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Avatar f tn there is no cure for hiv...PERIOD!!!!!
Avatar n tn This is a forum for individuals who are HIV positive or have AIDS to connect and support each other. Do Not Post in this forum.
Avatar m tn is low rate virual load. or very heavy. i have hope it will cure , but what is right medicine to to cure this hbsag +, because of this problem my wife want to give divorce as that i am unable to work in abroad with peace in my family life? prepare to suicide i feel its last option. i never made any mistakes in my life, i dont know how i got this dirty diseases..........
1024580 tn?1331577721 What's the best HIV Test? The best HIV test is one that provides you with an accurate and reassuring result in a time frame that suits you best. Everybody will have a different "best HIV test" because their circumstances will be slightly different. The main things to think about are firstly when you were possibly exposed to HIV and secondly how desperately you need to know the answer.
1024580 tn?1331577721 There are no reported cases worldwide of people becoming HIV positive after fingering a woman with HIV. People are generally very concerrned about the presence of tiny cuts on their fingers or around their finger-nails which they fear may pose an extra risk by being so called open wounds. An open wound is a cut which is freshly made and freshly actively bleeding. This does not mean an old healed paper cut for example. It does have to be 1) fresh and 2) open and bleeding.
Avatar m tn If the Hemopurifier being tested by AEMD in India is able to reduce viral loads in blood of HCV infected subjects, then how could this not be anything but helpful? I am sure that it is not cure because not every copy of the virus is in the blood. There are likely only a small percentage that in the blood. But from the virus''s point of view , is it not a numbers game. Because the reason that a person's own immune system can not rid the body of the virus is because the virus keeps mutating?
3191940 tn?1447272317 1) Have unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR 2) Share IV drug equipment with other IV drug users. It’s really as simple as that. HIV can also be passed from an infected mother to an unborn child, or to a newborn through breastfeeding. You cannot get HIV from: 1) Having penetrative sex with a condom that does not visibly break. Don’t bother filling your condom with water after sex. Fabled “microscopic” or “tiny” holes in condoms aren’t a cause of HIV transmission.
Avatar m tn I wish lives a healthy life and hope that soon there is a treatment found to cure HIV permanently so that people who post here are free of any such of death. Cheers!!! God bless all of us.
Avatar f tn Anybudy can get HIV from a used syringe in a clinic? if a person is not a IV drug abuser.
Avatar f tn At world aids day is any update to cure hiv has come to picture if any update then please do let me know
Avatar m tn I hope u meant hiv2 is in congo rurals but does rapid test detects AB for it or plain and simple just answer me this plz mate so I can put all my illogical HIV 2 fears once and for all..
Avatar n tn That depends on your resistant testing? I take one pill for HIV and I take 9 others with a liquid med for the problems HIV has caused. It just depends on what your ID doctor prescribes. It will cost you over a grand a month for meds as long as you don't have anything else wrong. My prescriptions for a year, not counting lab tests, doctor visits etc. is 66,000 per year.
Avatar m tn There is currently no known cure for HIV. And HAART therapy is extremely expensive (without insurance/financial assistance) and often inaccessible to people in developing countries. Hopefully these will change soon, but there's no telling when.
Avatar m tn Having said that, results are wonderful and people are alive even after 15 years of reporting positive. In India, one report says that HIV patients on HAART are living without acute medical complications happily for a period as long as 15 years. Actual life span can not be accurately determined yet, as the treatment is introduced since slightly over 10 years. What I pray, these people who are on HAART, should see a perfect treatment available commercially in their life time.
Avatar n tn // -------------------------------------------- I have never had dandruff before. Why in the world would it all of a sudden get so bad out of nowhere?!?! This is really freaking me out.
Avatar n tn Five months is more than enough time, no matter what HIV test was used, in India or any other country. Whatever is causing your symptoms, it isn't HIV. Anxiety or depression sounds like a good bet. Also, nobody has ever been proved to catch HIV by receiving oral sex. NEVER ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD IN 20+ YEARS OF AIDS! There have been such reports, but I stress "proved". If it occurs, it is too rare to measure.
Avatar m tn Yes, there is a cure for hepatitis C for 90% of patients with genotype 1. Unfortunately there is no cure for Hep B or HIV. With hep B, you are old enough that the liklihood of chronic hep B is only 10%. I am glad you learned your lesson and will not put yourself at risk again. Personally, I would test at 6 months for all of these viruses. I know that is not what you want to hear, but to be absolutely certain, 6 month testing is recommended.
Avatar m tn Your doctor will, or should at least, ask you to return after 90 days has elapsed for a conclusive result. Garlic is NOT used to cure/treat HIV AIDS, so all you are doing is filling your body with copious amounts of an irrelvant substance. In your particular case, any HIV test you have around 9th January 2012 will be 100% accurate. A negative result is always good before the 3 month time has elapsed, but only really serves your anxiety - rather than giving you that 100% all clear.
Avatar m tn they used those 2 antibiotics and prednisone oral pills everyday to cure a skin patch, which they suspected as a severe condition. I am originally from India. My exposure risk is unprotected sex with a girl I met in a bar, and I don’t know anything about her. I asked her, about her HIV status, she said she never got tested, she also said that her past boyfriend used to go and have sex with prostitutes.
Avatar n tn yeah you missed the 3.5 yr mark :) When I was in my 6-12 month period, I used to think the same about people who are now in my category! But its just that things have only gone from bad to worse for me over these past hew years. And new doubts start coming to my mind viz.
Avatar m tn a prostitute(dont know she hiv positive or not) pushed my brother down on floor and took my flaccid penis and rubbed it over her vaginal fluid(dosent penetrated)...and suddely pushed her and and escaped from her...she bit my lips...i shouted and a neighbour came for help...and she ran suddenly...this all happened in 5 minutes...i washed my penis with fresh water and brushed mouth...but after that i am worried if am affected...i had a fever for 2-3 days after 1 week of the incident...
1183190 tn?1326112534 Well am back again, i really wished that my symptoms would go after my 12 month HIV -ve Sigh.. still have loads of symptoms with new additions Sore throat,painful lymph nodes behind knees,in neck and in armpit. Sinus infection with fever,folliculitis... and yes i have been working with doctors for an diagnosis,,,but still no luck My wife wanted children badly and i finally relented for unprotected sex after my last -ve test I had a skull xray last week ..going to doc today..
Avatar m tn Dear All, I am a 34 year old male from India 12 days back I had an unprotected vaginal sex with a CSW in hiv forum have asked for hiv related query today I noticed a number of boils on top of my penis as I am an uncircumcised men. Is this is a symptom of any sort of STD if yes then please highlight also the cure.
Avatar m tn I am a married male aged 32 yrs from India. 3.5 months ago i had unsafe sex with a female sex worker - though it was not a complete intercourse. Inserted her for just 1 - 2 min and then pulled back with the fear of STD's. Afterwards lot of stress related to HIV surrounded me. I did not take any PEP or had no earlier medication. I got my P24 test done 72 hours after exposure - results were negative.
Avatar m tn I am a married male aged 32 yrs from India. 3.5 months ago i had unsafe sex with a female sex worker - though it was not a complete intercourse. Inserted her for just 1 - 2 min and then pulled back with the fear of STD's. Afterwards lot of stress related to HIV surrounded me. I did not take any PEP or had no earlier medication. I got my P24 test done 72 hours after exposure - results were negative.
Avatar n tn oh really, i didnt know were different types of anxiety! do you know what causes anxiety and what can help?
Avatar m tn Sir, i had VDRL and HIV negative but TPHA +ve need accurate treatment to cure this disease pls let me knw ASAP. I need treatment in Ahmedabad-Gujarat(state)- INDIA.
Avatar m tn Sofosbuvir/daclatasvir combination could be produced for $200 per hepatitis C cure Keith Alcorn Published: 14 December 2015 Excerpts ONLY - copy or select link right click via browser above and go there to read full article.