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Avatar f tn There are many groups with a similar name and the same teddy bear icon, can you say what's the exact name again?
Avatar f tn I was just wondering what the name of the Facebook groups are that the girls from here are all chatting together on????
Avatar f tn That's strange as checked through hubby's account that it could be found on the search. It's a group rather than a page etc. Teddy bear logo and the word summer with a heart as the cover photo.
Avatar m tn Btw, I just noticed the Facebook icon on the bottom of the page. This doesn't link to my Facebook page right?!!!!!!
719902 tn?1334165183 Jennifer Deeds Hart :)
Avatar f tn I just wanted to let you know theres an awesome group on Facebook J.u.s.t u.s M.o.m.m.i.e.s drop the periods when searching the group and its the group with the flower icon.
987762 tn?1331027953 Regarding online etiquette, "like" is also to "acknowledge" or to share via another platform such as Twitter or Facebook ..not "necessarily" like meaning, "Good, I like this". Are we referring to the Facebook "like" icon on the bottom of the first post in a thread?The "like" icon for Facebook has been on our site for quite a few years and isn't a new feature -- it's actually one that may be in review as we clean up the site.
Avatar f tn you have to go on the actual medhelp website, you can add pictures on your profile, looks the same setup as facebook bassically
535822 tn?1443976780 So if they wanted to link to a MedHelp post on their Facebook page, clicking the Facebook icon would paste the MedHelp question over there on their page. The post and answers would be shared with whoever the member lets view their Facebook page - friends, family or the world. It doesn't have to be a post or answer you made to share it - you can link to or tweet any MedHelp forum post that way.
1035252 tn?1427227833 s in the time of unknowing that having faith is what sees you through to the other side. Faith is what gives you strength. Faith is that light in your heart that keeps on shining even when it's all darkness outside. Now is the time to keep that faith alive" OMG! So I'm just gonna have Faith that my BFPs were BFPs, and until my AF is missed and I can tell my inlaws, I'm just going to thank God for being pregnant and stop doubting. Crazy application, huh?
522699 tn?1250590716 I am just wondering if anyone on my friends list (or not) uses Facebook....
Avatar f tn Please can somebody tell me why do people on facebook advertise when they are going away,surely anyone in their right minds would know that is just an open invitation for burglers,they may as well just hand the keys over and be done with it.
Avatar m tn Its like a giant facebook for mommys who are expecting trying or afterbirth!
1186852 tn?1423660370 I know not everyone will want to join or anything. But i made the group for Fb, its called MH girlies. Its 100% private. Me, and members only can see it, or even know it exists. You can join by invite only. This is the privacy it is set on: This group is secret. The group will not appear in search results or in the Profiles of its members. Membership is by invitation only, and only members can see the group information and content. So its completely your dicision to join or not!
Avatar f tn I need pregnancy buddies :) comment your instagram name or facebook name:)
460088 tn?1289280986 I LOVE being on this website and talking to the ladies in the pregnancy forums and all that jazz.. But, what I don't like is not knowing if their on at the same time.I have to go through a lot of posts to see when they posted last. I'd really LOVE LOVE LOVE to see something that tells me their online now, or when they last were on... I don't like the guessing game! :) Also, I was thinking maybe you could change the colors on the forums Every month. Just something new.
13015626 tn?1430505391 I did post it in the October Forum and someone did start a facebook page for October but I looked for it found it and sent a request and it has not been accepted. The group on facebook also only has one person joined. That is why I wanted to make another one.
1003723 tn?1306252350 Hello all my LOVELY ladies =0) If anyone has a FACEBOOK please add me to your friends, I would love to stay connected with all of you so that I son't lose connections with any of you LOVELY ladies. You can find me under my name Brandi Watson =0) Hope to hear from ALL of you!!! P.S. When you add me just let me know that you are from MedHelp, thanks a bunch!!!
Avatar m tn Hi, see the "report" icon to the right of your name? Hover the mouse over the "report" icon and you can make the request to delete it. As Co Community Leader of this forum, I made the request for you.
Avatar f tn I have a Facebook