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1032715 tn?1315984234 Can anyone tell me why all of a sudden my icon on the forums has changed resolution from my home page and profile page,this has only happened recently.
367831 tn?1284258944 the way to create a profile is to click on your screen name where it says "welcome back " Near the top whre it says "edit profile" (with a pencil icon) , "watch list" (with binoculars icon), "settings", (with a gear icon). Click on "edit profile" and say what you want. You can put something in the box "a little about me" or add a list of interests seperated by commas in thhe "interests" box.
Avatar n tn Did you really mean to post a question about a dog on the Cardiology / Heart Disease Expert forum? There is a forum for pet questions, this forum is for prople that need advice from a cardiologist. Don't get me wrong, I have two toy poodles that are my world and mean everything to me and since my kids married and moved out they have replaced them as the "kids" in the family, I just don't think you'll get the answers you're looking for here.
Avatar n tn Hi there... 45 is not old to get any DX... I got Dx at 55... hang in there and hope you find answers soon let us know how it goes..
535822 tn?1443976780 Some people do like to share information they find here on their other social sites. So if they wanted to link to a MedHelp post on their Facebook page, clicking the Facebook icon would paste the MedHelp question over there on their page. The post and answers would be shared with whoever the member lets view their Facebook page - friends, family or the world. It doesn't have to be a post or answer you made to share it - you can link to or tweet any MedHelp forum post that way.
101028 tn?1419603004 The pink icon next to your post means you are registered as female. A blue one means you are registered as male. If your icon isn't matching your plumbing - it's helpful if you change it to the appropriate icon. Sometimes the advice we give around here is based on the gender we assume you are from your icon so it is helpful for us :) Thanks!!!!
1235186 tn?1656987798 i signed on to FB and it says i like MH. i love MH but dont want my answers on MH shown on FB. how do i unlike MH on FB?
Avatar f tn No one on the internet can tell what is going on and like wise what direction to go with testing. If you feel your Primary care does not have your best interest at heart it is time to find a new one. Trust in the Doctor Patient relationship is important. My Doctors do not always say or do things I like or agree with but I trust them. They are human and sometimes wrong but that is okay with me . I hope you find your answers.
21064 tn?1309308733 Just dropping by to say Hello and Welcome!! I'm so happy to see a forum dedicated to PAD. In the past, I directed my questions on the main heart forum. I'm the Community Leader on the Heart Forums and will be sure to direct questions about PAD to this site also. Thanks for sharing your time and expertise with all of us. Go Buckeyes!
1994268 tn?1329466212 Took my12yr old dog to the vet after he had funny sores on him and was drinking too much. His blood-glucose is fine his heart is good and his kidneys are ok. He had the one tumor removed and was told he is not to go into the sun for too long.
6700713 tn?1384056970 Is there ANY possible way that you could either change the Mood Tracker icon (that huge, open-mouthed grin) to something less..um..irritating, to people who are at the mercy of their moods? OR, maybe even give us a couple of options to customize how the mood tracker shows up on our home pages? I thought I read somewhere that this had been mentioned before, but that the response was something along the lines of wanting to put a little smile into people's days who may be having a hard time.
Avatar f tn Do you have the "My MedHelp" link at the top of the page (heart icon)?
1244565 tn?1268523645 I think the effects of congestive heart failure would be visible on a echocardiogram, but the term Congestive Heart Failure, at least in my case, is used as a name to cover several symptoms. Such as: profound swelling, shortness of breath, etc.
Avatar f tn It could be a hormone fluctuation or could be a blood sugar issue or it could be related to the heart but odds are the heart is being affected by your cycle and approaching menopause. I would see a doctor for a check up. Get a full work up to make sure all your electrolytes are in balance and let them know what your heart is doing. As well maybe see your gynecologist and see if you can get your hormone levels tested to see if they are possibly partly to blame.
2035404 tn?1455169983 Is it just me or do a lot of us think we have heart problems? like pain getting short of breath left arm hurting dizzyness tired.. i need to know if im alone..
599170 tn?1300973893 mine represents two things I love,,health care and computers,,,and my hair actually is kinda cut like that.. So why did all of you choose the icon you have? what does it represent?
Avatar f tn Up at the top of the page there is a magnifying glass icon, I searched for AIH and came up with quite a few posts from other people. I hope this helps you. I hope you can get some answers. If I were you I would check first to see if it is safe to drink while on the medications you are taking. I will try to find more info, Dee http://www.medhelp.
5560421 tn?1369889119 I'm so sadden by the news that this radio icon has passed away today. He was a great entertainer. Km hearing it was from a brain aneurysm and tgat touches my heart very close due to the fact that my husband almost passed away from one. Thank God my husband made it and now we are expecring our first baby. Prayers to his family and friends.
Avatar f tn I had a appt today they wanna to run test on my heart i didnt know it was for me until i called to reshucle it I'm worrying now((tears))) do they run test on all pregnant women heart
134578 tn?1642048000 I do know I can adjust the font size, but when I do, all the framework stays tiny and only the text of the questions and answers changes size. I want to get the whole site back to normal size.