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10389859 tn?1409921868 I think the font is designed to be white so when you upload a photo the text will show on top of it. Can you tell me what happens when you try to upload a photo? I see interests listed in your profile today. Did you add them back in today or do they still appear to be missing on your end? I believe the "alert all" option will only notify all the members of your group, but I will check on that to be sure.
Avatar m tn So im on the treadmill which I haven't been on in a long time an a text message comes in from a friend that has 30 vics for sale. It took a mental hit but I said no and let him know I don't need them anymore.
1310633 tn?1430224091 Al-Sharif was one of the first prominent Saudis to start tweeting about the electronic monitoring issue -- describing the shock experienced by a couple she knew after the husband received a text message alerting him his wife had left Saudi Arabia, even though they were traveling out of the country together. What surprised and disturbed them most, Al-Sharif told CNN, was the fact that the husband had not registered with the Interior Ministry to begin receiving such notifications.
134578 tn?1578157483 I do know I can adjust the font size, but when I do, all the framework stays tiny and only the text of the questions and answers changes size. I want to get the whole site back to normal size.
Avatar f tn ll see a Watch this Discussion with a green add icon. It is next to the Email This icon and text and next to the description of the forum. Click the Watch this Discussion link and that particular discussion will be added to your watchlist. I'm not sure what you mean by friend's activities. If you're referring to your home page, you cannot remove your friend's activities.
Avatar f tn About one minute after I woke up, I got a text message from my Mother-in-law asking, "r u up?". It was weird enough that I had literally just gotten up, but it was weirder still that I noticed because I had just gotten done looking at my phone (in other words, I had no reason to look at it) and the sound was set to silent. But I noticed right away.
Avatar n tn I'm glad the text size change solved your problem. Besides this patient-to-patient board, medhelp also has a second heart board where Cleveland Clinic cardiologists will take and answer two or three questions a day. The following the doctor's answers are also interesting. There are also archives of past questions/answers. I've gotten into some really intense debates over there in the past.
Avatar m tn t seem to be a way to print out all of them at once, but you can print the entries one at a time by clicking the printer icon at the top of each journal entry. Let us know if you have any other questions!
Avatar n tn Today I went to pick up my HIV and other STD test results from the clinic. All of which, I was told, were negative. A few hours later I got a text from the NHS saying 'your results are all clear', just now though I got a text saying 'you need to contact us to get your results' and a woman left a voicemail saying 'Hi, I know you've had your results, i just need to speak to you'. Now I'm really worried that I've been given the wrong result?
777052 tn?1333504781 re texting sometimes you have to shorten words to make everything fit in one message but to shorten words or spell them wrong (even on purpose) is just stupid! I mean, I get it if it's a gigantic word but when you spell bye "bie", wrong "rong", etc. on purpose... Oh, my goodness! I'm sorry but it just bugs me! Okay, I'm better now..
182493 tn?1348052915 She just sent me a text and said that she had an abcess form and it got infected.. She hopes to be home tonight.. She will continue to message me and keep us updated.. Please keep praying that she makes it home tonight...and that she does not suffer too much..
1201433 tn?1328997637 Click the persons picture,when the screen opens on the right side close to the top it will show a envelope to send a message or a little person icon and it will say"add as a friend".
Avatar n tn Thanks to the permission I got of MedHelp International I am able to announce a new source of help for you. There now is a subscribable list for everyone with heart trouble who wants to share experiences with others. To subscribe to the list send an e-mail to heart-***@**** and you will receive a welcome e-mail with all details of the list. Don't add any text in the body of the message.
Avatar f tn Sent text message Spoke with police officer
766573 tn?1365166466 //www.incivek.
4981292 tn?1381256805 and people thought i was saying they are sheltering their kids! Im like noooo i meant it not like that at all. Sometimes over text its hard to convey the message in the tone you mean it.
Avatar n tn All of a sudden since a week ago, the heart icon doesn't show if I track intercourse. It shows as if a note was entered, but no heart icon. Anyone know how to fix that?
460185 tn?1326077772 Farther Along Tempted and tried, we’re oft made to wonder Why it should be thus all the day long; While there are others living about us, Never molested, though in the wrong. Refrain: Farther along we’ll know more about it, Farther along we’ll understand why; Cheer up, my brother, live in the sunshine, We’ll understand it all by and by. Sometimes I wonder why I must suffer, Go in the rain, the cold, and the snow, When there are many living in comfort, Giving no heed to all I can do.
Avatar n tn i am sorry i am new and im not sure how to get your message. i feel like i am the only person who struggles with ambien addiction so i really want to hear your story.