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1035252 tn?1427231433 I was an HIV/AIDS educator and our health classes from grade 5 and up taught a ton about sex ed. and how conception occurs. Of course it didn't get into all the gritty details but I felt it was a great program. It was rare to see a preggo teen at our school.
Avatar f tn Oh, it's not easy Erin : ( It makes us wonder how we ever got to this point in time...what makes me an addict and why can my friends smoke occasionally and then put them down for months at a time. How and why did it affect me differently? I don't know if I will ever truly understand it, but reading some of the articles at whyquit makes me realize that I'm not alone in my struggle, in my addiction and I have learned ways of coping with it.
Avatar m tn CDC recommends that diagnostic HIV testing and opt-out HIV screening be a part of routine clinical care in all health-care settings while also preserving the patient's option to decline HIV testing and ensuring a provider-patient relationship conducive to optimal clinical and preventive care.
Avatar n tn We discuss so much hiv testing, but rarely touch on regular blood test. If for example someone in advanced hiv stage or actual aids comes to primary physician for regular blood test, will this test show any abnormalities such as abnormal cd4 count or abnormalities with white blood cell count. Since I heard that many physians while doing regular check up, test the blood for immune efficiency too.
148588 tn?1465782409 " C. Everett Koop, known as America's Family Doctor during his tenure as surgeon general from 1981 to 1989, died today at his home in Hanover, N.H., Dartmouth announced. He was 96. Koop made a name for himself for the surprising stands he took during the AIDS epidemic, as well as for his efforts fighting for a smoke-free country.
Avatar m tn 100% agree with Vance. Technically, the patient DOES have zero evidence of viral infection with continuing tests. So it does seem he has been "cured" although this probably is not the correct term for it. Additionally, the "obscure German doctor" you are referring to didn't set out on this operation with the objective being to cure the patient from HIV. The patient was undergoing a bone marrow transplant to treat his leukemia.
Avatar m tn And as we’ve seen with other infectious diseases, such as HIV and AIDS, it would reduce the burden on our health care system when they are diagnosed in the early stages. There is a clear correlation between education and prevention. With public education and public health efforts, we can help people become aware of the disease, its often deadly effects and how important it is to be tested if you are part of an at-risk population.
163305 tn?1333672171 I have often thought that US citizens should spend at least a year abroad, and experience the difference in cultures, health care, education and all aspects of life....I think most Americans view the USA ways are the only ways...And this attitude is what makes the rest of the world view Americans as arrogrant...
Avatar n tn I have called the National CDC AIDSHOTLINE and the California AIDS Hotline. Both tell me current testing says to only test for hiv out to six months. So here I am, wondering why I continue to have these night sweats, and what could be the cause of it. I would greatly appreciate any insight you can give me.
1831637 tn?1323268054 These findings have led to the decision by UNAIDS and the World Health Organization to recommend circumcision as an important new element of HIV prevention. Since the decision was made, the demand for circumcision has been increasing. Thoughts?
Avatar n tn I work in a health care setting and some aids tained normal saline iv fluid spilled on my ungloved hands. Myproblem is my nail cuticles were dried and cracked. I washed my hands asap with hot water and soap then with alcohol based foam. The alcohol foam didn't burn so i'm hoping no areas were open wounds. What are the chances I have contracted aids.
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Avatar m tn Nothing really new in this little study ,other than the importance for understanding and compassion ,combined with the need for education by the health care community,patients and the public alike about HCV. The stigmatising is still the greatest barrier.. .http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar n tn Congress and the White House are preparing to ramp up spending on programs to combat AIDS and related diseases around the world while removing some of the ideological blinders that have long undermined the effort to slow the spread of the AIDS virus.
662972 tn?1270169901 methadone is potentially lethal for non-tolerant individuals, death can occur but more slowly than heroin overdose however, overdose reaction can be reversed and person's life saved if narcotic antagonist such as narcan is prescribed for 24 - 36 hours Narcotic effects of other opiates ( if tried ) Feels narcotic effects of opiates At 80 mgs/day or more narcotic effects of opiates are blocked Withdrawal syndrome Can be severe, but can be controlled with methadone Less severe than heroin but
Avatar n tn Although, the lady said she had 7 years experience in teaching hiv/aids education. I chose to ask Teak if it was accurate and conclusive. The key here is not that I am paranoid or ignorant. I hope someone more knowledgeable and experienced with hiv/aids such as Teak would reply. However, when I asked Teak specifically I have not heard from him. Instead I get a response from a 16 year old boy who answers for Teak. Is it too much to ask for an answer? What have I done wrong?
230890 tn?1197651614 HIV or AIDS can be cured. To date, there is no cure for HIV or AIDS, and there are no vaccines to prevent HIV infection. Facts: School nurses can play a key role in the school setting in dispelling misperceptions and rumors about HIV, and by helping students build their knowledge and skills for engaging in healthy behaviors. The following facts can help support school nurses in that effort.
233488 tn?1310696703 Myopia, which is often associated with degenerative floaters, is a growing public health problem with high prevalence rates in Singapore.3, 4, 5 The health-related quality of life associated with floaters is not well understood. Of note, Snellen acuity, the standard test of visual function in a clinical setting, is unable to quantify visual disability associated with vitreous floaters on day-to-day functioning and overall quality of life.
936016 tn?1332769204 The UN AIDS programme estimates that in excess of 5.7 million people are living with HIV in South Africa with around 3.2 million being women and 280,000 children up to the age of 14 years. The prevalence of HIV in the general population in South Africa is over 18% compared with less than 0.2% in the UK.
Avatar f tn In highschool it was a rehash of grade 7/8 with a LITTLE more teaching about condoms etc (we had a nurse from the local health unit in everyday for everything from minor health concerns, to pregnancy tests and everything in-between) we got the putting a condom on a banana/cucumber demonstration. It wasn't until grade 11 when I took the parenting class (the one with the fake baby) that I actually learned about the pill, patch, iud etc. Plus we then learned how conception, pregnancy etc worked.
Avatar f tn people being uneducated about the REAL risks for HIV, poor education history of HIV/AIDS causing an gross lack of understanding about just how hard it is to transmit...and guilt over certain sexual encounters. Anxiety can easily spiral out of control.
Avatar f tn The appearance was brown and white patches all over her body. From my half-informed Google education I would guess it was an aids related condition. I politely asked her that but she said no. So my questions are as follows... 1. I correctly used a condom so I'm not at risk right? 2. Does that skin condition sound aids related? 3.
741315 tn?1232462027 the very person who was supposed to be my protector used my body for drugs. she didnt care about my health or education as she admitted to not feeding us (my brother and myself) and not putting us in school. i was 9 before i could read and write. i am greatful to my grandmother may she rest in peace- i thank her for saving me when she did... but what about all this pain and hurt disappointment and fear. i dont kno what to do anymore....
Avatar m tn New Study of Splenda Reveals Shocking Information About Potential Harmful Effects Organic Consumers Association February 11, 2009 James Turner, the chairman of the national consumer education group Citizens for Health, has expressed shock and outrage after reading a new report from scientists outlining the dangers of the artificial sweetener Splenda (sucralose).
Avatar n tn On top of all that, there are hundreds of nongovernmental, community-based organizations that provide health education and public health services, and nobody can dictate to them. As a result, when people interpret data differently, and when they take varying attitudes about legal risks, and when they also factor in their own biases (e.g., religious and social perspectives), there is a lot of room for variable messages and advice to patients. These situations are not unique to the US.
Avatar f tn The law bears the long title of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. It was sponsored in House of Representatives by Rep. Dan Burton, R-Indiana, and in the Senate by Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and **** Durbin, D-Illinois. The DSHEA law draws a line between synthesized medicines like aspirin and remedies made from herbs, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. This latter group was recategorized as "dietary supplements" -- that is, as foods rather than drugs.
Avatar n tn Last year, I was doing some home health and one of my patients was an AIDS patient, and her husband was HIV positive. My one hour (typical) visit turned into an almost all day affair. Not only was this lady very physically ill and needed home care and follow up...but their were SO many other psychological issues going on...that I made sure I hooked them up with all of the possible rescources I could. Their story broke my heart...they only had each other...
Avatar m tn i was worried for some reason about aids or hiv or something. and listerine did not hurt at all, just felt like water.
Avatar m tn Last week, coinciding with the end of Viral Hepatitis Awareness Month, the Washington State Department of Health convened its second statewide hepatitis C conference. Public health workers, advocates and medical professionals from around the state met in Seattle to discuss ways to better address this looming public health threat. Hepatitis C is transmitted by blood-to-blood contact and is the most common blood-borne infection in the U.S.
Avatar n tn I want to know if the needle touches the blood of AIDS patients, will there be the same risk of infection as sharing needles? Before me, a strange woman took blood. Of course, I do not worry that nurses forget to replace needles before they puncture me for the first time.