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Avatar f tn Hi, This could be normal for perimenopause. However, if you're losing a lot of blood you get get that checked out. You could be getting anemic. It's also an uncomfortable way to go through life. Your OB/GYN can evaluate you and put you on some progesterone until you're into menopause. Good luck.
Avatar f tn No, before I had to take iron for my heavy periods then I had a hysteroscopy and that worked amazing but now I'm bleeding clots too, and my periods are getting closer together.
Avatar f tn over the past 2 years I have gained 15 pounds despite increased exercise and have had flooding periods lasting 7 to 10 days with large clots the size of raw eggs; and for the past 3 cycles my periods are now coming 18 to 20 days apart with the worst cramping I have ever experienced but thankfully now only lasting 5 days. My emotions range from apathy to jittery anxiety, and I have had dizziness and actual vertigo intermittently for the past 3 months.
203342 tn?1328740807 I tried asking some relatives and friends but no one else I know have experienced the same as me but looking up the symptoms it does appear it can happen. Since last February my periods have changed. They are longer with fewer time between periods and some days are really heavy. It's more of an annoyance than anything else, really. I'm not really concerned about it but since I never know when I'm going to bleed, it does affect my every day living somewhat.
Avatar f tn I got the depo shot back in January or February. Before that my hormones were all jacked up and my periods we heavy and lasted 4 months. I had enough and went in to get checked out. Of course there number one solution is to try birth control. The gyno told me depo should help my dysfunctional uterine bleeding... however it made matters worst and I bled for two months with abdominal pain and clots the size of golf balls, terrible mood swings and the like.
Avatar n tn My period starts with about 2 light days, then 2 heavy days (no excessive bleeding or clots), then I seem to spot for DAYS. For instance, my period started 9/1 and today is 9/15 and I am still spotting. The spotting is a brownish color. There is no pain associated with this. I have also been experiencing vaginal dryness, low libido, worsened emotional PMS symptoms, anxiety/panic attacks, body hair (face/chin), fatigue and "brain fog".
Avatar n tn Now, that I am in my fourties my start dates or more regular now, starting anywhere from day 21 to day 26. However, my periods usually last for 2 heavy days and almost done on day 3 or 4. My mom went into menopause when she was 42. Perimenopause can last for around 10 yrs. for some women and just a few for others. So who knows, I have no idea if that is what we are going through or not. : ( But it does stand to reason.
Avatar f tn And it seems to always happen the week before my period. My periods two years ago were horrible, lots of clots and heavy bleeding but ran seven days. Now I bleed heavy for 3 days then spot, enough for a liner, for up to 8 days. I have went to cardio doc thinking something was wrong with my heart, heart checks out fine. Thyroid checks out fine, last year my other hormones were normal as well.
Avatar f tn They have been very heavy to and i used to never have clots well today i thought my period was over because the bleeding was gone since yesterday but to my surprise i sat down to use the restroom and blood poured out of me and i passed a clot the size of the palm of your hand! This same thing happend to me not last month but the month before i thought it stopped than i passed one the size of an egg, what is going on can anyone tell me a friend of mine says its premenepause?
Avatar f tn Afterward I started bleeding again. I just figured it was because I hadn't had a very heavy period, but since then I have had a period for the next 9 days. I am 49 and I have always had pretty regular periods, even if I missed a month my next one would be a normal 5-7 days. I am going on my 3rd week. I have had a slight headache, but not any cramps. I'm not flowing heaving, and their aren't any clots or anything. Is this just part of perimenopause?
Avatar f tn Some months I experience very Heavy periods and other months light periods, or I may miss 1 month, then bleed normal the next. I also have months with symptoms consistent with PMS when my period is due and then not bleed at all or the bleeding may start after all symptoms have disappeared about 1-2 weeks later. Each of these have seemed consistent with what I know about perimenoupause and last under 7 days. I am a wee bit more concerned this time around.
Avatar n tn However, even if the levels of estrogen are not terribly high, when you are out of balance with the progesterone you will experience some of the effects of estrogen dominance. Heavy periods, clots, etc...all a sign of this problem. I am not very familiar with Estroven but I am assuming you are adding more estrogen in some form to your system. This does get confusing, doesn't it?
Avatar n tn Been bleeding, sometimes VERY heavy, including discharge of major clots for almost a full month. No other symptoms. I plan on making a dr. appt. next week (waiting for new insurance to kick in on the 1st in case it is something serious). Any adivce? Is this early signs of menopause or maybe something more serious? Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I did find out I had a fibroid that probably contributed to all the heavy periods with clots. Now I'm menopausal and sooo happy to be done with that. It wouldn't hurt to be checked by your gyno, maybe an ultrasound to make sure everything is OK in there. Sorry you're going through this.
Avatar n tn my period came a week early which is really unusual for me and went on for the usaul 6 days and was just like my normal period with blood clots and then it stopped for a day and started on the day it should have started and went on for a week but was light, with no blood clots then it stopped for 2 days and now has started up again. i will be 51 in July could it be the on set of the menopause!
Avatar f tn I bled steadily with a few episodes of hemorrhagic bleeding, large clots, heavy cramping, etc. and finally went to my Gyn. After a transvaginal ultrasound which showed a cyst on my left ovary (she didn't indicate the size over the phone) She put me on 800 mg. Ibuprofen/day plus Prometria 2x/day which did nothing but kind of slow down the bleeding so I could go on vacation with my family.
Avatar n tn not enough to even put on a pad, this would happen only when I would go to the bathroom and wipe. This would be followed with an abnormally heavy period with heavy clots. (I am experiencing this now). I have been light bleeding for about 2 weeks prior to this and am now experience on and off heavy but not soaking bleeding.
Avatar n tn For the last 5 or 6 months I've had very irregular cycles. Heavy bleeding with large clots where I'm flooding through into my clothes after 2hrs. This does not happen every period but with the majority of them. I also have recently had spotting several days of the month about a week after my "normal" period. I am in my 20's, not currently sexually active. I've had a recent pelvic exam, pap smear etc.
Avatar n tn I have heavy clotty periods. A few months back I started noticing heavy clotting (egg sized) and irregular bleeding. Before this I was always very regular, albeit my periods were heavy and somewhat clotty. I got right into the Drs. I found out my thyroid levels were low, along with low iron and I have two complex cysts with thick lining in my uterus(still not sure what that means). I would absolutely get your sister in to be seen. What she is dealing with is not normal.
Avatar f tn 40 years old) my periods have changed about 2 years ago, They got heavy for a few days & then stayed extremely light for weeks. (just there when I'd wipe) one time it lasted an entire month. This past month I've had a dull ache on my left side between my belly button & hip. when I'm busy I don't notice it but if I'm not It's there. At one point in all this I lost the ability to pee & had to be catheterized for a week & then I learned to cath myself.
Avatar f tn I thought that any symptoms of menopause could cause less, not more periods. My periods are still heavy however and just like they have always been. My Mum and sister didn't go through menopause until 52-54. My other sister is 47 and is yet to go through it. If anyone has any insight with this. Now I am just assuming this and worried about when I get my FSH levels checked when I get back home.
Avatar n tn Usually before menopause starts (complete cessation of period for 12 months), period becomes irregular, you may miss one or two month period, if pregnancy test is negative and period becomes further and further apart, it means menopause is near. Yes, during perimenopause, period can be quite heavy and lasted up to 7 days, small blood clots discharged sometimes(for my case).
Avatar f tn The clots can be large at times. Heavy bleeding first two days or so, but not soaking pads every hour....more like every 2-3hour hours, but heavier for me personally. I had my thyroid removed in 2004 and take thyroid hormone. Could this be perimenopause, a thyroid issues, or something else? Noticed tiny spotting around ovulation as well past couple months, but not enough even for a liner.
Avatar n tn So, this past month I got my period on nov. 10th and it never ended, it is very heavy with lots of clots. My doc collected some material for a biopsy and recommended a intra-vaginal sonnogram, as I wait for the results she put me on Prometrium 200mg, 1 per day at bedtime. I'm feeling very nervous, anxious, paranoid and thinking about ovarian cancer, with some cramping and still bleeding very much. Any thoughts, anyone?
Avatar n tn Then, the period returned to normal or spotting for several hrs, and then returned to heavy flow. There were several small, dark blood clots during the heavy flow times - and some lower back or front of leg discomfort. As of today, I still have a period that varies from spotting to regular flow. I've begun taking iron pills b/c I don't eat meat & have heard that heavy flow might show low iron. I am out of the country until Labor Day, so I can't see my gynecologist.
Avatar n tn I'm 47 and my period has always been pretty normal until I started having kids. They became heavier & a day or to longer. Now Sept had no period & Oct. November it has been heavy & two weeks long. For november it is going on day 15. No oder, discoloration & clots like in the past. No pain either.
Avatar n tn I have abnormal vaginal bleeding on a daily basis. It is extremely heavy during a bowel movement and during sex. Why is this happening? My gynocologist did a pap smear and ultrasound, but cannot tell me why it is happening. She is suggesting a procedure that strips the lining of my uterus, but I would like to know if anyone knows why it is happening or if anyone has had this experience before?
Avatar f tn Sometimes they are extremely heavy and painful, with HUGE clots. I've had ovarian cysts before. This has been going on for a few years. My doctor has recommended possibly cauterizing (sp ) my uterus to minimize the flow of blood. Has anyone had this done? I've had two children by c-section, when my son was born I had my tubes tied. My moods are all over the map. I have zero sex drive...which really *****! My bf is very understanding, thank God.
483733 tn?1326802046 Anyhow, she stated the obvious in that a hysterectomy is not the preferred method of dealing with my heavy periods due to my J-pouch and adhesions. She offerred me the Mirena IUD which would release a bit of progesterone in my body or an ablation. I am opting for the ablation (and due to a cancellation am booked in for June 1) and love the idea of NO MORE PERIODS!!!! What a great benefit on top of getting rid of the uncomfortableness around the heavy flow and the iron deficiency anemia.
Avatar n tn I had 2 girls no problem, but after I was done I decided that I had had enough of heavy long periods, and got my uterus taken out at 29. I also had clots all the time. Now some women have endo. and there is a test that your doc can perform to check this. Understand that 4 months and trying to conceive isn't that long. Many women can take up to a year before it happens. Is there any chance that you were pregnant and had a miscarriage? Get an appointment and talk over your concerns.