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Avatar n tn two of them i did not use condom and one i did.. after which i watched documentaries about hiv/aids and i was afraid.. i asked the three of them and they told me they are 200% sure safe because they do have annual check-up.. i want to have myself checked to be sure but all of the write-ups im reading about hiv/aids said that it should be 3 months after the last contact.. im afraid because im have colds now and i felt like i have fever but when i checked it with a thermometer its normal..
Avatar m tn Here is a great video on HIV/AIDS..documentary about 10 minutes long
Avatar m tn v=_p-ttLfkZHQ all nobels say the same thing, no hiv test 100% reliable, hiv has not been isolate but only something that looks like a virus but no proff it is, hiv doesnt cause aids maybe cofactor needed maybe much more i am very surprised nobel researcher said this
Avatar m tn Now there is a documentary on called "The Origins of Aids." They are basically saying that the doctors who came up with the polio vaccine created unknowingly created HIV by using contaminated chimp tissue. This stuff is on another level. I haven't been able to leave my seat watching this. It would have to be a difficult thing to live with knowing you might have created something that kills millions of people. I have never heard of any of this stuff before.
Avatar m tn It is the same body so yes the study still applies nowadays and the tests are not accurate. Listen to the documentary 'numbers' about hiv and you will learn about it from experts also. I still cannot believe that i am not hiv+ within me having aids symptoms. Last test done at 6+ months mark.
Avatar m tn I'm watching a special on hiv called positive voices on television (women w/hiv) and the wierdest thing i ever heard so far was on of them said they came down with pnuemonia after only three weeks after infection! She was hospitolised for two weeks, and given only 24 hrs to live! You would think that it would take longer for an oi to present itself. This woman was very healthy as well, no underlying ailments, bizzare and frieghtening information. This woman was diagnosed in 2003!
Avatar n tn also you need blood to get infected by the way if your immune system is not damaged by unhealthy foods, drugs you ll clear whatever disease you may catch, we get milions of viruses and bacteria every day and we clear them every day, you are in panic just because US media use this strategy to fool people in to buying drugs, be smart get educated on hiv fraud by the house of numbers documentary and the real cause of diseases which is due to immune systems damaged by food full of chemicals and unh
Avatar m tn Yes,i would be more concerned with your risk than a documentary that proved to be nothing but lies and corruption.Your Hiv test will be 100% conclusive in 90 days or 3 months.All the best.
Avatar m tn 1. Will ever a DOCTOR (Hiv/Aids Specialist) recomand a HIV test from a possible low risk exposure? ( unprotected oral sex,received from a girl,performed to a girl) 2.After how long time from possible exposure it is recomended to have a Elisa test? 3.I want to know if someone from this experts ( TEAK,NURSEGIRL etc) saw the HOUSE OF NUMBERS documentary? and what they think about it? I hope i will get some answers from you thx a lot for your job! you really help the sad souls !!!
Avatar n tn What if they is another time period where you can test false negative. That time period is after 10 years. The time period that hiv usually takes to progress to aids. What if you wait past the ten year mark and then you go and get tested for hiv. What if you test negative and you still have the disease? Thats not good at all because it makes you feel like your healthy when your really not. And for those of you that say that that isnt possible look up a former boxer named tommy morrison.
Avatar m tn not hiv, that has not even been scientifically proved to cause any disease or aids, it is probably just a cofactor.
Avatar m tn The odd part is, i only began to experience them after my medical ethics class watched a documentary called the modern holocaust (all about HIV AIDS). After that We watched the movie on a monday and by wednesday I was experiencing symptoms or a cold. I had also been looking up symptoms related to HIV infection after watching that horrific movie.
Avatar n tn I am just looking for any doctor or experienced person, as I am still somewhat in my youth and very new to the idea of HIV, to put out their oppinion. Is HIV the KNOWN/FACTUAL cause of AIDS? Has HIV been isolated? Is it as deadly and terrible as it is portrayed? It was supposed to be some sort of pandemic and now the numbers seem to be FALLING! (at least in the U.S) So what is our risk? Is it real?
Avatar m tn Further, if you had HIV for 10 years, by ths time you probably would have been sick and your HIV would have come to light -- you might even have died by now. Finally, all symptoms of HIV/AIDS also occur commonly in many other minor infections; your episode of night sweats a few months ago does not imply you might have HIV. 1) Do you "require" testing? No, not from a medical or risk standpoint. But you definitely should be tested for reassurance.
Avatar n tn Action at the grass roots level is vital, people with HIV were already doing this when Rock Hudson came along people new about HIV from local activists who fought fear and prejudice to get treatment. The big shocker was that our Gorgeous Rock was one of us .
Avatar n tn Due to their geographical closeness to afghanistan ( major opium and heroin producer) there HIV/AIDS numbers have risen. Secondly alot of places don't have the medical facilities the U.S./Canada/Australia and others do. They use the same needles over and over (because of cost) and they even do straight blood transfusions from one to the next (without knowing that persons status). This all plays a factor into the spread of the disease.
Avatar m tn I have looked up all my symptoms Ive been tested for thyroid, lyme disease, AIDS/HIV, and a few more. The things I have noticed had similar symptoms is mercury poisoning (I have one cap and one filling), but I don't know if thats right. I anyone can help me that would be great. I feel like I just lost 8 months of my life. Could it maybe have started as candida, and I just gave myself an anxiety disorder worrying? Thank you!
Avatar f tn Im not worried at all this mass hysteria reminds me of the days when people thought you could get hiv/aids by shaking someone's hand or if they breathed on you Ebola is not spread by touch or airborne you have to be in contact with an infected person body fluids unless you've been to west Africa or you're are in contact with the ebola patients at Emory hospital you should not worry
Avatar n tn But then I saw some documentary or news piece on TV about living with HIV. It was a woman, who was infected by her husband as the husband cheated on her, she did nothing wrong and she got infected. And she was so strong, she was living and coping with HIV single and without ever doing anything to even expose herself to risk other than having sex with her husband of 20-odd years. And I thought if she can live with HIV, why can't I?
Avatar n tn You'll see that the increase of heterosexual HIV infection is on the rise. Don't make HIV/AIDS a GAY disease like you would like to believe. HIV does not discriminate based on ones sexual orientation.
Avatar f tn In the past year alone, I have fully convinced myself I had about 20 different cancers or terminal diseases, to the point where I was joining cancer-coping forums and calling HIV/AIDS hotlines. However, I actually live life in a carefree way...I don't think about my own health and I dismiss headaches or colds as nothing--I never take a day off from school even if I have a fever...
12998258 tn?1428112408 Normal rage is 60-360 and she told me a Healthy person is around 200 and typically people only with HIV OR LYME have a rage that low, mine being 52, AND MY HIV TEST has been negative, TESTED tons of times. These symptoms started to show MAY OF 2013 I thought it was an Ebstien Barr flarr up possibly, so i didnt get any test done for a few months and it showed that my EBV was negative and old and for the First time showed this postive band P41.
Avatar f tn part II Dr. Latino, Medizone's president stated; "These preliminary research results indicate the capability of Medizone's patented scientific and technological process to inactivate blood and blood products of certain viral contaminants, including the AIDS virus." Including the above monkey trial, Medizone has so far submitted to the FDA all the following data: 1.
250084 tn?1303311035 But, if a drug was out there that could actually CURE Hepatitis C, CURE HIV/AIDS, Cancer, etc., doesn't it make sense to think that the NIH or some similiar group, would have researched it? How about some drug company..., one would think that they'd jump on it to capitalize on it. I think that alot of these herbal/vitamin sites try to capitalize on people's desperation to get well and end up wasting people's money. They my opinion on it.
Avatar f tn I was told I needed to see an Infectious Disease Specialist but was unsuccessful in obtaining one so i went ahead and did extensive research and found other diseases that may make a Lyme result such as mine. I went to my OB/GYN and requested to be tested in the end of April, 2012 for Syphilis, HIV/AIDS, and Herpes as i also do annually.
895634 tn?1283992810 As a young man, first learning about sex and relationships then HIV/AIDS becomes epidemic with crosshairs on my blood brothers in the hemophiliac community. If not for HIV activism especially in the gay community, I'd probably be gone. All those squeaky wheels got needed drugs pushed through and now HIV undetectable for 11 years. Long enough to find a wife willing to invest her life with mine and undergo IVF. Have the 3 most amazing kids ever! Wife and kids all HIV/HCV negative.
Avatar m tn Even though I have read on many many site (including CDC) that 28 days is considered conclusive with an 4th Gen DUO test (what I had). Everywhere I went, there seemed to be 'warning' signs..... TV documentaries about HIV and AIDS were on.....I'd NEVER seen a documentary on TV about that before.... now 2 in the same week??!! News articles popping up in facebook about HIV and STD's......
Avatar m tn If your symptoms get worse, like fasticulations, neuropathy, hot and cold sensations on skin, just weird symptoms that don't seem cohesive there are only a few possibilities. AIDS, HIV, Syphillis, Lymes or Mycoplasmas. I would think your EBV would have subsided by now, but since it hasn't you need to be more cognizant for this possibility. If they get worse, contact me and I will tell you where to get treatment and proper testing.
Avatar n tn this disease, I think, has more of a stigma associated with it then AIDs, and that's saying something...I think there are a lot of reasons why that is so, which I won't go into here, and we've all discussed that ad nauseum too, though I'm sure we'll have more discussions... Anyway, she had a 0 on biopsy, from what I know, and perfect labs (she probably hasn't had it too long though, saying she got it from a certain somebody, who swears he doesn't have it, (yeah right)...
709619 tn?1230165075 My white blood cell count is normal, EMG and NCS are normal, brain and C-spine MRI normal, and neurological exams are normal, but I'm still dealing with strange, diffuse pain and muscle twitching with the recent development of eye and throat pressure. Besides lyme disease, what else does a low CD57 point to? I know it can be low for HIV but that's out of the quesiton for me as I've been married for 10, and I had an HIV test before I was married and I haven't have blood transfusion. SO...