helpers & there are several throughout the US.
12742885 tn?1427016324 I'm 21 years old and have made myself to belief i am an "AIDS child". Each day when i go to sleep i feel a pain which is totatlly wired. I have had the worst flu' f my life back in december and i was going to se my doctor. I have talked to my socalled fiance on the phone throught this chole process. I was wondering why i ate much, but did not gain weight. I was having dry coughs, and had this flu' like for 3 weeks.
7463033 tn?1399311106 t something that paid. I am a stay at home wife soon to be stay at home mama! Hubby has an excellent job. I have my teaching degree and am just one test away from getting my certification.
Avatar m tn Part-Time Jobs Surge To All-Time High; Full-Time Jobs Plunge By 240,000... www.drudgereport.com I see this as bad news, I suspect others will say, well at least it's jobs. Thoughts?
790496 tn?1315615657 NO, you don't have to tell them unless of course your disability is obvious and you need accomodations up front. If will go the ADA pages, they will provide a more complete answer. I didn't qualify for health insurance due to another medical condition and it did not affect my employment status. My employer knows because of the extended absences needed an explanation.
Avatar f tn Maybe a stay at home job?
Avatar f tn I heard of a website that gives you a list of different work at home jobs. Google rat race rebellion. It will give you jobs such as customer service, data entry, and others as well. But still do your research.
12693075 tn?1442246392 Any good work from home jobs out there??? I applied with UBer but not sure if I want to be driving people around.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of any work from home jobs? Going to have 2 babies in 2 weeks so I need something I can do from home!
Avatar f tn I didn't tell them until I was there a month. My supervisor told me to not tell anyone so no one at work found out besides her until I was 7 months.
Avatar m tn Additionally, tests for severe illnesses like hiv/aids and cancer, are not allowed to be sold directly to the end user in the Netherlands and some other European countries. Additionally, tests intended for use in the home envirnment (home tests, self tests, etc.) have to be assessed by a so-called notified body. This notified body will check the design and information provided by the manufacturer and the instructions, to assess if the test is easy to use and understandable for lay persons.
Avatar f tn My mother, and my siblings have the same problem. I am stone deaf since last 11 years. I use hearing aids. They are not satisfactory as natural hearing.I understand tinnitus may lead to deafness.So pursue the treatment till he is ok.
Avatar f tn I really need a job i hate depending on others income and i need to start making sime money again. have any of you gotten jobs while being noticeably pregnant ? if so where at,and what type of jobs do you suggest? i have experience in fast food but i will never work at ine again (just my preference). Please leave some comments and let me know,i really need to start getting back on my feet again. thanks ladies!
Avatar f tn Could this be signs of std,HIv, or aids?
Avatar f tn My husband has 3 jobs. I have none at the moment due to a high risk pregnancy and my doctor don't think it would be wise to have me work. But I hate that my husband is gone from 4 am to 10pm every night Monday through Friday because he working. Than comes homes eats dinner and goes to bed. I know he working and supporting me and our baby but it drives me nuts he works so much. Than on the weekends he busy fixing his car or hanging out with his friends that I get shoved to the side.
Avatar f tn White discharge can happen for any number of reasons at any given time in a female's body. However if you're having unprotected sex and you've not been checked, you can never rule out an STD. Before you engage in sexual intercourse with someone you should ALWAYS find out their status. People have no reason to ever be honest to you--if they are and say they have herpes or AIDS you likely won't have sex with them.
Avatar f tn Go for the other store