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Avatar m tn I'm writing from the West African country called Ghana. Some six,ten years ago,I got exposed to 'something' through unprotected sex with a couple of young ladies,after diagnosis at my doc he told me in the face that I had been exposed to an STD,he never bothered telling me if it was gonorrhea,syphillis or herpes,et al. These were some of the symptoms I experienced back then 1.
Avatar m tn This not particularly to do with HCV but HBV and HIV. It is my opinion that if as they claimed to cure people with HIV and HBV it is possible the said concortion could help fight against HCV. At this stage no stone sholud be left unturned in the fight agaisnt the horrors we facing. I will get back to you should any information on their work is further reveal.
Avatar m tn tenofovir (most potent no resistance), peginterferon (no resistance, the only one to cure hbv in a low percentage), entecavir (this cannot be used if lamivudine was used because of the mutants) monitoring hbvdna is only useful for confirming drug is working or not, it means nothing to hbv infection, only hbsag quantity can show if infection is clearing with a baseline value of hbsag around 700iu/ml the best drug to cure hbv and clear definitively was peginterferon or peginterferon plus tenofo
Avatar n tn Sum1 try contacting the Philidelphia Monell Chemical Senses Institute. My life is going to ****. My family is really gettin affected by this severly. My mom, dad, and sister are always coughing and sneezing. For the last couple weeks my dad has been coughing violently and says he's suffering from a dry cough. does any1 think that a air purifier can help inside the house. i think im going to visit a homeopathic doctor.
Avatar n tn I've been with the same partner for 12 years and I've been tested for herpes, HIV/AIDS and all other STDs and they've all come back negative. I'm at a lost as well as to why this is happening. I was scared at first that it may be herpes but my fiance has been to the doctor for his annual check up and after an annual check up once a year and still nothing surfaces then I know for sure that this is not sexually transmitted.
Avatar n tn Not knowing if it's lice/scabies/parasites I read Tea Tree Oil is the cure all for parasites(all). I thoroughly put some oil in my shampoo/soap, washed clothes in hot, dropping some oil in the laundry. I'm still having the sensations. I've just started playing piano actively again and I'm going now more with muscle spasms--I'm getting a lot of sensations in my forearms where the strainwould be from this activity, but I'm getting that annoying sensation all over!
Avatar n tn I suffer from exactly the same thing and tried everyting on the market. Then.........I came across a wonder pill. Its main active ingredient is Chlorpheniramine Maleate. Stops the itching within 10 minutes. It's sold without a prescription and works wonders. Ask your pharmacist for the no-name brand as it works just a well. The 4mg pill works for me. Give it a try. I'm sure you'll get relief.