Heavy menstrual periods with blood clots

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Avatar f tn I have always had very heavy menstrual cycles with medium sized blood clots. This month I have been bleeding more than I normally do and it has lasted about 2 weeks now. Today as I was leaving work I stepped up to get onto my van when I felt a very large blood clot come out and I began to bleed very heavily that I had to remove my skirt and place it between my legs just to soak up all the blood. I was very scared. I began to feel very weak and dizzy as I was driving home.
Avatar f tn My cycle is 28 days if I count from the first day of heavy bleeding- however I spot for 3 days before the heavy bleeding begins. Once the heavy bleeding begins I bleed for 7 days (4 of which are very heavy) I use the Diva Cup (menstrual cup) because my periods are so heavy tampons aren't absorbent enough. Because I use the Diva Cup, I know that I bleed over 100 mls each period. From the time I start spotting to the time I stop bleeding is typically 10 days.
Avatar n tn I am in my early 20's and just last night and the day before, i have had a very heavy menstrual flow. I've gone through a super maxi in an hour or so and i've had large blood clots. I've had irregular periods my whole life, and my doctor has said this is due to the fact that i'm obese, but i've never had clots this big before or bleed this heavily. Is this normal for overweight women to have extremeley heavy periods?
Avatar f tn I am a 44 year old woman who has never had a full pregnancy and I am now having horrible periods with very heavy bleeding for about 2 days with large heavy clots of blood and very sharp cramps, I have started taking birth control pills to help the bleeding but about two days into my period the heavy bleeding and sharp pains happen. what does it mean?
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have a heavy period with blood clots? I'm 26 and just recently started getting super heavy periods, it worries me when I see the blood clots thinking there might be something wrong with me.
Avatar n tn I am 45 years old my periods started getting heavier around a year ago with blood clots and sometimes normal periods in between then very heavy again. Now I have had my period for 4 weeks(YIKES) it will slow down for a couple days then I wil get cramping and start a heavy flow agian and it just wont stop ! I have an DR.apt. next Tues. But I research it on the internet and it could be a number of things, has anyone else had anything simalar?I am so frustrated..
Avatar f tn It has been very heavy and she is also passing clots. What could this be? She has always had heavy periods but they have never lasted this long - with no let up yet.
717676 tn?1230085430 I'm not sure what to do about the large amount of blood clots. I honestly can't remember them being a problem for me. My periods now are pretty normal but I have had them in the past where I would have to change my tampon every hour because the bleeding was so heavy but this would only last for a day then it would slow down. I'm not sure how to describe it but it's almost like it builds up a day then boom it hit me all at once.
Avatar f tn However, when menstrual loss is heavy, the anti-clotting agent may not be adequate for the menstrual period and the blood is likely to form clots. Additionally, if menstrual blood accumulates faster than the body’s ability to transfer it out of the uterus, clots can result. More technically . . . Fibrin is a protein that creates a blood clot by forming a network of trapped red blood cells and platelets. Plasmin is an enzyme that digests or breaks down fibrin.
Avatar n tn Over the past year I had noticed the same, extremely foul smelling (even fecal smelling) odor present in my menstrual blood. Between my periods of menstruation, there is absolutely ZERO odor. This is how I KNEW it was something more internal and not simply a forgotten tampon or infection. Any such cause would have an odor that is continuously present. After months of searching for an answer, I found it…at my DENTIST'S office.
Avatar f tn are ur periods irregular? this might have somthing to do with it. i had very heavy blood flow and bad clots on the 2nd week changing pads every half hour or so, i nearly went drs, cant say this is normal i wuld go and get it checked out to be on the safe side! gud luck!
Avatar n tn hi, i know that clumpy blood clots are ok to have during periods but small ones.. do you take advil or motrin for pain during your period? i got also in the past big clots that really freaked me out, and when i spoke to my doctor she said that advil and motrin thins out the blood so the period goes through faster so it could be why you get clots . but what about another misscarriage? do you just get clots or do you have tissue like discharge also?
Avatar f tn Heavy bleeding, Pain with sex Blood clots, menstrual cramping? Do you have children? Did you have one recently? within the last year? Hormones play a big factor when it comes to irregular periods as well as things like Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, PCOS etc.
Avatar n tn So I am actually having a period every 2 weeks one normal colour but heavy and then another with the black and there is an odor. I have been with the same partner for nearly 5 years and not strayed I guess my answer is to see a doctor?
Avatar f tn It is important to rule out anemia and thrombocytopenia or decreased platelet count with your continuing blood loss. The presence of black color discharge may indicate blood that had not been expelled for a long time. Any trauma, infection, or neoplasm, vaginal trauma or a foreign body, endocrine problems such as thyroid dysfunction or hyperprolactinemia, may cause bleeding.
1582332 tn?1296928465 I was only diagnosed last year and alot of things do make sense now. Endometriosis does cause the heavy periods, severe abdominal pain, cramping. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Thus meaning that I will be getting my tubes tied at the same time the Novasure procedure is done. I have been dealing with heavy bleeding with my periods for two years now. The first time I even talked to my GYN about it was when I had my regular monthly period that lasted 7-10 days (that was normal for me since I first got my period at age 12), it stopped for one day, and then WHAM! another full blown period.
Avatar n tn This month my sister had a very heavy menstral flow with more clotting then usual. Is it normal to release almost walnut size blood clots? What should she do?
Avatar n tn It could just be her body resetting itself. In my own experience the blood clots are normal provided she is passing them. I've always had blood clots, it's just how the uterus reacts when releasing.
Avatar n tn I do venous doppler to rule out blood clots .I am seeing an alearming number of yourng ladies with blood clots in extremities that have led to life threatening pulmonay embolisms' ( Blood clots in the lungs. FEEL free to contact me .I have been scanning for years and have never seen such an alarming connection , or blood clits in young ladies. Yasmin needs taken off the market ,it is a dangerous drug !
Avatar n tn I am unable to take birth control because I have a history of blood clots. I have been in pain for so long now and no one will help. Today, I started seeing a new doctor, hopefully this one can help. Any suggestions? Sick of going through this.....................
Avatar n tn I'm having some bad problems - - I have been loosing alot of blood and with big heavy clots - almost like I was having a miscarriage but thats not likely - - bad cramps and not myself - - I'm 39
Avatar n tn My periods have been coming every two weeks for the last 3 months and are filled with clots. They are very heavy and are lasting up to a week! Sometimes a day or two longer! Any ideas? Am I starting my menopause?
Avatar n tn about 5 months ago i started my period like normal, on time, but it didnt stop untill almost 10 weeks later. i have always had heavy periods in the past but never one longer than 8 days at the most. there were blood clots and i couldnt wear a tampon more than 30 minutes without going through. since then my periods have been really light and only lasting for 1-3 days intill now. i started my period just 2 weeks after i ended my last and im still on it.
Avatar f tn During this time the pain is so horrible that I can't even move without screaming. Also, I've been getting blood clots the size of my fist, sometimes larger. I will tell you I'm still a virgin. Plus when my period finally leaves, I still get cramps and bloating that hurt tremendously, and I get full at meals very quickly. My period after that goes away for about 1 year, maybe 6 months before it's back with avengence.
Avatar n tn Nov 10 - 4- lighter and no breast pain --streaked blood mixed iwth slimmy discharge Dec 6--10-light Jan 26- Feb 22nd - small blood clots in wk 3. large blood clot then period stopped Feb 26-Mar 4 - small clots during third wk, a few larger clots with increased pushing during urination or defecation. Periods stopped again immediately after lost of huge blood clot.
Avatar f tn My periods have always been extremely light and only last maybe 4 days, with 5 being the most it has lasted. But I started my period about 7 days ago and today will make it my eighth day. My flow this cycle is disturbingly heavy, and for about three days I've had watery menstrual fluid. The first day it was pinkish in color, but it had an extremely foul odor and had a few clots in it. (I use a menstural cup; the clots were collected at the bottom).