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Avatar m tn I work in home constroction we do bath and kitchen mostly. Guy I work with told me he is hiv positive he is from mexico I guess he got it there? Well I am worried the last two months since we share tools and paingt brush wood putty and all that stuff. His hands are VERY dried and cracked and I can sometimes see blood on his hands but not alot. There is no way I can wear gloves now or it would look to obvious and I can't really work well with gloves.
1069143 tn?1471312610 t think an HIV victim would be able to work as much as he does and I live in a small community and AIDS Alabama says only 19 people in the whole county have HIV/AIDS... Just worrying ALOT... Wondering if I need to be tested... I am 15 and have my whole life ahead of me!!!
Avatar m tn You should probably go get your private area checked out bc from your concerns, it probably has has lots of cuts for it to enter your body. And also stop getting hand jobs from strangers who has cuts all over their hands! Aren’t you worried about the going out and eating bc that cook could have hiv, aids, hep b, hep c, hep d, covid 19, or even all above. What about the people that package the foods at the market or the cashier who handles your money!
Avatar f tn Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.... What is the jobs plan people? Hiring people to gather up gays and stone em? He is so much better isnt he? Talks the Bible, what is right and wrong and then talks of murdering them? I dont think his god and mine are acquainted.
Avatar f tn First of all, you can't "catch" AIDS. AIDS is a syndrome, not a virus. Being infected with HIV can lead to the development of AIDS, which stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. AIDS develops when HIV has caused damage to the immune system. Secondly, there is nothing that you have posted that is any risk for HIV. No risk means no exposure to HIV. Any symptoms you're having have nothing to do with HIV. If you're not well, then go see the doctor.
Avatar f tn I really need a job i hate depending on others income and i need to start making sime money again. have any of you gotten jobs while being noticeably pregnant ? if so where at,and what type of jobs do you suggest? i have experience in fast food but i will never work at ine again (just my preference). Please leave some comments and let me know,i really need to start getting back on my feet again. thanks ladies!
Avatar f tn Omg what the heck lol you ladies have cool jobs lol that's awesome
Avatar f tn com click on the weekly jobs tab and see if theres anything that interest u
Avatar f tn My husband has 3 jobs. I have none at the moment due to a high risk pregnancy and my doctor don't think it would be wise to have me work. But I hate that my husband is gone from 4 am to 10pm every night Monday through Friday because he working. Than comes homes eats dinner and goes to bed. I know he working and supporting me and our baby but it drives me nuts he works so much. Than on the weekends he busy fixing his car or hanging out with his friends that I get shoved to the side.
Avatar f tn I have gotten 2 jobs since being pregnant and I didn't tell either of them at the interview, I waited until I was hired and in orientation to tell them, it was a no brainer with my second job because I was already 30 weeks and showing big time
Avatar m tn Part-Time Jobs Surge To All-Time High; Full-Time Jobs Plunge By 240,000... I see this as bad news, I suspect others will say, well at least it's jobs. Thoughts?
Avatar f tn re hiring that are willing to take pregnant women because I apply to many jobs but they want pregnant women. only if they had been working there .. ***** how i can't work .
7136384 tn?1390142888 If you really need/want the job just be persistent. I called my boss constantly to see if he made a desicion! I do that with all the jobs I really want! :) shows them how interested you are!
Avatar m tn Hi. I just turned 22. About five years ago I had unprotected sex (under the influence of meth, thank god I've been clean for three years) with a female that said she had HIV (I can't quite remember at the time, but she said something about a rare condition). About a week after so, I went to get tested-I was negative, but obviously still at risk.
Avatar f tn she has been out since June and in sober living houses. She has had 2 jobs since June she worked 1to2 days on each and quits and has literally moved every week since June to different sober living house with the exception of 1 month when she was in a homeless shelter but was terminated because she did not follow rules. She has been in jail in August, September, October for 2,3,7 days due to not following rules of the probation guidelines.
1512837 tn?1317354538 All my life I've been so terrified of HIV/AIDS, and worry constantly about getting it. Well, just last weekend, a guy that I went to high school with (who I vaguely knew) and I met back up. We got together, had a few drinks, and ended up sleeping together. We were fooling around with giving each other hand-jobs and oral, then the next thing I knew, he had slipped his penis inside of me without a condom. I told him not to do that without a condom, after a couple of thrusts he pulled out.