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739070 tn?1338603402 For all the newbies and the not -so newbies, please remember the Health Pages on the main page. They are located in the upper right hand corner, next to the yellow icon. There is a wealth of information in Health Pages and probably an answer to your question. Also, if you cannot find an answer there you might try the "Search this Community" option at the top of the right sided bar with the green "GO" button.
1032715 tn?1315984234 Can anyone tell me why all of a sudden my icon on the forums has changed resolution from my home page and profile page,this has only happened recently.
Avatar n tn Hey im not that old but i have weird small white dots on my skin i have no idea what it is and i have then on my arm. When i ate some peanut better and got some on me so when i took the peanut better of i saw small white dots on me is it cancer? -joshua woong PS: please don't let it be cancer....
Avatar f tn Find the name of the tracker that you wish to delete and click on the trash can icon under that tracker. If you delete a tracker, all the data associated with the tracker is permanently deleted.
393685 tn?1425812522 Pssst .. ck. out Mommy2two's icon .... after her "cat"astrophic experience with her endo yesterday, she went for a new icon!
Avatar n tn Mid fifties with no evidence of heart disease. I'm in great shape but father died of heart problems in 70's and grandfathers in their forties and fifties. I WAS on a Statin - Provochol - and Total Cholesterol was about 175, with LDL of 100, HDL of 57 and Triglycerides of about 73. I went off the Statin and now, two months later, Totoal Cholesterol is up to about 196, LDL at 123, Triglycerides at 84 and HDL at 56. I was hoping lifestyle changes would be enough but apparently not.
Avatar f tn I downloaded sleep on it on my ipad, but I can't seem to capture any stats in it, besides total time slept. Am I supposed to hit the awake button every time I was at night and then hit sleep when I close my eyes to sleep? Do I need to sleep with it to capture my cycles ? How can I set it to wake me at the optimal time. I looked on YouTube and the forums but can't find any instructions. Thanks!
Avatar n tn It sounds as if you have ischemia going on, and depending on the severity of the blockage/s, this can be quite serious. I would try to aim for weeks, rather than months. In Dec 2006 I had the same symptoms as yourself and my Doc send me to a gastroenterologist. He asked me a couple of questions and said it was my heart. I received an appointment for a cardiologist for feb 16th, but on feb 12th I had a serious heart attack.
101028 tn?1419603004 s helpful if you change it to the appropriate icon. Sometimes the advice we give around here is based on the gender we assume you are from your icon so it is helpful for us :) Thanks!!!!
Avatar f tn For vigorous exercise, aim for a target heart rate of 70 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. Your MHR (roughly calculated as 220 minus your age) is the upper limit of what your cardiovascular system can handle during physical activity.
5276663 tn?1370490115 I am thinking of joining The AMERICAN heart walk in Sept, Do U see any problems, in that Happening,?
Avatar f tn hi, i am getting these small tiny bumps on labia minora which are slightly burning and are going away byitself in few days.i got tested for genital herpes and the test result is negative,but my wet prep has wbc of 2+ /hpf,and is normal for epithelial,yeast,trichomoniasis and clue cells.i am really worried and freaking out what it might be.are these symptoms of genital warts or hpv or std .do u'll have any idea...
21064 tn?1309308733 Just dropping by to say Hello and Welcome!! I'm so happy to see a forum dedicated to PAD. In the past, I directed my questions on the main heart forum. I'm the Community Leader on the Heart Forums and will be sure to direct questions about PAD to this site also. Thanks for sharing your time and expertise with all of us. Go Buckeyes!
1994268 tn?1329466212 Hi my dog is a fox terrier cross and is white in colour. He has growths on his body that seem to be growing ( started out looking like warts) - could this be an indication of cancer.
6700713 tn?1384056970 Is there ANY possible way that you could either change the Mood Tracker icon (that huge, open-mouthed grin) to something less..um..irritating, to people who are at the mercy of their moods? OR, maybe even give us a couple of options to customize how the mood tracker shows up on our home pages? I thought I read somewhere that this had been mentioned before, but that the response was something along the lines of wanting to put a little smile into people's days who may be having a hard time.
Avatar f tn Thank you kristii
Avatar n tn re at very high risk of heart disease, you may need to aim for an LDL level below 70 . My doctor put me on lipitor and now my HDL is 58 and HDL 57. Normal range for VLDL is 5-40. Your LDL is within the range of 50-160, but if you have a heart condition you may want to lower your LDL notwithstanding the very good HDL. That seems to be the current consensus with cardiologists.
599170 tn?1300973893 mine represents two things I love,,health care and computers,,,and my hair actually is kinda cut like that.. So why did all of you choose the icon you have? what does it represent?
Avatar m tn From the AHA; The American Heart Association has reviewed the available literature on using chelation (ke-LA'shun) (E.D.T.A., ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) to treat arteriosclerotic (ar-te"re-o-skleh-ROT'ik) heart disease. We found no scientific evidence to demonstrate any benefit from this form of therapy. Chelation therapy is a recognized treatment for heavy metal (such as lead) poisoning.
Avatar f tn This is a question you really need to aim at your Doctor. It will all depend on the condition of your heart. If you have no damage, and your vessels are still adequately supplying blood to your heart muscle, then I can't see an issue because being pregnant is nothing to do with heart disease. However, all your current medications would also need to be reviews as many can affect a developing child.
Avatar m tn Click on the Weight Tracker icon at the top of the page or on the right hand edge of your page. It'll bring up a graph on which your weight will be plotted. Click on the column with today's date on it and it'll bring up a window where you can enter weight, BMI, measurements, dress size, and other info. You can add as much or as little as you want. Click on done & the page will refresh & show your beginning weight and your newly posted weight.
Avatar n tn The icon is out of focus when you first see it. When the machine is turned on, it automatically focuses the icon to each eye. The focus is clear and sharp. I've had my eyes examined by this type of machine for - literally - years. The icon always comes into focus for my good eye. Not for my bad eye. In the machine used on me yesterday, a big balloon (Wizard of Oz kind of balloon) replaced the farmhouse.