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Avatar n tn I have had a few extremely tiny little red specks crop up on my arms and legs but I am thinking that is maybe getting older or a guy at the health food store it was possibly a vitamin B deficiency. Noone can really see them unless they get out a magnifying glass of course, but they do see what I am talking about after they strain their eyes! I am not so concerned about the itty bitty red dots though- broken capillaries apparently.
551343 tn?1506834118 Went to a neuro this Jan and was dismissed because I am without health ins and could not afford all the required testing. In July I started with a new PCP who was outraged that I had not been dx with MS due to my textbook symptoms. Not much help for me except that I felt better that I had someone in the medical profession who believed me!! Started on LDN, prescribed by my PCP, about 7 1/2 wks ago.