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475555 tn?1469307939 com/metro/content/metro/stories/2006/09/09/0910MESHcdcmorale.html when Congress decided to fund HIV/AIDS, an industry emerged. Like other industries, the HIV/AIDS industry is attempting to grow. Its growth strategy is to control the HCV epidemic. Notable, "generalizing" deadly bloodborne pathogen diseases, like HCV, enforces HIV non-profit's purpose for its mission above public health needs.
936016 tn?1332769204 The confusion has been compounded a little by the advice of government regulatory bodies in different countries who have tailored their advice to what they now about commonly used HIV testing methods on the ground. In the UK 4th generation HIV testing methods using HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and also p24 antigen ( a core HIV viral protein) have been commonplace for many years and good experience has been gained with these tests.
Avatar m tn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slide 15 Steps in the Testing Process -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slide 16 Antibody Tests -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slide 17 Algorithm for Use of 3 Rapid HIV Tests in Testing and Counselling Services (Serial Testing) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Avatar f tn The Hepatitis C Epidemic Control and Prevention Act mandates a comprehensive federal hepatitis C program to include counseling and testing, early detection, surveillance, education, training, and research. Originally introduced but not voted upon in 2003, the reintroduction of The Hepatitis C Epidemic Control and Prevention Act has been a bipartisan effort. The original cosponsors of the legislation are Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) and Representative Heather Wilson (R-NM).
Avatar f tn Feds Spent $800,000 of Economic Stimulus on African Genital-Washing Program Monday, September 13, 2010 By Matt Cover The AIDS awareness symbol is used for earrings and pendants made at a counseling center in Chennai, India. (AP File Photo/M. Lakshman) (CNSNews.
Avatar m tn I called my states hiv hotline this morning and they confirmed the 3 month 90 day window.
Avatar m tn Not knowing which generation or what not is it just didn't think I would have to research the testing methods since its 2009 and now 2010 and pretty sure that a NYC free clinic would use up to date tests. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year.
264121 tn?1313033056 Because of its global prevalence and ease of infection HIV/AIDS poses a potentially serious national security issue. HCV poses no threat to our national security at all nor will it as a result of global infections (which will follow a similar decline as the US) . Let's face it-HCV is hard to get. HIV/AIDS by comparison has many more transmisson vectors which make the spread of the disease harder to control.
1301089 tn?1290670171 The survey, developed by Metro TeenAIDS, a group dedicated to helping young people fight against HIV/AIDS, was intended to raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and teach the children how to avoid them, reported. But some parents at Hardy Middle School complained that the questions crossed the line, sparking the principal to put the survey on hold, the Georgetown Dish reported. The students were asked their genders -- whether male, female or transgender.
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Avatar f tn I was told I needed to see an Infectious Disease Specialist but was unsuccessful in obtaining one so i went ahead and did extensive research and found other diseases that may make a Lyme result such as mine. I went to my OB/GYN and requested to be tested in the end of April, 2012 for Syphilis, HIV/AIDS, and Herpes as i also do annually.
475555 tn?1469307939 To Mr. Liver, All FYI- The CDC established the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP) an integration of existing programs with new programs, like Viral Hepatitis, was developed to correlate with the HIV/AIDS management model based on specific risks and disease pathology. STD and Substance Abuse programs associated with the spread of HIV/AIDS received increased attention and funding, blurring the other components of HCV disease.
1507381 tn?1293426896 I check every week because I know the blood supply is not as safe as the American Red Cross claims that it is. They recalled 112 units in January 2010 with HIV. In the last few weeks, they recalled over 4000 units that donor suitability was not adequately determined. As far as suing the ARC, I could sue them and did, but they did not want it to go to trial so they used the statute of limitations to have it thrown out.
895634 tn?1283992810 As a young man, first learning about sex and relationships then HIV/AIDS becomes epidemic with crosshairs on my blood brothers in the hemophiliac community. If not for HIV activism especially in the gay community, I'd probably be gone. All those squeaky wheels got needed drugs pushed through and now HIV undetectable for 11 years. Long enough to find a wife willing to invest her life with mine and undergo IVF. Have the 3 most amazing kids ever! Wife and kids all HIV/HCV negative.
Avatar n tn in italy they have currently connected research and human testing immediately for cancer drugs......
Avatar m tn org/conditions-associated-with-hhv-6 Now considering my Infectious Disease Dr, Dr Jemsek, who has been treating Immunesuppressed/Immunedysfunctional patients for 30 years and helped write the guidelines on treating HIV/AIDS/ Immunsuppressed patients for the CDC/IDSA. He also has been treating and diagnosing Lymes disease through clinical symptoms, genetic markers, pertinant lab results with and without a Erythmia Migrans rash (20-40% never get the rash as per the CDC).
Avatar f tn Friday I was visiting my aunt in hospice and while the aids were making her comfortable I wandered into the family lounge where the television was tuned to the Dr Oz show. He had some soap opera stars on as guests and they were asking health related questions. One of the guests said he had a friend with Hepatitis C and asked if there was any cure that was an alternative to interferon/ribavarin. I was absolutely shocked by the response. Dr. Oz stated that HCV was passed by sexual activity.
974371 tn?1424656729 Age Stroke Cancer Mumps Smoking Diabetes HIV/AIDS Obstruction Dehydration Viral infection Cystic fibrosis Nerve damage Chemotherapy Radiation therapy Bacterial infection Thyroid imbalance Sjogren's syndrome Parkinson's disease Alzheimer's disease Rheumatoid arthritis Long periods of sleep Burning mouth syndrome Lambert-Eaton syndrome Drugs - including marijuana, heroin Nervous, upset, under stress, anxiety Trauma or injury to the mouth or throat Hormonal imbalance - such as low estrogen Nutrie
683664 tn?1330969924 It was a fluke because one day they were doing ramdom testing and she volunteer to be tested- it was a shock when we got the news - the little one was around 7 yrs old when we found out). I would go into their story but I would digress from HeP c plus - its their privacy I worry about. But, we (my girls and me) are sooooooo CLOSE!
Avatar n tn As far a the vietnam era goes though, between the wounded triage treatments, (no testing of blood supply beyond typing) rampant use of heroin, and intimate contact with the infected populace, there's more than one way that Nam era vets could have gotten HCV.
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Avatar m tn please share sides, me and cherry are trying to understand best high dosage from hcv combo trial they used a maximum dasage of 2700mg/day and a minimum 500mg/day (the high dosage is on a slow release tablet), on the 2700mg/day the result is 100% hcv und in a short time and in the 500mg it is about 63% it is a huge difference. on alinia trials they used 1g,2g and 4g without anysides but unfortunately they made this trial for short time are you on the etv-alinia combo and hbeab pos?
475555 tn?1469307939 Both are so-called protease inhibitors, similar to drugs used against the AIDS virus HIV, that block an enzyme that viruses use to copy themselves. 1 Trillion Particles Hepatitis C copies itself so quickly that the typical patient makes about 1 trillion viral particles a day, Perelson said. With each new copy, there’s a chance of a genetic mutation and some of these mutations make the virus resistant to drugs.
29837 tn?1414538248 The FDA has to look at the scope and magnitude of this drug and our situation and factor that into their timetable. Speaking of HIV and AIDS. That group of infected people really shook things up. They got some media attention, they wrote letters, petitions, their congressmen and they took to the streets. ...........And the government acted. Then there is us with HCV; the SILENT KILLER. It's true. The disease takes many people because they wait until it's too late to act.
Avatar m tn The verdict on alternatives curing is in, they don't, but the verdict at least for HIV people is that viral reduction equals longer life. 30 years is the average time from HIV to full blown AIDS now, whereas it used to be less than 5 years from being diagnosed. This is all due to keeping the VL very low. Obviously adjuncts have so far proved incapable of cure, but which of you who have not been able to REACH a cure using SOC would not gladly trade a viral load of 2 million for 10 thousand??
Avatar m tn 4 million in US have this disease, 170 million world wide, hepc killmore people today than AIDS, a 1000 people a day die waiting for a cure. Take action now---sign the petition.
Avatar n tn if you have a country in mind that you would like to move to then i would suggest you check their national health department and see if you will be elgible for work in that country or not. good luck and hang in there til like you said God has a different say.
Avatar f tn Everyone applying or renewing their work or residency visa must undergo a medical fitness test that screens them for a number of deportable diseases including HIV/Aids, leprosy and TB. According to the Ministry of Health, in 2007, the latest year for which figures are available, there were 81 cases of TB registered in the Northern Emirates. Dr al Marzouqi said officials have discussed the importance of early TB detection and “complete treatment”, which would help reduce its spread.
Avatar n tn i was exposed to these it was alarming to all of my families. After testing HBVdna the result less than 1000 copies non detectable.You are not infectious.But still a carrier.It must be HBSag=non reactive, HBSab= reactive. You to Enjoy your life and We must always pray to God for healing and believe that we can be healed. Thanks to all the moral support.