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Avatar f tn New Jersey’s Centers for Primary Health Care (CPHC) offer a wide range of health care services for the entire family. "You don’t need health insurance to get care at a center. Centers serve the uninsured and underinsured, as well as patients with Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance. "If you’re uninsured, your bill will be based on your ability to pay. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds.
Avatar m tn Hopefully this thread of mine won't get removed too. Anyways... here it goes and I hope it helps. Go to the Massachusetts DOPH Then click on Health Topics A-Z Click on AIDS Then HIV/AIDS Bureau
Avatar n tn I would like to find some information that will support the theory that drug addiction cannot be addressed without proper mental health services. I would like any opinion on the matter and any resources that may address the issue. Thank you so very much for your time.
Avatar n tn s responsibility to provide VIPs for those customers with poor eyesight - is anyone aware of any legislation that requires customer services departments to hold onto something like this? I know they ARE required by law to carry a lot of far more peculiar things! Sorry to complain but I'm looking for a long-time problem that I'm sure doesn't only affect me!
Avatar n tn has anyone been to south hampton health services?? lost any weight?? do they give phentermine??
Avatar n tn , the virus that causes AIDS. That is at best a start on easing the severe shortage of health care workers in the developing world, which some estimates peg in the millions. Other donor nations will need to contribute to the training effort as well. The most troublesome ideological constraint on the program — a requirement that one-third of the funds used for prevention services be spent on abstinence education — has been greatly eased.
Avatar n tn Hearing Solutions One of the best hearing aid center in India in terms of good services and quality hearing aids brands. They provide special effort for individual patients having their hearing aid fitting proper and according to International guidelines.
Avatar f tn but my point im getting to is if he cant help me financially now while im pregnant then how is he gonna take on a child. His 3rd child wit other women.! But I was seriously considering tanniff , through social services... can anyone tell me or give me a little info on how it works. Can u get it while prego or do u have to wait until after the baby is born.
572651 tn?1530999357 If you saw my email inbox you might be surprised at some of the mail I receive. I have signed up on distribution lists for many medical sites, including Nursing Times from the UK. I received an announcement today about an upcoming convention in LONDON, that may be of interest to some of you. This convention/conference is September 29-30 and the registration is FREE. I wish I could go, but its a bit far to commute. Some of you who live in the UK may be interested, though.
Avatar m tn HIVdent is a not-for-profit coalition of concerned health care professionals committed to assuring access to high quality oral health care services for adults, adolescents, and children living with HIV disease. HIVdent disseminates state-of-the-art treatment information and shares expertise in advocacy, development, training, integration, and evaluation of oral health services for the HIV-infected population. maybe a documented case through HIVdent, okay! But not the CDC...
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a new member and if I posted in the wrong forum I am sorry. Any help with these questions or were I might go to get the correct answers will be greatly appreciated. I am entering into the medical field and need to get a better understanding of handling PHI. The following questions are an important part of ensuring that a medical practice or a facillity is complying with the rules and regulations set forth from federal and state laws, along with HIPAA.
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Avatar m tn I'm a little anxious. Yesterday I spent 2 hours with a 25 year old Serbian escort girl while on vacation in Italy. She was very nice and seemed very healthy. We had vaginal sex twice (with 2 different condoms), and I went down on her. The condom was completely intact both times and I was careful to make sure it was on. She insisted on using condoms, which I take as a good sign. She did not give me oral sex and she did not have any lesions or bleeding anywhere.
Avatar n tn As you know, Massachusetts AIDS services would declare this 8-week test absolutely conclusive without qualification since I’m a healthy young male. Common sense tells me that MA could never get away with their 6-week window periods if MD and VA were anywhere near correct with their statistics. So, why does CDC allow these State health initiatives, of which they hold the purse strings, to offer such divergent information?
Avatar f tn My mother, and my siblings have the same problem. I am stone deaf since last 11 years. I use hearing aids. They are not satisfactory as natural hearing.I understand tinnitus may lead to deafness.So pursue the treatment till he is ok.
Avatar f tn Make an anonymous call to child protective services. Whether the marijuana affects the child or not it's still illegal and does slow down the cognition of grown adults so only god knows how it reacts in an infant.
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Avatar f tn She then had all 3 children taken off of her and put into care (2 were someone elses) now i am pregnant social services are wanting to visit me and my partner this week. Im obvs very scared and worried. As this had nothing to do with me and my partner was not the one who neglected his girl. He has a 14 year old who he sees on a regular basis. Just neeed some advice/reassurance that they wont take my baby away from me i cant stop crying now. I dont need this.
Avatar f tn Could this be signs of std,HIv, or aids?
Avatar n tn I have no health insurance I need a mri done on my back who can help me
393685 tn?1425812522 For example, the records created by a public health nurse who provides immunization or other health services to students on school grounds or otherwise in connection with school activities but who is not acting on behalf of the school would not be “education records” under FERPA . . . .
Avatar f tn White discharge can happen for any number of reasons at any given time in a female's body. However if you're having unprotected sex and you've not been checked, you can never rule out an STD. Before you engage in sexual intercourse with someone you should ALWAYS find out their status. People have no reason to ever be honest to you--if they are and say they have herpes or AIDS you likely won't have sex with them.
4097344 tn?1349754756 im in need of some help. i need health insurance but i just lost my job. now that i have palpitations im scared to drive or do anything. i went to the er and they did a ct scan with contrast and said they didnt find anything wrong. i just feel like crap. out of energy. all blood test came back good. i got a ct scan with contrast for my head last week but i havent heard back from them with the results so im guessing they didnt find anything.