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Avatar m tn how do i get the new posts on the other side when i open med help? i have a shortcut on my desktop and since MH changed the format when i click on icon it opens to the same page with same old posts everytime. i then have to click on a post and click return to forum to see new posts. is there a way to chage this? i have looked in "my settings" at top of page but no help.
535822 tn?1443976780 So if they wanted to link to a MedHelp post on their Facebook page, clicking the Facebook icon would paste the MedHelp question over there on their page. The post and answers would be shared with whoever the member lets view their Facebook page - friends, family or the world. It doesn't have to be a post or answer you made to share it - you can link to or tweet any MedHelp forum post that way.
401786 tn?1309152034 The mood tracker is now available. Go to My MedHelp and click on the Trackers Tab. If you don't have any trackers, you'll see a list of all available Trackers. If you already have trackers, click on the Trackers icon on the right of the toolbar and you'll see a list of trackers you can add. Thanks for the suggestion and please let us know if you have any enhancement requests.
Avatar f tn How about a tracker for our heart palps?. Something we can document the day and time and how long the palps last and how we are feeling during and after palps.
Avatar f tn I have in the past use the *watch this forum" setting and it adds the forum/community to the shortcuts. Now, I want to cut down on some of my shortcuts so I went to some of the communities - the ones that I go to often are marked "stop watching" like I would expect - the rest are pretty much " watch this community" - uh? I already am! So I clicked watch then stop - and the shortcut is still there. So, how does one get rid of shortcuts or stop watching? Is this a bug?
Avatar n tn All of a sudden since a week ago, the heart icon doesn't show if I track intercourse. It shows as if a note was entered, but no heart icon. Anyone know how to fix that?
1032715 tn?1315984234 Can anyone tell me why all of a sudden my icon on the forums has changed resolution from my home page and profile page,this has only happened recently.
583196 tn?1429221155 the part where there is the logo and word as a shortcut. i use the my medhelp with the heart to go to my medhelp and it wont let me click on it. also, the search bar is on the left of the screen when it use to be on the right, and is on the right when i reach the login page. then once i'm in it moves and the top of the page freezes. i can logout and get my inbox though. what is wrong? and how can i fix it?
Avatar f tn Is it possible for the excellent MedHelp website to provide a downloadable shortcut so I can put it on my desktop? That way I can get to the website with just one click.
Avatar n tn Set moon icon to binge eating. Monitor from here.
Avatar f tn Go to your profile (the heart shaped icon at the top) and you'll see on the right a list of communities you've "Joined" There's an x you can click on that says "Leave"
Avatar n tn Edit the legend and assign the heart icon to the intercourse event even though it already shows it is assigned. When I did that, it started working.
Avatar n tn Dear Lalaine, For financial assistance I would recommend visiting our website at www.ccf.org and clicking on the visitor's icon. This will bring up a page allowing you to view information regarding financial questions.
463897 tn?1468013750 2) To request to JOIN (or join if you've already been invited) a group there's a tab right below the manage tab or reading preferences.
10590854 tn?1411713168 ¡¿Do anyone know how to add a pic for the icon!?..
101028 tn?1419603004 The pink icon next to your post means you are registered as female. A blue one means you are registered as male. If your icon isn't matching your plumbing - it's helpful if you change it to the appropriate icon. Sometimes the advice we give around here is based on the gender we assume you are from your icon so it is helpful for us :) Thanks!!!!
688845 tn?1325182236 Sorry I've been searching for this answer. I need to know how to delete a shortcut to a specific forum.
Avatar f tn Im 36 weeks and i got my button but on my app shortcut on my phone it says 30 weeks- large cabage.. do i need to reinstall to change this? Will it delete all my posts etc??
Avatar n tn s no shortcut...and it also depends how big your belly is now... cardio! Planks! And a low carb healthy, clean diet!
242912 tn?1402543492 Would be a nice if the Birthday icon could be permanent since that could potentially be used every day, then make that last icon changeable for Holidays? Thanks, Cheryl. No big deal about my initial request though...I really was kinda kidding.
1699033 tn?1514113133 This may be a repeat, but I have noticed that when an ad pops up on the right side of the screen it obscures the Shortcut drop down list. If it is not a "solid" ad, you can usually see beneath it to make a selection. But if it is the Zicam orange ad, for instance, you cannot see anything underneath and therefore cannot make a shortcut choice.
707563 tn?1587576687 Tap and hold down the icon for the app for a few seconds until the icons begin to wiggle and a minus sign appears a the top left of the icon. 5. Tap the minus sign by the application’s icon. 6. Tap the home button again to exit this closing mode. 7. Tap the home button once more to return to your apps page. 8. Try opening the application again. Please let us know if this works for you. If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know.