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Avatar m tn after talk with malaysia aids council people they said in malaysia history dont have any people get hiv after 3 months test. most are they test positif before 3 months.
Avatar m tn A good doc of ours advice to use the abbott real time rna pcr which can identify all diverse infection which is not available here in malaysia please if anyone know the closest country i can it should post or any alternative.
1445035 tn?1284945126 I arrived Malaysia in Jun 27 2006. The Malaysian Immigration had a medical screening procedure for all foreign workers' named FOMEMA. Below are the screening they had done for me for 3 years since 2006. Medical History on: HIV/AIDS Tuberculosis Leprosy Hepatitis B Psychiatric Illnesses Epilepsy Cancer Sexually Transmitted Diseases Malaria Hypertension Heart Diseases Bronchial Asthma Diabetes Mellitus Peptic Ulcer Kidney Diseases ...
Avatar m tn // Sir, I am asian Male from Malaysia and 2 years ago i was exposed unprotected vagina sex less than a minute a massage parlour from Indonesia. I did 3 tests on 4 week, 12 weeks and 24 weeks and return negative result using rapid test ez-trust rapid test from global nexus. It is a 3rd generation hiv test using blood sample from your finger prick.
Avatar f tn Malaysian Aids Council stated that the window period for testing is within 3 wks to 3 mnths (12/13 wks) and conclusive.. But some doctors in Malaysia still using 6 mnths window period to be in the safer side..
Avatar m tn In my country malaysia,the possibility of getting a one night stand in a nightclub is near zero or perhaps zero itself.So I'm thinking of visiting an escort agency.Of course the usual thing people will tell you that wearing a condom reduces AIDS risk but I'm thinking if should demand or ask for an escort girl with certain characteristics to reduce the risks even moreshould the condom break. What types should I ask for?
Avatar m tn My daughter plans to move from Malaysia to the US with her 2 cats. They are siblings, over a year old. The male was diagnosed with feline AIDS when sick as a kitten. She got the sister cat vaccinated in hopes she had not contracted it. She could not keep them separated. Both have been healthy. Do you have any opinion on helping them make the trip over here (20 hours of air travel at least, plus airport time)?
Avatar m tn i called the clinic where i got my blood test and they say someone will turn positive at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year... i am really scared... i even called the local aids centre and they said 6month is conclusive.. i don't know if i can rely on my only one test i have... i from malaysia and i don't know the guidelines here... i am very confuse.... this lymph node grow and not getting any bigger and i don't know it is swollen or not...
Avatar m tn tests in malaysia is upto date and very dont have hiv..
Avatar m tn hi guys i am new guy here from malaysia. i am allergy those those food which contain the benzyl type presevartives food. unfortunenately in malaysia law, theres no need labeling specific type of benzyl and i couldnt find it on line. do u guys know abt benzyl type of food.. need ur all help.. tq very...
Avatar m tn Is their any concern that this started when he began his synagis injections. Does tracheal malaysia appear so long after intubation? What is tx. Is it life threatening.He is a twin and brother is symptom free. Please help because info. is very limmited.
Avatar n tn never had a risk. move on...
Avatar f tn Hi to everyone. Just want to ask some questions about the HIV Testing. 5 months ago i had protected anal sex and unprotected oral sex with a gay black guy. He is top, i.m bottom. But i.m not sure it was 100% safe sex when we were having sex. That's y i.m still worries about getting infection of HIV. 1. So, am i still have the chance to get the HIV if the Balck guy has been tested Neg- by ELISA (Don't know what generation is that) at 16 Weeks in Malaysia?
Avatar m tn Is it very expensive in SG? In malaysia you can get the original baraclude at around rm580 for a months supply (0.5mg).
Avatar n tn i still need future testing?
Avatar f tn I found out that gribbles in Malaysia provides HIV Ag/Ab testing. Can this test provide accurate results 28 days after exposure or should I wait for 3 months. Please let me know as I have been feeling worried and stressed.
Avatar m tn The latest blood test showed that HBV DNA was below the detection limit. I came to malaysia to work recently and after I came here, I tried to get viread and seems i could not find it anywhere. My doctor recommand that I can take Baraclude, but I am a little worried. I saw in the old post, that people take both, but for my case, by just pure change from one to another, will there be any side effect?
Avatar m tn Hi Doctors, I am Male from Malaysia. Two days before I had unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex with a prostitute here in Malaysia. I regret for the mistake I did and I could not sleep thinking about HIV and STD exposures. When I had vaginal sex, the condom was proper but she applied some liquid on the condom before insertion. I had insertion for less than 1 minute and ejaculated.
148588 tn?1465778809 "motions boiled over in China on Saturday as families of missing passengers shouted angrily at Malaysian officials and accused them of “delaying, concealing and cheating” over the investigation into Flight 370. “We want to know what happened, what the reality is!
Avatar m tn My lady friend that I had unprotected sex 10 years ago was from Malaysia. She had a cyst operation about 2 years ago. Do the Malaysia hospital test for HIV/AID prior to such operation?
Avatar m tn How long hiv window period in malaysia?i have hiv blood test come back negetive 12week after my exposure?anybody know pathlab in malaysia use what gerenation hiv test (elisa)?