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Avatar n tn i am 24 years old im not sexually active i started when i was 11 and since i turned 18 ive had issues with my period now i have been on it for 3 weeks and now im so heavy i cant even wear a pad for more than an hour and its full and these heavy blood clots are comming out and i have had very severe cramps im not on the pill what should i do.
Avatar n tn hello, i have had regular periods for the past 4 months and the bleeding is normal and this period i have just had was 2 days late and its been very heavy with large blood clots. I am changing pads every hour and still leaking. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn My cycle is 28 days if I count from the first day of heavy bleeding- however I spot for 3 days before the heavy bleeding begins. Once the heavy bleeding begins I bleed for 7 days (4 of which are very heavy) I use the Diva Cup (menstrual cup) because my periods are so heavy tampons aren't absorbent enough. Because I use the Diva Cup, I know that I bleed over 100 mls each period. From the time I start spotting to the time I stop bleeding is typically 10 days.
Avatar n tn Anyone else have large blood clots during their menstral cycle? I have had some really strange cycles for about two years now. My bleeding is heavy and i have occassional spotting between periods. Seems like I am on my period more than I am not. Its drivinv me nuts.
Avatar n tn This month I had my period for 4 days as usual... Seven days later I start passing Huge blood Clots. The flow is heavier then my heaviest day on my period... Whats going on?????
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 17 and I have a period every month and it lasts 2-3 weeks and it finishes for about a week and then starts again but I keep having blood clots in my period and my periods are heavy. Cancer runs in my family and I'm wondering if I should be worried about it or if it's nothing to worry about?
Avatar n tn Well I'm 16 my periods are very abnormal, and long and sometimes with no pain. So ive always tought that was okay until my mother period got very heavy and blood clots are huge and everything and she was declared anemic and she was losing blood through her vagina thinking it was her period! Do have any other starnge things wrong with you? like tiredness and stuff? Maybe you should take another check up.
Avatar n tn About five in the morning I felt wet so I decided to go take a shower. Went to the bathroom first and I was pushing, a big red bloob came out. Ive had blood clots before in my time but never this huge.I could fit it in the palm of my hand. I flushed it took a shower. Now I feel like I have to push again and the bleeding has not stopped. Im just very confussed and concerned. I cant be pregnant cause my tubes are tied.
Avatar n tn weeks. And now I am having another super heavy with giant blood clots period. (I've had my period for several months now, I can't remember when I didn't have it. It fluctuates in flow but I usually have to wear a tampon and an overnight pad.) What's wrong with me? --On a side note, I don't think it's anything to worry about, but I have developed within the last two months a dry, scaley patch on my breast. It is itchy because it's dry, I think. Could that be something else to be worried about?
Avatar f tn I have always had very heavy menstrual cycles with medium sized blood clots. This month I have been bleeding more than I normally do and it has lasted about 2 weeks now. Today as I was leaving work I stepped up to get onto my van when I felt a very large blood clot come out and I began to bleed very heavily that I had to remove my skirt and place it between my legs just to soak up all the blood. I was very scared. I began to feel very weak and dizzy as I was driving home.
Avatar f tn I am 38. I pass a lot of blood clots during my periods, large and small. Is it normal? I also have painful periods and lasts for six days. Is there anyway to stop periods in 3 or 4 days? Please suggest a remedy for this.
Avatar f tn This month has been very painful, crampy and im getting the biggest blobs of clots come out. Usually my periods are medium-light. Ive never ever had a period this heavy or painful, my back aches badly and the tummy pains are awful. The only time ive ever seen clots come out of me like these ones was when i was having the m/c. This period came 4days early and im NEVER early.Always on the 28th day. Does anyone know why? i had a feeling that maybe i was pregnant and im having another m/c?
Avatar n tn I just turned 39 and my periods for the last year have been heavy and I've been having real dark and big blood clots, is this something to worry about? What should I do?
Avatar f tn Hi, This could be normal for perimenopause. However, if you're losing a lot of blood you get get that checked out. You could be getting anemic. It's also an uncomfortable way to go through life. Your OB/GYN can evaluate you and put you on some progesterone until you're into menopause. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I am in my early 20's and just last night and the day before, i have had a very heavy menstrual flow. I've gone through a super maxi in an hour or so and i've had large blood clots. I've had irregular periods my whole life, and my doctor has said this is due to the fact that i'm obese, but i've never had clots this big before or bleed this heavily. Is this normal for overweight women to have extremeley heavy periods?
Avatar n tn the past 6 months I have been spotting with very light blood and then have periods of bleeding very heavy and blood clotty for a few hours then it will stop again. This isn't just once a month though. It's throughout the month. I ALWAYS have to wear a pad cause I could be completly dry one second and then flowing with blood the next. Next thing you know IT HAS STOPPED!! I feel like something is wrong and this is NOT normal.
Avatar f tn Today's my second day being on my period and its so heavy like soak heavy and that its 3pads in 1hour. Also it has lots of blood clots, it's either on my pad, dropping on the ground or in the toilet. It do concerns me. Is it normal to be very heavy like your 1st and 2nd day with lots of clots. i never had this before.
Avatar f tn Hi all I've been having heavy and painful periods for a few years which have got worse over the past few months I have 3 children and have been sterilised I bleed for around 7 days 5 out of them are very very heavy loosing big clots I get severe pains in stomach legs and back my periods are irregular and sometimes spot between periods I feel very bloated all the time to I'm 33 years old I've had blood tests which came back ok and a swab for infection which was clear I've had an internal scan to
Avatar f tn Hi I also have heavy periods with clots and all!!! I use metformin it's helps lower glucose and insulin!!! You two may need to try metformin!!! God bless and have faith it will happen!!!
Avatar f tn am 29 with 4 kids and untill Recently there my periods are so heavy that its seeping through my pad and trousers with alot of big Blood clots. Has any1 ever had this or can any1 tell me if this is normal.