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Avatar n tn Pegylated interferon and ribavirin have several serious side effects, including depression, anemia, and neutropenia. Some of these side effects overlap with symptoms of HIV disease and side effects of certain HIV medications. Potentially dangerous drug interactions between ribavirin and other nucleoside analogues -- notably ddI (Videx) and d4T (Zerit) -- have also been documented. Coinfected people often experience severe side effects during HCV treatment, making adherence difficult.
Avatar n tn Hi Bill ~ my HCV positive results were sent by the Red Cross (donating blood) to our county health department because I had them writing me and calling my house right after the letter from Red Cross came (like I wasn't already frantic). I don't know how much further the info is passed on, but I'll bet it goes higher than the county.
Avatar n tn One thing that might benefit us, is the fact that hcv coexists with hiv infection and since hiv gets so much lobbying and funding, we might just benefit by the trickle down effect. MAYBE.
Avatar n tn Hepatitis C's time bomb ticks Researchers fear ultimate toll may surpass AIDS By Peter Gorner Tribune science reporter Published December 1, 2003 A stealthy enemy is lurking inside the bodies of millions of Americans that some medical experts fear may prove as devastating as AIDS. These people feel perfectly healthy, unaware that a virus is quietly destroying their liver, cell by cell.
Avatar n tn Bill, good news.........let us know when you verify! I also will "assume" that congratulations are in order. I hope that once all your insurance woes are solved, that the stress will be less and your rage will subside. Petey 7, That sweet news should sure help you keep moving forward! Good for you! Congrats!
Avatar n tn On the other hand there's one line of argument, based on current HIV therapy, that argues that if you depress viral replication enough by meds you're actually undermining the immune response because there's not enough viral antigen around to kick it into action...In short I'm utterly confused, any clues are much appreciated.
Avatar n tn Sometimes inside the nose itching can be relieved only by flushing with warm water. When a cure for this finally arrives, it will not be due to any help from the family practitioner who calls it psycological even tho he has it. This site is the first place I have seen this malady discussed so any credit for unmasking this thugbug is due to this forum.