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Avatar f tn Please Help Do Any Of You Ladies Know Any Ways To Get Rid Of Heartburn Besides Medicine? It Keeps Me Up All Night Long .
Avatar n tn Heartburn is killing me and am 26.do u pals take glucose?and why is it that sometimes i dont feel tha baby's movement?is it normAl?
Avatar f tn Please help everything gives me heartburn didn't have any at all with my daughter but now I'm burning up lol...
Avatar f tn Every night before bed whether ive eaten recently or not it is so bad and uncomfortable! It actually hurts, how can i relieve or stop this from happening.
Avatar f tn Seriously going insane with heartburn and reflux. It never goes away! Tums don't seem to help. Today I didn't eat for like 9 hours, had only water and still...it hung around. What can I do to make it go away or do I just have to live with it?
Avatar f tn Any ideas on how to get rid of heartburn. I'm 28,weeks and It's so bad at times that I vomit every time I get heartburn. I am out of ideas. I'm diabetic, anemic, have chronic kidney disease, and I don't know what to do. Sooo please help me out!!!
Avatar m tn I've had severe heartburn issues every since I was 14. I had an endoscopy when I was 16 and the doctors found nothing, so the prescribed me a rather high dose of Pantoprazole, which I had taken until I was 18. After a few years of being on the medicine, I noticed that the Pantoprazole alone wasn't enough to tame my daily heartburn, (which, ironically enough, wasn't set off by certain foods, but in fact tamed it.
222011 tn?1265475648 I am suffering with chronic heartburn plus a very tight feeling around my neck. I also take medication for high blood pressure. My GP has done various blood tests all of which were fine. I'm due back at my GP next week. Medicine prescribed to reduce excess acid has not helped. Cound the Thyroxine be the cause of these digestive problems? Thanks for any advice you can give.
Avatar n tn Has anyone opted for an alternative or natural teratment? If so what was the results?
Avatar n tn What dosage are you taking? How frequently? For how long? For what purpose? It is an addictive medicine. Opiates are also a Godsend for people in severe pain. Most other pain can medicated with nonaddictive drugs depending on what kind it is. The short answer is that if you take enough of it long enough you will be come physically dependent. If you like the high and deliberately take it for the effects and take enough of it long enough you will become an addict.
2020005 tn?1476662562 I'm really weird about taking any medicine unless it's reallllly needed, but I'm starting to think it might be! Any natural remedies first? And if that doesn't work, safe OTC products to relieve it once in a while? And don't get me wrong, I'm NOT complaining, it's almost the only symptom I have, but it's starting to make me not want to eat because I know it's going to hurt after!
1827365 tn?1410509906 I'll talk to my doctor on our next appointment see if I can take 2 together before going to sleep instead of 1. Thanks! Any of you have tried natural medicine (acupuncture, etc) for heartburn?
Avatar f tn Hi moms to be! So I'm 32 + 4 and am suffering horrid with heartburn, im having to eat, drink or take heartburn tablets every 2-3 hrs both day and night. Its starting to drive me insane. Im not getting any sort of a decent nights sleep which I am all to prepared 4 after baby comes along but I don't know how much longer I can take it at the moment. Im tired moody and my poor husband is on egg shells with me.
877337 tn?1249848050 Very relieved to know that heartburn is a definite symptom. They took my off my thyroid medicine to get my iodine levels down enough to start the radioactive treatment. Has anyone else gone through this?
Avatar f tn Anybody have a safe alternative to Tums for heartburn? I use Tums daily, but I am feeling really guilty about all of the aluminum I am ingesting. Has anybody tried anything else that works?
Avatar f tn Therapy, relaxation techniques, learning how to think differently is the first step to take. With natural medicine, no one remedy is generally used -- usually it would be a combination of remedies. But though I don't know of magnesium causing these problems, if they do for you, don't take it. Magnesium is considered a good chelated form of magnesium. It is best absorbed if taken with meals, but for relaxing the muscles and such it's often taken before bedtime.
222011 tn?1265475648 Many people with digestive issues find these symptoms go away if they add some type of T3 , synthetic or natural dessicated. I had unbelievable GERD / heartburn on just a T4 med. Have had several types / brands of T3 now, ....by by GERD !......and some other symptoms T4 did not take care of...........
Avatar n tn I have had anxiety that seemed associated with heartburn too. I treated the heartburn with 1/2 tsp of baking soda in 1/2 glass warm water,(it will cause you to burp because it is neutralizing the acid) and the anxiety seemed to lessen.
Avatar f tn Ginger Ginger is often claimed to be effective against pregnancy sickness. However ginger may make your symptoms worse or cause you to have heartburn. Ginger is a common remedy in Chinese medicine. It's based on the system of yin and yang and other opposing factors, including heat and cold. Ginger is a hot (yang) remedy and will make your sickness worse if you are already too hot.
Avatar m tn I believe in the ways of God and my people and I look for only Alternatives in Alternative Medicine as I am Organic Alternative and green and seek only the best Medicine that can help heal the natural balance of the body. I stay low fat ,low sodium and Low sugar.And Keep Acid /Alkaline balance only.
231441 tn?1333896366 eat small amount of sugar and milk helps me there is also a natural oil I can't remember the name of it though but if you go to a natural food store and ask them for something for heartburn they will help you out good luck!
Avatar m tn This May of 2011, I was diagnosed with h pylori again, i gues it never went away so I took both antibiotics and omeprazole ever since then I benn on the natural medicine but I have been getting more sore throatttssss As of now I am seeing a naturopathic dr.
Avatar n tn Please read the entire bunch of messages, below here, posted on 3-29-02, by Kaytiebaybie374, entitled: "Please help me..." You will find, not only natural remedies for gastric reflux (Gastric Reflux tips without acid blockers), but comments by real people who are getting help from the natural remedies. These GER/LPR tips greatly helped (and continue to help) my husband and me, and we have never used acid blockers. Good luck to you!
Avatar m tn Natural compound blocks hepatitis C infection Finding may lead to a new treatment "Researchers have identified two cellular proteins that are important factors in hepatitis C virus infection, a finding that may result in the approval of new and less toxic treatments for the disease, which can lead to liver cancer and cirrhosis.
535822 tn?1443980380 The world needs global corporate giants to buy up all the natural product brands? Or maybe Paul Schulick just wanted to cash in on all the positive publicity organizations like NaturalNews have selflessly lent him over the years.
Avatar f tn I also have terrible sinuses, heartburn and I've been physically sick alot, with a fever and what not. I'm allergic to acetmenaphin(tylenol) which is supposedly the only thing I can take while pregnant. My doctor refuses to write me prescriptions for anything else and tells me to deal with it and there's nothing else like aspirin that I can take. She's very rude.
Avatar n tn Before I got pregnant I had horrible heartburn and I took prescription omeprozol to treat it (forgot how to spell it) and it worked wonders, since I have been pregnant I haven't really had heartburn so I don't know if it's safe to take during pregnancy but I would definitely ask your doctor. If it is safe you can either get it prescribed or over the counter in lower doses at pretty much any store with medicine.
Avatar f tn Other than that I sucked on cough drops constantly or sat in the bathroom with a warm Shower runnin to help clear me out. The heartburn, they gave me a prescription bc i have gerd too so the heartburn and nausea was horrible! Just talk to the doc and maybe they can help ya more! Hope you feel better!