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Avatar f tn there is no cure for hiv...PERIOD!!!!!
Avatar m tn Dear All, I am a 34 year old male from India 12 days back I had an unprotected vaginal sex with a CSW in hiv forum have asked for hiv related query today I noticed a number of boils on top of my penis as I am an uncircumcised men. Is this is a symptom of any sort of STD if yes then please highlight also the cure.
Avatar f tn I am vaccinated for hep b , hep a can be managed , hep c is a big danger, I agree but has a cure( liver transplant ) . Hiv is the one I am scared of as its not treatable . It's good to know from the experts that I am safe , gives me relief and sleep and can now avoid pep , it's cost , and its side effect.
Avatar m tn hi guys i am tb patient after two months of sexual intercourse with the prostitute...may i know that tb is the cause of hiv after 2/3 months of exposure?
Avatar f tn At world aids day is any update to cure hiv has come to picture if any update then please do let me know
Avatar n tn some people had this anxiety also becoz..there is no cure for aids...
Avatar m tn I dont know which tick fever he has and if this is curable or not at this point. I live in India, not sure how may diag labs are out there to test and decipher the kind of tick fever he is facing,can someone suggest, what i could do , and help me recover, is this fatal ?
Avatar m tn Unfortunately there is no cure for Hep B or HIV. With hep B, you are old enough that the liklihood of chronic hep B is only 10%. I am glad you learned your lesson and will not put yourself at risk again. Personally, I would test at 6 months for all of these viruses. I know that is not what you want to hear, but to be absolutely certain, 6 month testing is recommended.
Avatar m tn Sofosbuvir/daclatasvir combination could be produced for $200 per hepatitis C cure Keith Alcorn Published: 14 December 2015 Excerpts ONLY - copy or select link right click via browser above and go there to read full article.
Avatar f tn In our country, Philippines. Having HEP B is like having a HIV. It is such a social discrimination. After i discovered i have the thesis i became depressed. Lazy to study knowing i don't have a chance of becoming a doctor someday because I'm a carrier of the disease. But I'm still hoping there a cure even if the world is telling me it's incurable I hope god will spare us from this disease. What should I do? I'm still a student.
Avatar n tn is cryoablation available in india?......
Avatar m tn You being in India are in a unique position to update the community on progress in India on treatment of HBV. Could you update: 1. What are the standard treatments there? Herbal treatments? 2. What is the price of genetic Baraclude in Indea? Thank you.
Avatar m tn s son in her profile, this is really sad...I wish lives a healthy life and hope that soon there is a treatment found to cure HIV permanently so that people who post here are free of any such of death. Cheers!!! God bless all of us.
Avatar m tn Did they find any cure or vaccine to prevent hiv?
Avatar n tn my question is 1) when i gave my sperm in india and we had the baby the ivf clinic in india do not check for hiv. do u think i could have got hiv from the above exposure and in turn my babies would have got the hiv from my sperm. 2) i went and checked for all STDS except hiv 4 weeks back and everything came back negative. do u think i could have got hiv from the brief exposure mentioned above.
Avatar m tn Health India Foundation, Red cross building, (near Ambassador Pallava Hotel), Egmore, chennai, Tamil nadu, India Ph: 91 44 9444903533. You need to visit in person to get the appointment. The clinic opens from 7:30 AM and it is functional on all Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If any of the days is falling under red cross society declared holidays, then they will not open. Please ask for Dr.Selva Shanmugam.