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Avatar f tn I had a dream that this girl who i was really jelouse of, when she worked with us, came back and took my place on the company trip... I was sooooo angry. I felt cheated.
Avatar m tn ” HIV-1 infects about 35 million people worldwide, and while lifelong antiretroviral therapy (ART) can help convert what is otherwise a deadly infection into a more “manageable chronic disease,” current treatments are not a cure because they can’t completely eradicate the virus, which inserts its genes into the host cells’ DNA, the authors explain.
Avatar m tn For example, left ventricular hypertrophy secondary to heart failure pulls the mean vector even more sharply to the left side as well as a heart rhythm problem. Q. Left ventricular hypertrophy with repolarization abnormality. >>>>The left ventricle (pumping chamber) is enlarged. Repolarization abnormality indicates there may be a heart rhythm problem... Q. Cannot rule out Septal infarct, age undetermined.
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Avatar n tn All of a sudden since a week ago, the heart icon doesn't show if I track intercourse. It shows as if a note was entered, but no heart icon. Anyone know how to fix that?
1032715 tn?1315984234 Can anyone tell me why all of a sudden my icon on the forums has changed resolution from my home page and profile page,this has only happened recently.
Avatar n tn My Mom passed away at the age of 49 from CHF ever since then I have lived in fear of developing the same disease.I am now 49 male and every once in a while have palpitations but no other obvious heart problems.I had a stress test two years ago that did not show any negatives.My question is how much risk do I have of developing CHF, given the history I just described.
Avatar f tn Went to art with a heart - positive
Avatar n tn Set moon icon to binge eating. Monitor from here.
Avatar f tn Go to your profile (the heart shaped icon at the top) and you'll see on the right a list of communities you've "Joined" There's an x you can click on that says "Leave"
Avatar n tn Edit the legend and assign the heart icon to the intercourse event even though it already shows it is assigned. When I did that, it started working.
Avatar f tn Using 3D Vector Imaging he showed me pictures of what I would look like after eyelid surgery, a facelift, injectable filler and laser treatments. What have been the experiences of others specifically with the 3D Vector technology?
Avatar n tn Dear Lalaine, For financial assistance I would recommend visiting our website at www.ccf.org and clicking on the visitor's icon. This will bring up a page allowing you to view information regarding financial questions.
463897 tn?1468013750 2) To request to JOIN (or join if you've already been invited) a group there's a tab right below the manage tab or reading preferences.
10590854 tn?1411713168 ¡¿Do anyone know how to add a pic for the icon!?..
Avatar m tn This will explain vector adjustment. Then the NAPA nomogram is used for the LRI on the vector adjusted Axis. NAPA (Nichamin, Age Pachymeter, Adjusted). Dr. O.
101028 tn?1419603004 The pink icon next to your post means you are registered as female. A blue one means you are registered as male. If your icon isn't matching your plumbing - it's helpful if you change it to the appropriate icon. Sometimes the advice we give around here is based on the gender we assume you are from your icon so it is helpful for us :) Thanks!!!!
Avatar n tn The lead above the necrotic tissue looks through a window of dead muscle tissue (electrically not active) right into the heart cavity. At the beginning of the QRS-complex there is a negative wave: the Q-wave (this negative wave is the vector from the opposite wall).
696672 tn?1276194270 if a eukaryotic dna is inseerted to a prokaryotic dna via vector, then how will it exprees itself???
449588 tn?1206421408 All are within the proper range which is -30 to +90. It is vector analysis and involves the leads (attached to chest) The axis is determined by which direction the electrical signals generated by your heart are travelling toward the leads of the EKG. There is a axis or direction in 3 dimensions to your atrial contraction, ventricular contraction and ventricular repolarization( ventricle relax). This is giving the axis to each component.