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6441395 tn?1395039811 Not a question, I just get such bad heartburn -.- I mean I will take whatever my baby girl wants to give me lol, but it burns sooooooo bad! I am 29 weeks and 4 days, I have never had heartburn in my life ( I'm 22 btw) and these past 2 weeks I have been having one everyday, it doesn't Matter what I eat, I get heartburn with everything I eat & drink!! I seen where women say when you have bad heartburn it means your baby will have a lot of hair, do you ladies think its true?
Avatar f tn My midwife told me I didn't just have heartburn I have GERD. Talk to your drs about it and until you do you can take pepcid ac. Thats what they prescribed me and it really does help. And it wont hurt your baby.
Avatar f tn The have come out with a brand new super safe line of products for pregnant women! They have one just to relieve heartburn and their advertising is hillarious!
299260 tn?1304219705 Hopefully it straightens itself out soon! LinaG - That is great news that your friend is pregnant! It's always good when we can share in someone else's joy. I have a dear friend that is pregnant now too and we get together for dinner and she tells me all about her pregnancy and shows me ultrasound pictures. She had a hard time conceiving too, so it's great to see her so happy. I'm sorry about your other friend. Cancer is such an awful disease.
299260 tn?1304219705 ) The thing that's bothering me now, is what can I do differently if I'm not pregnant now? I feel like we've done everything possible besides IVF, so what can we possibly do?? The only thing I can really think of is to do my shot 24 hours before IUI instead of 36... That could make a difference, who knows?! I'm just frustrated b/c we just did the hsg test, am making great eggs, Sean has great sperm, and we've been pregnant twice on our own without even trying! I don't get it...
299260 tn?1304219705 Plus when we get our tax refunds and stimulus checks, we're paying off a lot of our debt. As much as we can anyway. I think that I'm going to take about 200 out of mine and save it...then pay off wedding stuff and my credit card. Richard is going to buy new tires (he needs them) and pay off more of his credit card. I know it sounds like we have crazy debt but we don't. We paid for our wedding 100% by ourselves. DH and I have a total of 4 credit cards.
299260 tn?1304219705 I was sooo sick when I was pregnant, and took medicine constantly not knowing I was pregnant! The first 3 months are the most important, but those little ones stay tough! Good luck to you! Don't get discouraged if your test on Sunday is -ve, because it will still be early, but it is a good start date to test! :) Keyan- You're welcome! I'm always checking on my friends! :) I'm so glad af still hasn't shown for you! That's a great sign that your temps are still up too!!!
Avatar n tn I am going to ask my obgyn today if it is indeed safe, b/c I agree - there's conflicting information out there about all this stuff. I think they caution pregnant women to take ANYTHING their first trimester, but I don't know if I can live without this relief right now. . . Good luck all - I'll let you know what I find out!
Avatar n tn COuld I still be pregnant? Do you think this is implantation bleeding or not? Also, when can I take a early pregnancy test to find out accurately if I am actually preg. My period isn't supposed to be until around the 26th so this bleeding is early and not like my nomral heavy 5 day periods. Help .....
Avatar n tn I am in the same predictment. I miscarried feb1 and bleed until feb12 and i had unprotected sex since then and I have been having systoms alot. But my test came back negative so I am going in for an ultrasound it still might be to early but we will see.
Avatar n tn It wasn't until I went to the doctor who preformed a blood test that was able to verify that I was indeed pregnant. I think that every women is different when it comes to the HCG hormone that builds up. HPT's might not work as the marketing scheme claims...can detect 4 das before a missed period...for every women. So all of you who get a negative HPT and think you may still be pregnant, I would say it is definitley possible. Go to your Dr. to find out!
Avatar n tn Just wanted to let you know I am about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant! So you can get pregnant without a period! ovulation happened without it! My miscarriage was in April and I never had a period after that. So stay positive ladies ANYTHING is possible!
Avatar n tn Im so confused over this being that its my first if I am pregnant. Can someone give me some info. An what I have read makes me think I am pregnant so im not sure anymore what to think. Thanks Alot!!
Avatar n tn He told me to wait at least 1 month before having sex, we waited 4 days. How soon can i get pregnant again? Keep in mind that my Husband is 22, I am 21, we have been married for 3 years and this is our second miscarriage. We hand aonther one in January of 04 at 6 weeks as well. We are so devasted. We thought for sure that things were going to be right this time. Has anyone else gone through this and do you have any advice. I go back to the doctor this Friday.
180483 tn?1229532768 ) CLeigh, you could very well be pregnant - nausea, frequent urination, and sometimes slight cramping CAN all be symptoms. It might have just been too early for the test you took to read anything. Since you're currently 4 days late, have you tried another test? If you don't start your period in a few days and your HPT are still coming out negative, the best thing is to go to the doctor - they'll send you for blood tests. If it isn't the result you had hoped, don't worry.
Avatar n tn Hi, For the last week I've had a constant urge to take deep breaths, and fill my lungs so that they feel stretched. The breath gives minor satisfaction, but then the urge returns. Sometimes, I feel like I need to yawn, but the yawns are not satisfying like they should be. I don't have any problems breathing, nor do I have any other symptoms, like coughing, raspiness or wheezing. Just this persistent urge to breathe deeply.
Avatar f tn Thank you! I will look into that.
Avatar f tn What part of smoking weed through your pregnancy is healthy for your baby?
Avatar n tn I went to my OBGYN that did my procedure but that is not what they want to tell you, they do not and will not tell you that you can reverse this. I have heard that you can take baby aspirin every day so that you can promote lining growth and other drugs. I also heard of another woman that told her NEW gyno that she wasn't having periods and didn't know why, he put her on some meds and got it started again.....from another message board.
Avatar n tn Everything for a period but nothing is happening. Can I be pregnant ? Or do you have a idea on what is going on ? I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. But I can't wait. i am going nuts waitting. Can you help me out on some answers ?
589779 tn?1235128628 GRose, you are right, women who've never been pregnant wouldn't understand. But then, even women who have been pregnant might not! I have been very lucky to have easy pregnancies with all 4. ((knocks on wood)))). Last week, I took my son snow tubing, and I have been playing baseball with the kids on these nice days we've been having. Other than being a little extra tired, I feel completely normal.
Avatar f tn I had it early...until about 11-12 wks then it turned to heartburn...
Avatar n tn i still havent gotten my period.can i be pregnant? how can i find out? what else can it be because i dont have any symptoms of being pregnant?
Avatar f tn Women with PCOS are often overweight and in those cases, ttc can be difficult. If you're ovulation then you can become pregnant. I am about 40-50 and conceived either 1st or 2nd month trying 3 times. 2nd PG ended in m/c though :( Of course it's best to get down to an ideal weight prior to conceiving to limit complications when pregnant like GD, higher risk of c-section, etc.
Avatar n tn What a wreck--and all started with untested diagnosis at age 19 of polycystic ovarian syndrom. Such a joy! Anyone here who can reflect on this? Would appreciate some input and leads.
Avatar f tn C's found that you really should wait one cycle (although many women have gotten pregnant before the first cycle and have had healthy babies from what I read). From what I read, by giving yourself one cycle that allows your body to make sure it expels anything extra that was in the uterus and also gives you a LMP to help determine due date. Also I read that fertility monitors aren't accurate before the first cycle because you could still have hormones in your body from the miscarriage.
162948 tn?1205256292 Here what i found out the longer you had the IUD in the longer it can take to become pregnant it can take anywhere from 18-39months to conceive. 90% of women conceived by the 39month just so you know this can be a long waiting game. Because I just found this website and may not beable to find it again you can e-mail at ***@**** with any questions please put IUD in the your subject line .
Avatar n tn It is rare, but possible to be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test. But that can only go on for so long before you body will produce the HCG hormone high enough to be detected. With all of this happenig only within a couple of weeks, I wouldn't completely rule out you being pregnant. The flutters would be spams though, due to the fact that a woman doesn't start feeling "Flutters" from the baby until about the 15th-17th week of pregnancy.