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29837 tn?1414538248 seems the most likely date of the release of VX-950 Protease Inhibitor will be 2010. He did say however, they have made exceptions for people who are approaching liver cancer or failure. If you have any of your own questions, you can reach Vertex at 877-634-8789. On another note. I live in Las Vegas, where you've no doubt heard about the Colonoscopy scandal of re-using needles. I went for my quarterly check-up today and my Gastro's office was shut down and the state took all records.
Avatar m tn After this experience was over, It occurred to me that he may have pre-ejaculated and that the cuts on my gums may have exposed me to HIV (I don't know this person and I don't know if he is HIV positive). Since March I've had 3rd generation HIV tests at the 3,4,5, and 6 month marks. I've also had a NAAT test and a rapid antibody test done at the 6 month mark. All of my HIV tests have been non-reactive. My problem is that I've had - and am still having - a bizarre array of symptoms.
1024580 tn?1331577721 We have moved from rudimentary tests in the early 1980's to modern, accurate, easy to use third and fourth generation HIV testing methods in 2010. HIV 1 and 2 antibody tests in use in the UK will be either third or fourth generation test. Modern third generation tests will identify well over 99% of newly infected HIV positive people at 6 weeks after exposure even though they are licensed for use after 12 weeks after a possible exposure.
Avatar m tn They've been working on a cure since HIV was discovered and to date there is still not a cure.
Avatar m tn After that I changed my doctor and he asked me to revised all the above tests and I did and thankfully all tests came NON REACTIVE again (I repeated all the tests after 3 months in June 2010). And he given me course of one week of cefixime tablets. But still I feel problems. Also doctor suggested me HIV test but i afraid of that test and i didn't went to the lab for HIV test yet. To be very honest, I don’t feel burning sensation of urine much now.
Avatar m tn In the link below I have published my liver function results from 2010. My risk was in Feb 2012. is there any connection my liver functions and white tongue? Maybe what is causing it? it's a virus? I am going for further testing next week.
Avatar m tn My exposure is in following dates 1. In may or June 2010 2. on 4 july 2010 3. In August With Condom (but in fear) 4.on 10 Sep 2010 With Condom 5. and on 27 Oct 2010 please gide me taking in to consideration the dates of my exposures. Is it necessary to make any other test by which I will be care free. Please Help Me.
Avatar f tn Since he has Hep C and Cirrhosis, and has previously treated and failed 3 times (2007=Interferon and Ribavirin; 2010=Consensus Interferon and 1400 mg Ribavirin; 2012=Triple Tx with Incivek), the newly approved treatment meds are not for him. She discussed the possibility of treating him with sofosbuvir, ribavirin, and interferon "off label", but with his recent diagnosis of serous retinopathy, there could be risk to treat with interferon again.
1367233 tn?1316108135 //, Milk Thistle - Topic Overview, Retrieved August 14, 2010, WebMD, LLC, 2010.
Avatar f tn I am a female of 28yrs old, and had unprotected vaginal sex on June 08, 2010. I have no viable reason to believe that my partner is positive (he says he is negative) but it's just a preoccupation of mine. Perhaps because of my anxiety I have loss of appetite, consequently lost weight and am continuously checking my lymph nodes in my groin and neck area to see if they are swollen. My second question is cum-in-the-mouth a high risk sex act? What about swallowing semen?
163305 tn?1333672171 Similar approaches are also being tried at other centers, including the National Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. “Our goal is to have a cure, but we can’t say that word,” said Dr. Carl June, who leads the research team at the University of Pennsylvania.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to have a fungal rash before or during seroconversion in peoople with HIV.? IT IS POSSIBLE, BUT THAT IS IRRELEVANT IN YOUR CASE BECAUSE YOU ARE HIV NEGATIVE. FUNGAL INFECTIONS ARE VERY COMMON AND STRESS CAN BE A CONTRIBUTORY FACTOR. THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF CAUSES FOR FUNGAL INFECTIONS MUCH MORE COMMON THAN HIV. 3. Is it possible given the list of symptoms that I am seroconverting, and I have now passed HIV on to my wife NO, THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE.
Avatar m tn yes it is actually a cure for immune dysfunction which is always present when immune system fails the easist way is test nagalase, if nagalase is abnormal imme system is blind and not working properly this researcher/doctor has examined it also on autism and may other disorders http://drbradstreet.
1541000 tn?1293039926 I didn't go back again to check and believe everything was all right. On June 2010, I did another STD check up and the found the evidence of Chlamydia again! it was 1.9 (gezzzz), then I took 6 tablets of Zhitromax, and did another check up on August, it's cleared (0.45) In between August - 2 weeks ago, I had some protected. However, I did STD check up again 2 weeks ago and Chlamydia reoccurs again (but no symptom!), the index is at 1.7.
Avatar m tn Aug 2010- Sept 2010 Sexual Relations with a girl (oral sex)no known infections or virus) January 22, 2011 -Sex with a girl that was diagnosed with HSV2 in May 2011 May 5, 2011-Symptoms of frequent urination and pain, STD test negative (Penicillin shot and Doxycycline) no help May 7, 2011- Tested for HIV and HSV2 test negative took 3 days of Valtrex until test came back negative.
Avatar m tn After that I changed my doctor and he asked me to revised all the above test along with HIV and I did and thankfully all tests came NON REACTIVE again (I repeated all the tests after 3 months in June 2010). And he given me course of one week of cefixime tablets. But still I feel problems. To be very honest, I don’t feel burning sensation of urine much now. But I am continuosly facing burning feet problem. Please do let me know, is there any chance that I contracted for any of STD ?
Avatar m tn Found this at: http://******.***.com/index.php?topic=33634.0 It seems Ruggiero & Dr Nabuto Yamamoto (USA) are both controversial according to the following posts. Posts: 14 Controversial Poster Thursday at Vienna Conference:GcMAF « on: July 20, 2010, 07:10:07 am » Let us know what you think. Use the new "Reactions" vote at the end of each post, below. Just click the 'Good' or 'Bad' box. (Added July 19, 2010).
Avatar m tn The fact is that only treatment with peg-interferon and Ribavirin cure hepatitis C. Additional meds will be available very shortly that will make cure rates as high as 70% + percent and shorten the duration of treatment in many people. Why would anyone waste time and money on something that won't cure the hepatitis virus has has not been proven to benefit liver disease caused by hepatitis?
Avatar m tn I had protected vaginal sex on May 4, 2010, but had unprotected oral sex where I performed cunnilingus on a female the same day, same partner. About 10 days later I developed a sore throat and it looked like blisters as those similar to strep throat. I went to the doctor and she said it was allergies and the drainage down the back of my throat. I have never had a sore throat last this long. Could it be gonorrhea of the throat or acute hiv symptoms?
1420486 tn?1384796753 They took his blood and the ladies blood, and they did some sort of real extensive dna on the structure of the hiv genes. and their (the ladies) hiv genes were relaited to the dudes gene... Ofcourse this is not the exact words used. I am a simple spoken person, thats as best I can say it so you can understand...If it were to turn out I got this by having sex,prior. Then Ill take my lumps and go on..
Avatar n tn more 20 - positive) These results are actually a second time blood work (July 6) with first one done in June 2010. The June had lower titre for HHV-6 and higher titre for HHV-3 and EBV titre remained unchanged. All of that after a course of Valtrex with antibiotics. I am confused as to what to do if there is no medicine to treat Herpes infections, what is there to do about them? Suffer and hope they go away on its own?
Avatar m tn 24yr old male, UK. In otherwise perfect health. Dear Doctor, Jan 2010 I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman. 2days afterwards I developed redness around the urethra and severe internal itching and discomfort. No discharge. Feb I went to STD clinic and had a blood test (hiv and syphilis), urine test and urethra swab test. The urine test was positive for NGU/NSU (a sufficient amount of white blood cells) and I was prescribed Azithromycin (Chlamydia dose-two tablets at once).
Avatar m tn Last two years I were routinely doing tests on Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV and there were all negative. However, three months ago (in May) I started a relationship with a man who was soon to be given a diagnose of Hepatitis B. As we had safe sex but didn't use condoms during oral sex, I took the test on HBs antigen and it was negative; however, it was only one week after the last intercourse with this person so it was described as not totally valid.
Avatar f tn Hector: Gotta say "pardon me" for my earlier question. Applied to treatment for a relapser it your statement makes perfect sense. "Peg Interferon will not cure HCV ...." I was taking it literally. Robinandmarion: I have not heard of anyone being treated with interferon without Ribavirin either, hence that was the only reason I could see for Hector's statment that "Peg Interferon will not cure HCV ..." Peg Interferon CAN cure genotype 1 HCV, but only WITH Ribavirin.
Avatar m tn Also for your comment, my viral loads have been coming down without any therapy or anti-viral before.
Avatar n tn I'm only 25 and have had children in August 2002, miscarriage September 2003, normal pregnancy January 2005, miscarriage June 2005, normal pregnancy June 2006, normal pregnancy September 2009 and normal pregnancy but delivered by c-section in November 2010!! I'm now 8 weeks pregnant and to be honestly, so scared!!! I've been having pains for the past week, like period pains, my doctor thinks it could be due to me getting pregnant 5 weeks after my section, but it's scary nevertheless!
895634 tn?1283992810 Until march 14th, My friend came to me and told me that she saw so many testimonies on how people are testifying and saying good about the man called Dr Molan who has the cure to Hiv and that Dr Molan has cured so many people with HIV disease, and also cast spells that can bring back your loved ones. I never believed in spells so i told her this was too good to be true, but she convinced me to give it a try and see if this could help{ i gave it a thought}.
Avatar m tn Timelines for commercial launch of ... telaprevir (late 2010/early 2010) are unchanged, and we see 50% upside relative to the market on the basis of this timeframe. While probability of an early 2009 FDA approval is low, we see 100% upside relative to the market under this scenario over the next 6-12 months.
Avatar m tn to cure with treatment is only the second level; of course, to fail to cure with treatment is the lowest level.” Isn’t it the situation today that modern medicine aims at the second level and most often ends at the lowest level? Current HBV picture: we try to control HBV and end up with fighting resistance and mutations, taking drugs for life, etc.
1407780 tn?1281692719 There won't be any progress in at least several years for Replicor97, the Replicor CEO said damn it looks like they only work on drugs that dont cure, damn drug makers i read they are still developping useless uncs let's hope soem researcher finds the right combo and timing among entecavir, tenofovir, interferon, nitazoxanide and simvastatin, to me it looks that drug makers are working to make resistance and gain new clients only the other hope is myracludex b but they should have started by