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Avatar n tn fast heart rate again
Avatar f tn 175
Avatar f tn No great swing today. Fairly normal; quite strange. period.
Avatar f tn Bad day today. Had another storm this morning at about 10:30. Climbed to the 130's, even low 140's. Had really to water the plants after too many days of neglect. HR did not abate; kept in the 130's, even lower 140's. Was too hot outside; came back to office, but HR still going too fast, around the 100's seated. In the afternoon, had another storm in the 100's, 110's peaking to 130. Rowed anyway, as I need to keep at it.
Avatar f tn Heart rate more settled today. Maybe because of period coming?
1240706 tn?1331602111 Fetal heartrate was 156 :o)
Avatar f tn 165-173 heartbeat via doppler
Avatar f tn Waking height rate= Evening HR= Raised HR=104bpm / 9.
Avatar f tn Waking heart rate= Evening heart rate= 76bpm Raised HR=
Avatar f tn Waking HR= Evening HR= Raised HR=
Avatar f tn Waking HR= Evening HR= Raised HR=
Avatar f tn My appetite increase today. My heart rate is also increasing. I get tired and feel it beating faster from regular chore.
390388 tn?1279636213 Well feeling a little sick to my stomack tonight. Some palps and pressure, not to bad.
569980 tn?1228329485 250 bpm for approximately 10 min.
427555 tn?1267553158 Heartbeat was 106-113 with slight elevation in BP. This subsided into the night, but felt very tired for 2 days.
668863 tn?1225555406 please come to my page
Avatar n tn well i was on the computer and i felt my heart pounding so i decidid to check my heart rate. it was at 111 beats/min. i checked it again a few minutes later and it had gone down to 99 beats/min.
471949 tn?1236904026 I've been having trouble lately with my hr being too low....today it was down to 39.
Avatar f tn Heart was racing so fast I couldn't even count the beats. It was distracting.
Avatar m tn heart rate was after riding bike
1711711 tn?1340741416 Heart rate low seems to be associated with high systolic.
Avatar m tn My heart rate was at 72 beats a minute.
2066493 tn?1331147098 I had a checkup today. Babies heart rate was in the 150's. I had all my blood work taken today. I go back on May 30. I should get an ultrasound in June.
Avatar n tn heart feels like its working harder than normal
Avatar n tn Unusual fast heart rate
4738473 tn?1360035798 176 bpm today
Avatar f tn Noticed increased heart rate at rest, probably been going on since other symptoms started. I remember having increased heart rate at rest last time I had all these symptoms (back in spring of 2009). Getting chest pain and headaches as well. lower back pain in the muscles (does no hurt more when I press on it). Neck pain on left side. Head ache on lower left side.
Avatar n tn I keep getting this dizzy/light headed feeling. When feeling this way, my heart rate has gone up to 148. That is just a little on the high side. I worry bout Little Boy. We have already been thru so much, I don't want to hurt him in ANY way. I have sopke with the nurse at my OB's office and was told that when I feel this way to come in and get checked out. The thing is that I live at least 30 minutes away from the hospital.
Avatar f tn 160
Avatar m tn Heart rate is up because most of my readings are after I have taken 500 mg of niacin.