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Avatar m tn you want to know your status? TEST symptoms, or lack thereof, do not diagnose hiv.
Avatar m tn The chance you caught HIV from a heterosexual exposure is extremely low, especially if your partner and you are both long-time UK residents, i.e. not immigrants from an country with high rates of HIV/AIDS. Finally, it is nearly impossible to have HIV for 9 years and not know it; by now you would be very sick, perhaps dead. So there is absolutely no chance HIV is a problem here.
Avatar n tn Nobody here can help what a clinic in Albuquerque thinks of heterosexual HIV infection rates, but I can tell you that the data suggest otherwise! HIV infection rates are rising across the board, and are hitting disproportionately those demographics who used to think they didn't have a risk! While gay males currently compose a disproportionate share of HIV cases, that tables can and are quickly turning. You should never think that probability alone can prevent transmission.
Avatar m tn Hi, The above doesnt mean that single exposure wont lead to an infection. That is stated over all in general observation as HIV is a fragile virus to get transmitted via penis-vaginal intercourse in single go. Its diffucult not impossible.
Avatar m tn As of November 2009, 23,731 HIV/AIDS cases have been reported in the country (National HIV/AIDS Program of the Ministry of Health). The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) estimates that in 2007, 35,000 Salvadorans were living with HIV (UNAIDS 2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic). Incidence appears to have declined since 2004, but there is a fear that HIV/AIDS cases are underreported due to lack of an effective monitoring system.
Avatar n tn Dr. I am worried about possible HIV infection and confused by propability rates. I have had maybe 75-100 protected vaginal sex episodes with sex workers over the last 7.5 years. Most of these in Latin America and the Caribbean but one in Southern Africa and one in Sri Lanka. I have never tested because I always used protection though sometimes drunk. So it is possible that I have been infected for up to 7 years.
Avatar f tn i dont think it has anything to do with democracy, we have democracy here as well, lol, OMG. the hiv rates and aids rates here are the highest in the world, to protect the future and the children we do this so that kids can be born hiv free. I cant believe u dont see the sense in making this compulsory?
Avatar m tn For adults, is HIV infection only through have unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, or Share IV drug equipment with other IV drug users´╝čCan't any other behavior be infected with HIV? In addition, I did four generations of p24 antigen test after 28 days.
Avatar m tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Understand your predicament. As there was no mixing of body fluids it's unlikely that you may have developed HIV infection. Persisting throat infection could be due to other causes like post nasal drip or tonsillitis. But if you are in doubt, have yourself evaluated for HIV, it will help clear your worries. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn i had unprocted sex 12 year ago but i never being sick these years but currently i am not feeling well so i there any chance of hiv/aids after 12 year . This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/HIV---Prevention/Will-I-have-AIDS-after-12-years/show/1361575">Will I have AIDS after 12 years?</a>.
Avatar m tn You need to understand that HIV and AIDS are two different subjects, HIV is a condition caused by a retrovirus that attacks the body's immune system and it's progression leads to another one known as AIDS. The transition time that takes to progress to AIDS can be different for different individual, depending on one's immune response. Generally for an individual with no medical assistance to HIV would get in to AIDS stage by 9 years (average).
Avatar n tn if somebody did unsecured sex with HIV aids person in how much day he will be infected?
Avatar m tn I am also aware that HIV is not diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, but I was wondering whether face fat loss and redistribution of fat is caused by early HIV infection, anti-retro viral medications or long-term HIV infection that has progressed to AIDS?
Avatar f tn After the grim reaper adds in the late 80's nothing further was said about HIV/AIDS until infection rates shot up again is when they started their safe sex education is schools and in the media.
Avatar f tn Hello, Can u kindly explain me how many stages are involved in HIV positive? Can get AIDS as soon as being suffered for HIV?? Can HIV person be recovered like a normal person if taking a medicine regularly and obeying doc's suggestion properly??
Avatar n tn And oral sex is basically safe sex -- completely safe with respect to HIV and although not zero risk for other STDs, the chance of infection is far lower than for unprotected vaginal or anal sex. Please educate yourself about the real risks. If you stick with oral sex and condom-protected vaginal or anal sex, you have no HIV worries and very little worry about other STDs.
Avatar m tn m questioning had AIDS would I have contracted AIDS and not HIV and do I need to test for AIDS? Please help me out! Thank you!
Avatar m tn Not only was the person hiv positive, but was diagnosis with Aids. However all of the symptoms listed above was similar to those of ARS, identical those posted by the cdc. What also raises concern for me are (window periods) since there has never been a study on precise data on seroconversion, however only estimated variables. Since lack of such research how can we apply window periods to every individual?Every individual is uniquely different and responds to infections at different rates.