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Avatar n tn weeks. And now I am having another super heavy with giant blood clots period. (I've had my period for several months now, I can't remember when I didn't have it. It fluctuates in flow but I usually have to wear a tampon and an overnight pad.) What's wrong with me? --On a side note, I don't think it's anything to worry about, but I have developed within the last two months a dry, scaley patch on my breast. It is itchy because it's dry, I think. Could that be something else to be worried about?
Avatar f tn am 29 with 4 kids and untill Recently there my periods are so heavy that its seeping through my pad and trousers with alot of big Blood clots. Has any1 ever had this or can any1 tell me if this is normal.
Avatar n tn hello, i have had regular periods for the past 4 months and the bleeding is normal and this period i have just had was 2 days late and its been very heavy with large blood clots. I am changing pads every hour and still leaking. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Well I am going on my second week of having my period and I have went through almost 64 tampons in 2 weeks cause i am bleeding so heavy, i am also having a lot of blood clots and having to change my tampon about every hour. Is this normal or what should I do? I have been really tired and cramping pretty bad. I really don't know what to do cause I have never had this happen before if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.
Avatar m tn While blood clots are a normal part of a heavier period, that size blood clots and that frequent passing of them is not normal nor is the length of your period. A period should only last up to 7 days, not longer. Your doctor will probably put you on birth control to regulate your periods, and that should make them lighter and a lot shorter (mine went from 7 days heavy with clots to 2-3 days medium flow and sometimes light).
Avatar n tn i went five days one month and five days the other month.... and i had blood clots in my period blood, and then the third month of it i didn't go..... until the 6'st month...... and then now im on my third period.... and theres still blood clots in my period blood.... is this normal? I want to know because, if it isn't, i want to know how to get rid of the blood clots...... But if anyone knows if this is normal or not let me know as soon as you can...... My email.....
Avatar f tn i am 13 years old and my period is 5-7 days and i have a regular flow but i do have blood clots some big and some small i also have blood coming out of my uteras when i use the bathroom. all of this is during my period.
Avatar n tn Hey I'm 18 years old and sexually active.. I get blood clots also, long fleshy clots ( gross).. I have been having my period almost every other month for about 3 years now. I only recently got my period in 9th grade, and when I do get it it's mean, CRAMPS KILL ME..Could the sex be the cause of my delays?! and could my irregularity affect my fertility!?
Avatar f tn and i just had a baby in sept 07 and my period has totally changed.. barely any clots, lasting 4 days...not as heavy.. not many cramps... i would highly suggest the pill...talk to the dr though..
Avatar n tn i had my period for five days and it came back a day after with thick large bloobclotting
Avatar f tn I haven't.
Avatar n tn Anyone else have large blood clots during their menstral cycle? I have had some really strange cycles for about two years now. My bleeding is heavy and i have occassional spotting between periods. Seems like I am on my period more than I am not. Its drivinv me nuts.
688915 tn?1227324160 i've been having blood clots in my period i've been on for 2wks n 4 days now and sometimes my period does'nt come for two months straight i'm scared i dont no what to do i need help and sometimes i bleed very heavy while im on can someone help me wat should i do im a 19 yr old lookin for some answers
1817183 tn?1318617498 I'm a little worried. The last time there was blood clots with my period was last year before/during my miscarriage. I read that it is normal to see a few. But my mind keeps replaying last year( its been this month 1yr). Blood clots are not a normal part of my period. I just don't want to go through that again.
Avatar f tn If you are flowing really heavily (such as filling a pad in less than an hour, or losing a cereal bowl full of blood and clots every time you go to the loo) you should check in with your doctor, since you don't want to faint from loss of blood. Otherwise, it is just a heavy period. If you are on anything that would affect your hormones, it might come from that.
1004597 tn?1250279449 I always have a fairly heavy period and blood clots during, but this month I'm having an extremely heavy period and literally had a blood clot the size of 2 50 cent pieces (which i know isn't normal), but could i have had a miscarriage (my period wasn't a day late) or have something seriously wrong that i should go see my Doc about?
Avatar n tn I just found out I was in my first weeks of pregnancy yesterday, this morning I been bleeding not super heavy but period heavy and I had blood clots... what does that mean? I'm not miscarring right? Do I have to wait until the bleeding stops to take another pregnancy test to verify?
Avatar n tn when i lost my baby did have blood lose but then it stoped. now its back and i am droping blood clots like crazy but only at dircet times at night and first thing in the morning.it scared the hell out of me.my period had been havey.like i've read in a blog i can feel myself pushing them out.the biggest problem is that the doctor that i saw when i lost my baby. just went to PRISON for false practice. what do i do?
Avatar n tn I am 42 years old and on birth control, I have hardly had a period, mainly spotting, in years. This month I had a heavy with blood clots for 1 week then it stopped for 2 days and all of a sudden it felt like I was gushing, I was but lots of large clots. This has been going now for 2 days, heavy period and clotting again. Is this a sign of menopause or something else?
Avatar m tn ok my period this month has been very strange. i have been passing blood clots like crazy, yea i do every period but no where near this bad. i mean everytime i use the restroom excuse the way i say it but they are bigger than ever like the size of a ball that you get out of a coin machine but its one of those really big one s and i never passed those before untill this month. is that ok or should i go see a doc or do you know what the cause of that is??
Avatar n tn Well I'm 16 my periods are very abnormal, and long and sometimes with no pain. So ive always tought that was okay until my mother period got very heavy and blood clots are huge and everything and she was declared anemic and she was losing blood through her vagina thinking it was her period! Do have any other starnge things wrong with you? like tiredness and stuff? Maybe you should take another check up.
183966 tn?1203910490 Does it mean anything when your period has a lot of clumps like blood clots!? Just curious!
592212 tn?1218984118 i have had light bleeding and heavy; however, 2 days ago I passed a white blood clot with a normal clot. I am very afraid and want some advise. I am a virgin and have never been to a gynecologist because of being a virgin. I am also very afraid to go because I am a very modest person. I just need some advise or for someone, a maybe a doctor to tell me what that white clot was.
Avatar n tn Well I started my period 2 days ago and noticed it was heavy..I have since then seen 5-6 blood clots come out ... One the size of a loonie..Im starting to worrie again but I cant see my doc for another 2 months b/c they are soo full.. Does anyone know what is going on with me?..Am I just becoming a hypercondracte? Sorry about the spelling guys Im writing fast...
Avatar f tn I took the morning after pill 27 hours after inter course with my husband and also started on my birth control pills the following week after taking the after pill, then I didn't go on my periods for that month then this month I was lifting some heavy things that's when I started getting period pains but only spotting.
Avatar f tn a few after i some spotting and it went then a pinkish lookin bleeding then on the 27th i had very heavy bleeding with blood clots the size of golf balls. i went to the hospital they told me it was just my period. but now 4 days later its getting worst having to change my tampon nearly every 10 mins. im worried n dont want to go back to the hospital incase they say im over reacting. im getting to the stage i feel like pulling my hair out. does any one no what this could be?