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982214 tn?1471454781 I am going for my second FET in june, somewhere between june 7-11. Just looking for buddies going through the same thing. My first one took but sadly i miscarried at 12 weeks and i am now ready to try again. I start my Superfact on May 6. So if there is anyone out there who also needs a buddy let me know!!
Avatar m tn On 28th of June 2010 I was in Jakarta, had unprotected sex with a prostitute in a bar, sooner I started feeling muscular pain, headache, rashes, tender muscles, so today i got the rapid immuno chromatographic HIV test done... the results were negative, i also did rapid Immunochromatographic, VDRL & HCV on 28th of July 2010 and the results were negative, now i have a problem with frequent urination , and tender/swollen pubic area...
Avatar f tn Can't say for sure, I can guess. Most stories say second half of 2011. I'm hoping by next June, read June somewhere. The feds are not the best to rely upon for prompt action.
Avatar m tn Hi, i decided to write because i have a painfull problem. On june 11th 2010 i had sex with a sex worker. In the naughtiness of the moment i performed oral sex on her and immidiatly after i felt like a heavyness in my throat, like when one has trouble swallowing certain types of food. I forgot about it and the next day i had an itchy sensation in the area i felt the heavyness the day before, i know that at some point i did swallow some of the vaginal discharge.
Avatar f tn It's all in your head because you have a conclusive negative test result.
Avatar f tn i had my hiv test last june 22,2010 the result was negative but i'm still confuse about the window period.i had an unprotected sex with the guy for almost 4 months from november to march 1st exposure was november 25 and my last was march 3, 2010..i just want to k now if there's a possibility that i have the virus even if im negative with the test?
Avatar m tn I low grade fever with weakness and pain in legs as well as vomiting on 18 June 2010. I was on medicines since 18 June 2010 to 1 July but I did not recover then doctors did my blood test and reported that malarial parasites are found in medium density. From July 3 2010 to 7 July I was on malaria treatment and I get recovered. I have made unprotected sex with my wife also during 4-7 July 2010. I took my blood test again on 7 July 2010 the result was normal except eosinophil 12%.
Avatar m tn I was tested in March of 2010 for HIV and tested negative, but I will still once in a while see the little bumps around my thighs and pubic area that are characteristic of m. contagiosum. A week ago (June 4, 2010) I was tested again for HIV, but will not find out my results for another week. Is it possible that the test in March was a false negative?
Avatar n tn I have mentioned my 2 exposures on this same Forum on 17 th June 2010.........2 exposures which i have mentioned, one on HIV & other STD forum (answered by HHH). The 1 st one was related open sore on testicle which was noticed by me post the protected sex & unprotected oral. I am at 7 week on that exposure. 2 nd exposure was related to condom slip on withdrawal which was 4 weeks ago. Both these questions were answered respectively.......
Avatar m tn After that I m scared of HIV. I have got fever on 18 June 2009, After 1 week I have taken my blood test and found that there is malaria. I have gone through malaria treatment from 28 June 2009 to 10 July 2009. I have taken again my blood test for malaria then there was no malaria but 12% esnophil was there. After treatment I m ok but I have fear about HIV all time .I was suffering from High BP, Cervical spendolysis, Acidity and constipation.
Avatar m tn I have made unprotected sex with a widow 3 times during 18-30 May 2009. I got fever from 18 June 2009 and got malaria in blood test on 30 June 2009. I also made unprotected sex with my wife during 1-7 july 2009. I have got influenza at 27 of July 2009. I tested my HIV by ELISHA in a reputed lab at 4 September 2009 the result was non reactive( 0.018).Since december 2009 i am suffering from constipation, gas and I also got spectacles of +050D.
Avatar m tn I then went for an appendectomy in June 2011 where I had tested for HIV as a pre-operative care it was negative for both HIV-1 and HIV-2. It was almost 6 months from December 2010 then from my last encounter but 6 months weren't over as yet. In September, I got pregnant and now expecting my first child in May. I have to again undergo HIV test as a part of antenatal care but I am really scared testing as I keep feeling that it can be positive. Please help me of what should I do now.
Avatar m tn please dont double were answered in your earlier post.
Avatar m tn t remember any other illness such fever and cold in the period June 2010 to November 2010. Got anxious during Feb 2010 to present when only I hearing and talking about HIV or thinking about future. Almost hoped that I did not expose to HIV. Two weeks (In Feb 2010) ago I got job offer from foreign country which should need a medical test for HIV, Hepatitis and TB to get visa. Now I am feeling very much anxious or worried about the medical test to be got passed.
Avatar n tn My last exposure to a woman was in 25th January 2010 and I used to take HIV test twice since that time too. the first one was in 14th June 2010 and the result was "negative" and another one was in 20th July 2010 abd the result was also "negative". What chance can I have HIV? I really scare to go to take the test again. Are there any diseases can cause this symptoms? Oh, nowadays I always feel unwell when I sleep (both noon and night) but no night-sweat.
Avatar m tn On June 30 2014 (21days from now) the Egyptian military will present a cure for HIV and Hepatitis C, I saw the machine it looks legit and they claim already 1000 patients have been already cured. This is a no joke, this is real and they are coming out on June 30 to the world. I am not sure if this machine works, but if it does work for HIV the chances it works for HSV is high, I am in Egyptian carrying HSV type 2, hope this machine or this new technology works.
Avatar n tn Then i got scare cause i noticed theres white discharge on me.So on nov. 5 2010 went to get tested with stds and hiv...Then for that waiting period i went to a tremendrous anxiety and stress .Anyways after 2weeks my test came out i was positive chlamydia neg. hiv....So they give me antibiotic to cure my chlamydia and told me to come back after 3 months for retesting.But the first week of jan. 2011 i suffer a dry cough sore throat .Then her goes my anxiety again...
Avatar n tn And again on 2010 i made an HIV blood test and it also results as non reactive.... but still now black spots remains same . is that a symptom of HIV?
Avatar f tn Hi My husband had a double bypass in June 2010. His was off lung. One bypass failed and the had to go in 2 weeks later and place a stent. What are the chances of having a 2nd bypass? He said he will never go through it again.