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Avatar m tn any news on a cure of Herpes? I know people would rather get a cure of HIV but herpes can be just as bad and I am sure it has lead to some peoples suicide. anyone know of the latest news?
Avatar m tn There is now a patent on a cure for HIV.... I can't remember the patent number, but it's waiting to be tested and will likely be available sooner than later. If they can solve HIV, they should certainly be able to tackle herpes.
Avatar n tn "However, the new drug VX-950 is showing tremendous promise with close to a 100% cure rate for genotypes 1a and 1b, the hardest to cure." Thanks for your explanation, Chris. Very useful info.
Avatar m tn Jerusalem, Sep 5 – In a major breakthrough, Israeli scientists have developed a method that can wipe out HIV infected cells without affecting the healthy ones but it will be a while before it is available to the public, a medical journal says. Although the researchers have registered an Israeli patent, the treatment must still go through trials on animals and humans, the latest edition of the British journal AIDS Research and Therapy says.
Avatar m tn Hi Stefano It's a very very good news indeed! May be in 5 years time we could all have the very ver high chance of losing HBsAG. Just the thought alone makes me very very happy. Thanks for the info.
253566 tn?1219683299 I am not keen to encourage people with non-specific or multiple symptoms to automaticaly blame them on treatment. The heading of the post was 'Cure' Disabled Me! The content of the post did not necessarily validate that very specific claim.
233488 tn?1310696703 Hagan III MD, FACS, FAAO This is a reprint of an editorial in the July 2011 American Journal of Ophthalmology and represents the latest information on floaters. It references a second article from the same issue which I will also post. ARTICLE FOLLOWS: In 1976, Dr Ernst Wynder, founding president of the American Health Foundation and founding editor of the journal Preventive Medicine, stated that “It should be the function of medicine to help people die young…as late in life as possible.
Avatar f tn I hope you have a support system with you. Dont'be depress po. Palagi ako nag aabang sa cdc ng latest news about it. mean time take care, also not all doctor tells this but mefanamic acid is not good for kidney and liver. Pra po d ma stress liver nyo try not to take this po ha.
4309115 tn?1357609883 I haven't read anything about Gilead stopping their trials. Can you direct me to where you read this? I know that the new nuke PIs that are being trialled by Vertix, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Idenix have had a hold put on their trials by the FDA because of toxicity concerns (Read on HepatitisCentral site).
Avatar m tn Does it sound too optimistic? The biggest disappointment for this year was that Arrowhead ARC-521 drug was discounted because of toxicity. That's probably was the closet candidate to be released to the market. What's the next best potential candidate? Replicor are still having the phase 2b trial in Moldova, which will they release the results for it in September 2018.
475555 tn?1469307939 The goods news far out weighs the bad news,80% cured rates for Bocep is nothing to snezze at,.
264121 tn?1313033056 I had not seen this article before, but certainly for those on the Pegalpha-2a/ribavirin tx, this is promising news. Since I'm having such insane problems with my red blood cell lines, this is also encouraging as it cites a long-term cure after successful treatment with the PegAlpha-2a alone as well as with the ribavirin. It causes me to be hopeful that should I need to reduce the riba at some point I've still got a good shot at a cure.
Avatar n tn (I have no abnormal discharge). She gave me a 3 day regim which seemed to cure the itchiness, but made the area more red and irritated. So then I got more guts and finally went to a gyno who cultured the red irritated area and checked it out. She told me that she saw nothing abnormal but saw some yeast. So there it was confirmed. A yeast infection of the skin surrounding my vagina. She gave me diflucan, in on pill to take and also gave me monistat 7 to use as well.
Avatar m tn // Aug. 9, 2010 -- Adding Merck's boceprevir to standard hepatitis C therapy increases the viral cure rate up to 75% -- a success rate similar to that of Vertex's telaprevir. Standard hepatitis C treatment results in a "cure" less than half the time. It combines alpha interferon with ribavirin, a drug with general antiviral effects.
1788489 tn?1329983048 Hi, everyone, I have read some articles and posts and know that tears cannot transmit hiv. But today I saw a news, which argued that tears can also be infective. It is a research been made by Tumour Hospital of China XieHe Medical Institude recently. They said that they have tested the tears of 16 Adis patients. All of the patients have a 6-year azt care and their blood tested hiv- during the research. It shows that the amounts of copies in the tested tears range from 200-20000/ml.
Avatar n tn Five months is more than enough time, no matter what HIV test was used, in India or any other country. Whatever is causing your symptoms, it isn't HIV. Anxiety or depression sounds like a good bet. Also, nobody has ever been proved to catch HIV by receiving oral sex. NEVER ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD IN 20+ YEARS OF AIDS! There have been such reports, but I stress "proved". If it occurs, it is too rare to measure.
Avatar m tn For Thanksgiving, he's preparing to go back to West Virginia for the first time in years and break the HIV news (if not the gay news) to his grandmother. His immediate family backs the decision. "My mother said, 'You have to give your family a chance to love you,'" he says. CHARLES Now working in Albany, N.Y.
Avatar m tn I'm referring to this latest news about hiv research which is also a retrovirus like hbv: "The new therapy works in two stages. Firstly, a vaccine helps the body recognise the HIV-infected cells so it can clear them out. Secondly, a new drug called Vorinostat activates the dormant T-cells so they can be spotted by the immune system.
Avatar m tn I had a sexual exposure in February 2012 with bizarre symptoms exactly 2 weeks later that lead me to think on HIV (a cervical swollen lymph node, neck stiffness and then an urinary track infection), but I tested negative several times. In any case, I think the problems on my tongue are related to that encounter. Girl I was with refused to test for anything.
Avatar m tn Co to treat hepatitis C cured 98 percent of previously untreated patients without cirrhosis in a midstage clinical trial, providing the latest evidence that the U.S. drugmaker will be highly competitive in the fast evolving field. Results of the study called C-Worthy were presented on Thursday at the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) in London.
4896357 tn?1360674504 I look forward to the day that this forum becomes obsolete but there are still plenty of people who need to get these new drugs and get cured. Now hopefully they can find a cure for all of the people living with HIV. Thanks again. I love you all! Carl.
149918 tn?1208132344 Yes, it Is good news. Boy oh boy he uses "cure" alot... Also talks about how these latest vertex trials are the largest studies ever. Also - mentions cutting treatment time to as little as 3 months (WOW) and years down the road - only 2 pills, no shots. (WOWSER WOWSER)...
Avatar n tn The CDC is a goverment related website, they don't lie or make up stories, HIV Is an epidemic we have been dealing for years, and yet they haven't found a cure for this virus, the only way to stop is by protecting yourself, using a condom because life is not guarantee 100% perfect, there are ups and downs, and sex is something very serious not only for HIV but for other STD'S.
Avatar f tn Then, at a certain point, we are ready to take action, perhaps because we become very frightened, by a friend with Hep C dying suddenly,or the discomfort of our symptoms outweigh our denial system. Perhaps you could print out some of the latest info on Hep C cure advances, and leave it around, for him to read. That's what my husband did with me. At first I didn't want to read the info. I only tried to get into a Clinical Trial, becuz I needed the $$ they offered.
Avatar f tn is it improved tenofovir?
Avatar n tn Hepatitis c progresses faster in HIV co-infected patients. But the good news is that can both be treated. Ignore what "doctors" are saying. Your brothers should be evaluated by someone who is knowlegeable in HCV/HIV co-infections. You might post a similar question at this web site: Dr. Dieterich specializes in HepC/HIV co-infected patients. Try and get your brothers to some doctors that understand the options.
6742119 tn?1391422328 Using published data, along with a collection of the latest medical news, clinical trial information, reports from recent conferences, news articles, videos/podcasts, Web searches, and links to other related sources on the Web relating to new Hepatitis C therapies. .... Wishing you all a safe and successful journey.