Heartburn and ovarian cysts

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Avatar n tn i was wondering if ovarian cysts can cause you to feel like your pregnant, as in the nausea, the pains, and the cravings?
Avatar f tn So anyway, i wnet due to lower back and abdomen pain both on the right side. During all of this pain i have had and still have severe heartburn. The only time i have ever had heartburn was when i was pregnant with my youngest child. Which was 3 yrs ago. At that time i also had my tubes tied and last march i have the novasure procedure done. Now that i went off course giving u a slight history I'll go back to the er visit.
Avatar n tn I never felt right and then I finally got answers. I had severe Endo and ovarian cysts. Endo can cause most all of your symptoms. I don't have any experience w/hair loss. I hope you feel better, I understand how frustrating it is!
Avatar n tn The past two weeks I have had a strange brownish/red discharge (like the blood that comes out at the very end of your period) and some blood clots each time I go to the bathroom. I have been reading up on the symptoms of ovarian cancer and ovarian cysts, and although many of my symptoms were related to gallbladder issues, I also have read that ovarian cancer is sometimes mistaken for other digestive problems.
Avatar f tn I've had three TVUS and my ovaries are normal. I'm still having frequent urination, and a new symptom of heartburn. My doctor's are only treating me for constipation. Ob says cancerous cysts don't rupture. Is that true for clear cell? What is causing all these lingering symptoms and sore pain just inside my hip bones?
Avatar n tn I just had the same issue.They told me that there was still a small amount of ovary adhered to the lining of my inside. When they pulled blood and took hormone levels it showed still producing enough to cause a regrowth. This produced enough hormone to generate a new cyst, being the size of a walnut between my kidney and intestine causing severe pain and nausea. I just came home from the hospital yesterday and am awaiting results from the biopsy.
Avatar n tn I have had burping and heart burn for at least a year but never ever attrbuted to my pre-existing cysts and fibroids. Just had an US where an additional undetermined mass was found. Doctor order CA125 test and examined me. He thinks its more likely a fibroid. SInce the appointment I feel nauseaous and really anxious. Have pain on my left side that comes about a week before my period. Do these symptoms indicate specificially cysts, or fibroids or OC??
1412514 tn?1283169297 The Huge football size cysts were found by an Ultrasound scan to look for a missing coil, accidently they found ovarian cysts, and here is my Story( sorry about the bad grammar ) I am a 30 year old female Living in the UK, NO kids a little heavy period due to coil fitted in 1 year ago. Have family history of Ovarian Cysts ( Mom had a cyst few years ago at the age of 54).
1408770 tn?1283216803 Cysts CAN actually stop periods completely, and some of ur symptoms can be caused by having cysts. However, ALL ur sypmtoms r related to pregnancy! I would say u were pregnant! But Im not a doctor, just a mum of 2 who has ovarian cysts! If u want a more informed decision I suggest posting ur question on the "PCOS - polycystic ovarian syndrome" there r lots of women who have had cysts for a lot longer than me and they give great advice.
1408770 tn?1283216803 i have mood swings, food cravings, and an increased appetite, headaches, dizziness, leg cramps, heartburn, nasal congestion, nose bleeds, rib pain, i urinate very frequently and suddenly, indigestion, and... One major thing Ive noticed is the cysts only irregulate your periods.. mine have just simply disappeared.. I have not had a period sense May. its August 28, almost September.. I am working on 4 months period free.. I still have one month before I can be seen..
Avatar n tn I had one 9 mos ago and everything was fine. I have one every year. Today I have heartburn for the first time. I no longer have the urgency to pee but I am still going frequently. I have been drinking a lot of water with the antibiotics. I have been reading the symptoms on the internet and seem to have most. Can you have cysts which are not cancerous? Do you think I have cancer. I am sick with worry.
1408770 tn?1283216803 At first I didnt want to be at all, I'm still very young, but people kept asking me if I was pregnant and I kept developing more symptoms, which were related to pregnancy more so then cysts, and the idea of being a mom kind of grew on me, and now its to the point where if it is a cysts I am scared out of my mind that I may not ever be able to have kids. My mom had to have a hysterectomy..
Avatar f tn I have a huge family history of ovarian cysts and cancer; My Mother, sisters, aunt and cousins all had cysts, Mom had ovarian cancer but they caught it early. I had emergency surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst years ago. We were told to have a ca 125 done every 6 months, that we are high risk for ovarian cancer. The last year my health is going downhill rapidly. I thought it was just my age at first (54), but it isnt.
Avatar n tn I had morning sickness with this pregnancy for almost 3 months straight and was prescribed Phenergan, continuous heartburn, and back in August, I was rushed to the ER for severe back pain that radiated into my stomach on my left side. When we got to the hospital, they performed ultrasounds on my abdomen for an hour. The baby was fine, but it turns out that an ovarian cyst had ruptured. Back in June I had my annual PAP. The Dr. found some abnormal cells and scheduled me for a colposcopy.
Avatar f tn I started getting extremely nauseated and vomiting and so sensitive to certain foods. I have heartburn also. My breast are tender and this was the week I was supposed to be on my period. I didnt have any symptoms my missed period in Feb. 2016. I took a test in Feb 2016 after my missed period. Took two. BFN. Now its March 2016 missed period and all pregnancy symptoms. I dont have any pain like from a cyst. I have two kids. 3 and 4.
120574 tn?1240771440 are a common trademark of ovarian masses, whether malignant or not. I had all the classic symptoms of ovca, including the indigestion and heartburn, as well as a large complex mass with solid components and what appeared to be an enlarged ovary. I was blessed that my mass was benign. During chemotherapy, the acid reflux, indigestion, intestinal cramping, diarrhea, and constipation are common problems.
130737 tn?1214865065 I just went to the Doctor yesterday and had an US done. I have two Cysts (AGAIN). One is attached to the (L) ovary and is about 4.5cm and the other one is located inside my (L) ovary. If this ruptures - this will be my fourth ruptured ovarian cyst not to mention my fourth laproscopic to remove it. I am only 28 yrs old... what are my chances of having children? good or Bad???
Avatar f tn Heartburn is about 3-5 times a week with normal foods - this is fairly new in the last few months. There is more...but they are all symptoms of ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer. In January, I stayed home from work one day not feeling well and I watched Dr. Oz. There was a woman on there that had been treated for UTIs, Acid Reflux, IBS, and some of them repeatedly. But something about that spoke to me.
Avatar f tn My father's sister died of Ovarian Cancer and all of her symptoms were gas , abdominal bloating, heartburn and pelvic pain like me. 2008, I have bilateral ovarian remnant cysts. I am in excruciati g pain on my left side. I had a horrible episode, lots of pressue on the bladder and had bowel movements at least 5 times that day. Pain was so bad I thought I would faint. I thought the cyst had ruptured. My doctor wants to try lupron. I am at my wits end.
Avatar n tn Also, I have not menstruated in 3 months...Can ovarian cysts cause heartburn as well, please say yes because I am terrifed to get another pelvic ultrasound fearing the worst.
Avatar n tn The past two weeks I have had a strange brownish/red discharge (like the blood that comes out at the very end of your period) and some blood clots each time I go to the bathroom. I have been reading up on the symptoms of ovarian cancer, and although many of my symptoms were related to gallbladder issues, I also have read that ovarian cancer is sometimes mistaken for other digestive problems.
Avatar f tn pain seems to be affecting upper abdominal areas causing what seems to be gallbladder pain, heartburn and nausea. I have had a little bit of difficulty with shortness of breath, chest tightness, have undergone allergen testing and been diganosed with asthma. Allergy tests showed multiple reactions to environmental things like dust, mold and ragweed - they started immunotherapy. I am also on inhalers, allergy meds and acid reflux meds.
Avatar f tn I have severe endometriosis. After 6months, july 2011, i had another 1 which is hysterectomy and removal again of ovarian cysts. They left both ovaries bec of the issue of early menopausal. Oct 2011, my cysts came back(endometrioma). My dr put me on birth control pill which didnt work with me. About ur question abt what to eat post op? If u will be having explore/lap, as soon as u passed gas, u will be able to eat. If no passing of gas yet, u will be on clear liquids(broth, jello).
Avatar n tn I have had problems with cysts, bursting cysts, and leaking cysts for about 14 years. About two years ago, I had a cyst burst almost once a month for six months. I have been on about seven different pills, and it almost seems like once my body gets used to a pill it stops being effective. Four days ago I went to the doctor because I was pretty sure I had a partial burst, but the pain and throbbing did not go away after a few hours like all my other bursts and leaks.
Avatar n tn symptoms that go along with ovarian cancer? Does this include upper GI heartburn, or just lower abdominal discomfort/bloating? 3. Does history of taking Clomid raise my risk of ovarian cancer? 4. If a 3cm cyst does not resolve within 8 weeks, at age 50 would you recommend surgical removal?
Avatar f tn I am 40 years old and was recently diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. I wanted to know if anyone has the same symptoms that I have. I went to the doctor in March because I had not had a period for 3 months. She ordered an ultrasound and found a 4cm cyst on my right ovary and prescribed a 10-day supply of Prometrium to jump start my period and wanted to do a follow-up ultrasound in 3 months. I did have a period at the end of March that lasted aprox. 7 days.
Avatar n tn It is the pressure and also the fact that these cysts tend to push other organs aside. This tends to create problems for the entire gi tract.
Avatar n tn I've had odd BM's for months. Could this be related to my ovarian cysts? I've already had my right ovary and felopian tube removed (uterus and cervix too). Only thing left is left ovary and tube and it now has complex cyst. Having f/u us end of this month. I have lots of back pain, mostly when laying directly on my back (lower), and almost daily "crampy feelings" - mostly mild, just occasionaly sharp.
1472311 tn?1286860106 my ca125 is 70 and I have an ovarian cyst confirmed as size of full term pregnancy.