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Avatar n tn I can't call myself a doctor,I have studied medicine but it's people who should judge. and I have no financial activity regarding to natural remedies to advertising or sell them.All of remedies are found in nature so what am I advertising?!
Avatar m tn I believe in natural remedies myself. Nux Vomica, a health food supplement can even cure ulcers! 4 Tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice in a glass of water first thing in the morning is also a good remedy for heartburn/GERD. I take the apple cider vinegar also, but it doesn't stop my pain completely. I had been taking the ACV before my surgery - but didn't try Aloe or Nux Vomica until now that it seems my surgery has failed.
Avatar n tn I have had anxiety that seemed associated with heartburn too. I treated the heartburn with 1/2 tsp of baking soda in 1/2 glass warm water,(it will cause you to burp because it is neutralizing the acid) and the anxiety seemed to lessen.
Avatar m tn All i would suggest to people is please try to find a natural cure through eating sleeping and lifestyle rather than going down the route of taking medication long term, as they may end up a lot worse off than when they started. Every case must be treat as individual and all avenues explored more than once, two doctors can have completely different opinions, as can two specialists, they can look for gall stones but completely miss on giving you a function test.
Avatar m tn It all started going wrong with the first wrong diagnosis" Heartburn and abdominal pain", i was given acid blockers without even testing my stomach acid levels, my acid levels were too low, not too high, this causes "delayed gastric emptying" and this condition allows food to back flow up into the esophagus, after years of suffering from this condition, damage is done to the esophageal sphincter and it weakens and the condition gets noticeably worse, the doctors prescribe aci
535822 tn?1443980380 Avoid taking synthetic calciferol and get your vitamin D naturally from the sun or take the natural cholecalciferol D3 form.
Avatar n tn My friend advised me to look for natural remedies. I found Biogetica natural remedies for GERD. I started taking them in January and took them for 3 months. Till now I m feeling fine and did not have any other attack of GERD. Thanks to natural products created at Biogetica. Best advice I could give is to change your diet and lifestyle and try natural remedies.
Avatar f tn After only a day of using these the smell has gone! So there is a cure out there...its just finding the right one..now i dont know if its the cream that works or the tablets or both together but im just glad its gone. I have to finish the course tho. I was told that the smell was caused by bacteria that lives in the nose which had got infected. Hope this helps. This discussion is related to bad odor smell from nose (continued).
7840219 tn?1401218288 So I tried some natural remedies, like cedar vinegar, hot water, pickle juice, milk. Still nothing can tame this beast!! Does anyone have some miracle cure I have yet to try?!!! I am in serious agony!
Avatar n tn I want information on waht kind food caneat and if orange or lime is bad for Acid Reflux. About Apple Cider Vinegar too.
Avatar f tn Someone help this is the worst thing anyone can get idk how to cure it with natural remedies in 34 weeks and 3 days its so bad I can barely sleep
Avatar m tn GERD can be eliminated by changing your diet, not eating before reclining, and using some simple natural remedies -- but mostly diet and chewing your food thoroughly and not lying down soon after eating. Often doctors treat this with meds, but those meds can make the problem worse in the long run because they suppress stomach acid production and your stomach absolutely has to produce more and more acid to digest protein and minerals.
Avatar m tn Please try Nux Vomica. It is a homeopathic remedy. Some people respond very well to it, and it has been known to cure ulcers. According to Dr. M. Stengler, Natural Physician, "Nux vomica has a specific action on the digestive system. It is one of the best remedies for heartburn, ulcers, cramps, hiccups, food poisoning and constipation. It also has a detoxifying effect on the liver." You might also ask your doctor about Dexilant.
Avatar n tn After my initial 6 week no relief with Nexium and on a few good days this attempt the natural and more cause and effect way. She suggested Enzymatic Therapy Heartburn relief bitter orange ? Would this help the abdominal pain, bile taste, burps etc. Gastritis, NUD, ,GERD If Concerned lady reads this Please let us know if this is the DGL you refer to so highly.
Avatar n tn Most antibiotics are "natural", penicillin, for example. Why do people think medications aren't "natural"? Most come from plants, or are naturally occuring substances found, even produced, in our own bodies...like steroid hormones, for instance. Many so called herbal remedies, while natural as well, contain toxins, too. I just don't understand the label "natural", I guess.
209987 tn?1451939065 Anyone know of any non medicinal ways to relieve anxiety? Xanax, paxil, effexor, ativan, etc all make things worse. The first three on the list made me walk around like a zombie...I looked stoned/drunk and my mom had taken my children away from me because of that. As soon as I threw all my pills away she gave the children back. I hated her at the time, but as soon as I realized how I had been on those pills I was thankful that she did.
Avatar m tn There is no standard as to what is "normal" when it comes to bowel movements. Some go every day, some don't, it's what's normal for you. You are playing with fire when you start taking any type of herbs, or so called "natural" remedies, as they are not regulated in any way by anyone. Since you are on prescription meds, herbs and "natural" products can cause extreme adverse reactions when mixed with these.
Avatar m tn This exercise has helped me to enhance motility of stomach and also to cure Functional dyspepsia (where even small intake of food makes you full or stresses your stomach). Taking NATURAL CURE method AVOIDING MEDICINES, as this specific problem can be treated easily through natural means. Triphala has played very important role in this recovery in my example. There is also a section in this blog on How to Stop PPI/H2 Blockers. Please read that also.
Avatar f tn As far as I'm concerned, Nexium is just another drug that big pharma. made, and they had to invent some symptoms that it can cure. I don't trust the current medical system, all they want is your money - they don't care if you are sick - actually they do, they want to keep selling you their drugs, so it there is something they can invent and make a drug to fix it, then they will!
Avatar f tn After tons of research- God bless the internet- I found a natural cure for this which I started yesterday.....so simple....apple cider vinegar and honey!!! I read loads of testimonials and I can confirm that even after one day I can feel the difference already. My chest would hurt so bad I thought I was having a heart attach...the pain was shocking and the acid burn was just getting worse, travelling up to my neck, almost choking me!!
Avatar n tn I have been given omeprazol, and mesalazine tablets and a couple others to try and reduce the inflammation on the stomach lining Up to now i havent had any improvements whatsoever, and was thinking of a natural remedy such as juicing. i have seen various postings from a person named Jennifer, was this your condition also???? i mean gastritis???
1551963 tn?1302296332 A few months ago I got lightheaded while driving on the highway, 80mph. Turns out I hadn't eaten anything for 6 hours...but my body never told me it was hungry. I kind of counted on the stomach to make a noise or something. Never happened. So empty stomach causes symptoms, overeating causes them...the only thing that helps is drinking plenty of water. What all have you tried to diagnose? I heard the Vagus nerve might be to blame.
483623 tn?1256097169 these things raise the hydroclhoric acid in your stomach. The best and natural cure, and it is better for you and cheaper than going to the doctor. ANd it really works, and FAST!!!! MIx some baking soda with cold water and drink. you will burp for like 5 minutes straight and then you will feel almost brand new again. if you suffer sour stomach or rotten egg burps, you have to try this! You will be so happy to learn this trick !!! and you will feel relief within 5 to 10 minutes..
Avatar n tn this is definetley a good supplement to take in any case, but it's really more of the same...there are plenty of natural remedies but we just can't seem to get the funding for in vivo research esp w/humans to find out concentrations and/or methods needed. I'm sure we'll find out others, such as Promegrante - etc will show (maybe not the same) but similar anti-cancer activity when applied directly to ovca cells. I'm just happy scientists are moving in this direction...
Avatar n tn I have tried everything for heartburn.....and i have a lot of gas. I do drink a lot of caffeine...could that be a problem too?
Avatar n tn Hi! I was just at a healthfood store this past weekend and the guy there told me to do that same excercise. He showed me how to do it and made me try it right there in the store in front of everyone. He sais he was 75 years old and knew what he was talking about. Severe pain was my main symptom of reflux too. I also felt stuffy quite often. I never actually had heartburn and doubted the diagnosis even after having the endoscopy done.
5285867 tn?1365996892 Yes, sparing use of fat/ products is allowed, while these are best avoided at bedtime/ at dinner. Aside natural remedies that seem to be helpful, you could try taking cold fat free milk and medications that help to reduce the gastric acid secretion. Taking small frequent meals is preferred over single large meals. Avoiding stress, control of conditions such as diabetes, nutrient/ micronutrient deficiencies etc. are other changes that might be beneficial. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn Have you tried and DGL or other natural chewables ? Have you lost weight ? How long does your heartburn last after a meal ?