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Avatar m tn after talk with malaysia aids council people they said in malaysia history dont have any people get hiv after 3 months test. most are they test positif before 3 months.
Avatar m tn On december of 2009 i had condom failure with a csw which ended her been positive since then i had some clinical symptoms of hiv but tested via ab elisa 1&2. Right now i am on treatment of nystatin for oral thrush and still suffering from severe nuero spasm and swollen neck and pelvic gland. Doctors here highly suspect a virus but which one is the question so they taking different viral analysis but so far nothing found.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr.H. Hunter Handsfield, Attached is the link for USAID approved rapid test kit which i used for self test at home. The product is use is Ez-Trust from line 22 from nexus lab singapore. Sir, I am asian Male from Malaysia and 2 years ago i was exposed unprotected vagina sex less than a minute a massage parlour from Indonesia.
Avatar m tn In my country malaysia,the possibility of getting a one night stand in a nightclub is near zero or perhaps zero itself.So I'm thinking of visiting an escort agency.Of course the usual thing people will tell you that wearing a condom reduces AIDS risk but I'm thinking if should demand or ask for an escort girl with certain characteristics to reduce the risks even moreshould the condom break. What types should I ask for?
Avatar f tn I just want to konw if a 6 weeks' antibody HIV test is reliable? Because I just knew from one of my friends that in china almost everyone believe that if you get a negtive result at 6 week ,your chance of infected HIV is so low that even can be negligible .They said it has been proved by a notable chinese expert named CAO . Anybody agree with this ? Please help me ,thank you !
Avatar m tn i was diognose with NGU because i have symptom a week after the protected sex with the CSW... at 9/8/2009 i had a HIV blood test ELISA... and i got the result non reactive... at december 2009 i notice i have a swollen lymph node at my neck... it is not big and not visible... but i can feel them... i don't know when they grow... they grow i think about 1 cm or less... i have 2 lymph nodes at my left of neck and one at right of my neck... they stayed there untill now...
Avatar m tn tests in malaysia is upto date and very dont have hiv..
Avatar m tn How long hiv window period in malaysia?i have hiv blood test come back negetive 12week after my exposure?anybody know pathlab in malaysia use what gerenation hiv test (elisa)?
Avatar n tn im from malaysia..86-88 days after unprotected sex exposure rapid test ANTI-HIV I & II : NON REACTIVE (by abbott EIA Method) is that conclusive?and can i stop worry now ?
Avatar f tn I found out that gribbles in Malaysia provides HIV Ag/Ab testing. Can this test provide accurate results 28 days after exposure or should I wait for 3 months. Please let me know as I have been feeling worried and stressed.
Avatar m tn Do the Malaysia hospital test for HIV/AID prior to such operation?
Avatar m tn No muscle wasting does not have anything to do with ARS. HIV has no specific symptoms the only way to know your status is by testing.
Avatar m tn Okay thanks. But please does hep c and hiv coinfection delay hiv infection beyond 12week.
Avatar m tn s viral load been measured and do you know the result? Or his CD4 lymphocyte count? Even without this information, is your dad is ill with HIV/AIDS? Was he diagnosed because of symptoms, or as a routine screening test? These things can give clues about how infectious his blood might be. Is he part of the household, or was he just visiting your home at the time? Even without that information, I can assure you there is little or no risk of HIV transmission from the events you have described.
Avatar n tn I was in Malaysia last week for holiday I had a sex with a girl in hotel.We took Shower together and she sucke my **** without condom for 1 minute and the I wiped my dich and I put the condom and put in her ***** and started a sex iI shaved my **** 10 minutes before sex so my skin was fresh so hiv virus could come inside my body from the skin cause condom does not cover whole the penis as you know,,So I had oral sex with out condom and vaginal sex with condom.
Avatar m tn Yes, I am outside of US. In fact, I am from Malaysia just for your info. So, do you thin my HIV risk increased based on my current situation as mentioned above.
Avatar n tn (MALE) Hi I wanna ask. I had sex with prostitute on February , it was protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex (giving). then on march had sex with another prostitute, it was also protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex (receiving). currently now I had red spot all over my chest, it looks like pimples. and i'm having muscle ache. also had sore throat on and off. I checked online and this signs were identical to early hiv symptoms.
Avatar m tn page=5 and also 1 Doctor (serv in HIV/AIDS clinic at goverment hospital ) here, to told me that peripheral neuropathy can show up in early HIV infection or people who have had HIV infection. it is the same as what i understand. (for your info.... i still have had peripheral neuropathy/neurologist problem untill now although i have doing many treatment to cure that problem by my doctor.) QUESTION 2 Why someone has developed ARS and someone doesn't?
Avatar n tn but i search web site..they talk what about monavie juice is a good promise to hiv/aids,and increase blood cell,and antibody?so is that really didnt have any any effect / affect to 3 month blood test negative result?
Avatar n tn for ur information i take elisa test after 12 weeks and the result is negative