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692738 tn?1235762887 I am fixing to get an appointment to go and see ya doctor,,,,, yahoo
276730 tn?1327962946 what great news. Everyone told me that if you can make it to 3 months, you'll make it to 6 and so on. My sugar has been elevated since tx when I've had blood work done. My dr. kept telling me that he thinks I'm going to be diabetic. There is a condition called interferon induced diabetes, are you familar with that? I finally asked for an A1C test which proved my blood sugars have been within the normal range the last few months.
Avatar f tn t start till June I can go to class next quarter Yahoo. Even if USC changes my mind about who does it I can still push it off till summer. I can't stay home I just can't.
Plant Went to Lincoln Park Zoo....walked 12,500 steps = 6 miles...yahoo.
1466115 tn?1300326380 Haven't heard from the doctors office all week! I was told I would hear by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. No three hour test!!! YAHOO!!!
Avatar n tn Hi, do you know any sites publishing fresh news related to pregnancy? I know http://morningcoffee.cjb.net/?health which is just great and is my daily morning mantra (try!), but I'm looking for news stream focused on pregnancy, because my baby is growing :).
Avatar f tn so as usual i was reading/watching yahoo news stories...and i saw this one about a new born puppy and his brother. it's so freakin cute! they both have patches (same spot on opposite sides of their bodies) that are shaped like hearts. the owner named the older dog heart and the new puppy love. they're so freakin adorable and the hearts...are perfect hearts.
Avatar m tn //www.newsmaxhealth.com/Health-News/cardiologists-heart-drugs-overprescribed-American-College-of-Cardiology/2013/03/13/id/494431?
Avatar f tn I walked to the library without stopping and back (with a bathroom break and grabbed a couple of books inbetween) with the walker. I wasn't able to do it without stopping a lot 2 weeks ago. Yahoo. Oh and I started PT exercises on Thursday. It went well. I'm still working on getting off the walker.
665963 tn?1360723554 Wow what great news....congrats to you on your success. We're hearing a lot of SVR news so it's very encouraging for those of us who are in the waiting game. Thanks for sharing your good news. You should be estatic!
Avatar f tn Not necessarily....bradycardia simply means that the heart is beating at a lower rate that falls under the norm. There are lots of people out there with very low heart rates...especially if you are active....if you play sports, if you keep yourself physically fit...for instance Lance Armstrongs resting pulse rate is in the upper 30's...pro athletes heart rates stay in the mid 40's and a little into the 50's.....how slow was your heart rate? No worries tho trust me...
Avatar f tn Insurance weirdly denied my request for a second opinion ns at UCLA but instead approved a ns at USC. Let's just say they are rivals. When I called because I thought it was requesting nl instead of ns they told me that the reason for the USC doctor was because no UCLA doctor would come to bakersfield. Yahoo I get to see my ns where I live. I'm guessing it happened because of the hospital is in Bakersfield that the insurance covers.
408163 tn?1242949501 Hi Everyone!!!! I got a FINAL all clear from the doc....All is well with me and Im all se to go to Florida. YAHOO. Im leaving Tues and will be gone for a couple weeks. I can't wait to have sun and warmth....ahhh...... Im going to go and enjoy myself. Wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. I sooooo have somehting to be grateful for....My health....yahooo..
782988 tn?1242685985 Seeking answers for my heart problems-in the process of getting tests. Hoping to get advice and support.
3060903 tn?1398565123 statins are given to high sholesterol , low dose statin may be good.. blood pressure meds, extemely effective, people eover the age of 60, before lifestue, 150 is when you use drugs, upper 150, old scool water pill direetic , liefstyle can revere extreme heart disease reduction in health care by 50% exercise.
Avatar n tn Johnson said late Friday that its Ortho Biotech unit received a subpoena from the US Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services seeking documents about its sales and marketing of Procrit, as reported in news sources. The drugmaker said it is responding to the subpoena and is cooperating with federal officials.
4223560 tn?1355525950 could you help me i had to get a operation and it went well had to get novasure done , but they found out i had irregular heart beat got ecg done , 24hr recording done and echo gram my heart does beat fast , the results said basic rhythm was sinus heart rate variability ranged from 60bpm-118bpm 1 minute average 27,995 aberrant beats in total 1854 episodes of bigeminy, longest 30 cycles ,episodes of trigeminy longest 69 cycles , no significant pauses , my symptoms coincided with sinus rhythm with
1116010 tn?1280021252 Thank you to everyone here that sent positive thoughts my way after all those grueling statistics the drs kept giving us! Yahoo! Now I can relax and start to let myself enjoy this pregnancy!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn YOO HOO .. this is GREAT NEWS~~~~ I share in your celebration!
272338 tn?1252280404 Oh, my heart just skipped a beat...in a happy way, if that's possible! FANTABULOUS news!! If I weren't at work, I'd have to whoop!
525545 tn?1293181194 Yes, it is true my right foot is finally healed!!! But my right leg is still swollen as well is my knee. I am talking normal swelling. My leg is so swollen the skin is so tight it burns, hurts and has patches of red skin. My knee is so swollen I have to force it to bend. Left leg is swollen not as bad as the right. I am suppose to put ice on my foot above my ankles and also get compression stockings. This is my very sad part. It involves both of our daughters, Karie & Debra.