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Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question. I agree exactly with your doctor: the risk of HIV is nearly zero from this sort of sexual exposure, and from a risk standpoint, HIV testing isn't necessary. I also agree that your symptoms are not at all suggestive of a new HIV infection. Both the timing and nature of the symtoms are inconsistent with ARS and do not require HIV testing.
Avatar m tn Acute HIV infection progresses over time (usually a few weeks to months) to asymptomatic HIV infection (no symptoms) and then to early symptomatic HIV infection. Later, it progresses to AIDS (advanced HIV infection with CD4 T-cell count below 200 cells/mm3 ). Almost all people infected with HIV, if they are not treated, will develop AIDS. There is a small group of patients who develop AIDS very slowly, or never at all.
Avatar n tn In the past few years I've been susceptible to some respiratory symptoms. They usually start with heavy sneezing, then followed by a mild fever, and sometimes my nose will be running. This will last maybe 5 days, and I think on average I've had this once or twice a year. There was also one case of where I thought was bronchitis; I had some trouble breathing, and they did an x-ray and said they didn't really see anything. They gave me antibiotics anyway.
Avatar n tn do these symptoms sound similar to those of hiv/aids? and would a yeast infection caused by hiv happen within 2 months of exposure?
Avatar f tn Hello, Can u kindly explain me how many stages are involved in HIV positive? Can get AIDS as soon as being suffered for HIV?? Can HIV person be recovered like a normal person if taking a medicine regularly and obeying doc's suggestion properly??
Avatar m tn I figure that it could be an infection. HIV cannot cause it, AIDS can. all hiv does is to destroy the immune system. It appears that there's a worldwide pandemic of Lyme disease and who knows what else. I guess that to find out what it is they need to do spinal tap on you to search for bacteria in your cerebro-spinal fluid. you need to see a Neurologist or someone who understands the problem.
Avatar m tn This usually occurs in the starting months of HIV infection when HIV/AIDS - early symptoms of HIV infection start surfacing. Some of the most common symptoms in the first few months of infection (if the virus has infected) are sore throat, digestive problems, tiredness, rashes on skin, aches, pains and swollen lymph nodes.
Avatar m tn Are you talking about HIV primary infection or ARS? or are you talking about advanced HIV that progress to AIDS? Those are two very different things and in this forum is about risk assessment. If you had a risk of contracting HIV, share it.
Avatar m tn Persistently negative HIV-1 antibody enzyme immunoassay screening results for patients with HIV-1 infection and AIDS: serologic, clinical, and virologic results. AIDS. 1999 Jan 14;13(1):89-96. “This report describes the field and laboratory investigation of eight patients who had clinical evidence of HIV infection, but repeatedly negative HIV-1 antibody screening results in the course of their clinical care.
Avatar f tn First, if you had HIV exposure, do you have AIDS? Or do you mean your feared but untrue HIV exposure? It appears you don't have HIV, so it appears if you had any exposure your immune system worked fine and you're fine. But that doesn't mean you don't have some other problem, and the fact you saw a GP doesn't mean all that much, they don't check for all that much.
Avatar m tn I have two questions if a person has aids does they pass on aids or hiv cause these seem like aids symptoms also can I trust my 8 week negative result wont turn positive at 12 weeks im currently on week 10 waiting im stressing all these symptoms that I have have HiV/ aids written all over it when I search them please help!
Avatar m tn I am also aware that HIV is not diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, but I was wondering whether face fat loss and redistribution of fat is caused by early HIV infection, anti-retro viral medications or long-term HIV infection that has progressed to AIDS?
Avatar m tn I have read many conflicting things on the internet about the asymptomatic time period of hiv, I have read the average amount of years before you develop AIDS without treatment is 10 years. What is the average amount of time before most people know they have hiv (develop symptoms that alert them) and does this differ by age at time of infection. Do people in their 20's differ from those in their 40's 50's and even 60's?
Avatar m tn s job NOT to mention the word HIV in any forum related to everyday symptoms. Based on studies and all the research available, HIV thankfully still remains a very difficult and rare infection to catch. This discussion is related to Sore throat.
Avatar n tn Finally my current gynocologist said a few days it might just be a yeast infection, or some other light infection/STD. I am worried it is AIDS. is there any chance of it being aids? I have gotten tested for AIDS 6 monthes after I found out i was positive for herpes (2006). I'm going to get tested in the next week anyways, but is there anyone who knows any facts that could make the chance of AIDS very low and that of a yeast infection very high?
Avatar m tn Because HIV is the causative agent of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), ICL can be referred to as Non-HIV AIDS. As in AIDS patients, Non-HIV AIDS patients exhibit reduced numbers of CD4+ T-lymphocytes, and many Non-HIV AIDS patients have developed the opportunistic infections or otherwise rare cancers associated with AIDS. Non-HIV AIDS patients may comprise perhaps one percent of all AIDS patients.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the HIV forum. I'll try to help, but I'm afraid you won't like what I have to say. The bottom line is that I am quite concerned you may have HIV, perhaps advanced -- i.e. overt AIDS. I hope not -- but you need to be tested immediately. Do not do it by online or other independent testing on your own. See a doctor or clinic with knowledge about HIV/AIDS then follow the advice you receive. Your sexual lifestyle, conisidered by itself, gives mixed messages on risk.
Avatar f tn no way cause it is not that easy to have an HIV with no symptoms. specially that he's been my gynecologist for 4 years and i do a check up every month cause of ovarian cyst problems. my questions are: in what stage of HIV does the yeast infection occur? should i be worried? does the HIV yeast get treated by taking fluconazol like my case or it never does?
Avatar f tn there is a HUGE difference in the symptoms of hiv and the symptoms of infection. a common mistake ppl make is googling "hiv symptoms" and low and behold, they have every one of them. you do not have a hiv concern...kindly move on.
Avatar m tn AIDS acute period will appear similar to the symptoms of acute gastroenteritis? Symptoms lasted for about four days, infusion improvement in 3 days. It is the acute phase of AIDS symptoms?
Avatar m tn Thank you for your patience explanation, I am from China, there is a saying, if a person be pierced by the used needle of AIDS people, the infection of HIV/AIDS probability is 0.