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1378381 tn?1444869615 If you are experiencing 2 or 3 of the following symptoms, you probably are one of them.
Avatar m tn (This has happened before in college months earlier when I drank a energy drink) but then I had back pain between my shoulder blades and that really freaked me out since that was one of the last words my late father said to his friend before he had a heart attack. Hours past and I went to the ER in the middle of the night since these were all heart attack symptoms and got blood tests, an EKG and an X-ray.... all came back fine.
Avatar n tn But about 3-4 years ago, i started experiencing many more muscle twitches in various muscle groups and even twitching of the fingers, thumb, etc. I went through a very stressful divorce and thought that might be a cause. they have come and gone, and been constant and sometimes non-existent for weeks. but over the last year i have been experiencing some slight tingling/numbness in the face, down the arm, either leg, etc. it goes away.
Avatar f tn I am a 31y/o black female and for the past 6 months I have been experiencing facial twitching (mainly on the the right side). Initially, the twitching occurred around the time I started having dizzy spells or bouts of vertigo where everything appeared to be spinning around me. The dizziness finally ceased a few months ago but the facial twitching continues. The twitching is centered mainly around my right eye (the eyelid, eyebrow, and the area directly under my eye).
Avatar n tn Can you have a heart attack a month or two after it has been ruled out by doctors? I'm a 17 year old female and in March I went to the ER after complaining about left shoulder blade and left arm pain and heart palpitations. They took my blood and EKG tests and everything came out normal except for the anti-bodies in body were a little higher than normal. They blamed the pain on stress/anxiety and also diagnosed me with tachycardia. The pain in my left shoulder and arm was on off after that.
Avatar n tn twitching, cramps, and [since your heart is a big muscle] irregular heart beat. Did my doctor tell me this? No. I had to piece it together myself. Even my dear LLMD doesn't seem to believe that magnesium can be run down to such a low level.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 25 yr old male, 5'8", slightly overweight (around 165 or so) and I'm pretty sedentary usually sitting on my computer for most of the day. (I work from home via the Internet and I'm a gamer) I don't sleep well and am generally really tense physically for some reason. I tend to not eat very well - quite a bit of fast food, restaurants, and frozen stuff from the grocery store though I do try to eat salads and good breakfast cereals like Raisin Bran.
Avatar f tn I've also notice muscle twitching(chest,stomach, hands, feet). A chiropractor told me that i have a muscel problem with my left arm. Another doctor told me that the chest pain can be acid reflux. Can someone give me an answer?
Avatar n tn I have three darling kids - 6, 3, and one and am having definite bulbar symptoms- slurred speech and swallowing. I'm only 31 and my heart is completely broken. If you are just twitching you are fine. I know how it feels to be where you are with thinking about the kids and not seeing them grow up. It really helps to go on medications for this...like prozac. I found that the meds help me cope with the situation better.
Avatar n tn Over 6 weeks ago I had the most terrifying incident when I was driving, shortness of breath 80% loss of feeling to my left leg and arm with the most horrible feeling in the right side of my head, obviously being 40 years old I instantly thought it was a heart attack. I was minutes away from a hospital where they checked for a heart attack (clear result), then for a stroke or TIA with a MRI of the brain (clear result).
Avatar n tn I've seen other internet posts that demonstrate same twitching symptoms from Singulair and suspect that this is far more widespread than otherwise reported and hope medical community will look into it. I'll bet we will see more now that Singulair advertises so much.
Avatar n tn I'm 18 years old all I think everyday is I'm having a heart attack I have anxiety and acid reflux I've done have about 5 ekg and my heart is good but all I'm having is pain around my heart when I walk my chest feels heavy and sharp pains they told me I had costochondritis to so could that really be it ???
Avatar f tn ERs are for emergencies and to get stable - but alas, they are not there to run a lot of tests and to diagnose, unless it is something like a broken arm or heart attack. Get him to a good GP and have the GP run tests so things can be ruled out. Low vitamin D can indicate some hormonal imbalances such as issues with PTH, or even other hormones. It can signal bone or calcium issues (hence the PTH) so perhaps a endocrinoligist can help you.
1678656 tn?1369237418 I had the pain in my arm, could not lift it up and cried everynight because I thought I was having a heart attack. I had an MRI done and they found two bulging discs in my neck at the c5 c6 area. I would mention this to your doc. I feel for you, if this is what is going on... don't wait on these darn doc.s , tylenol or ibuprofin does not touch the pain.
Avatar n tn Fri Nov 30 They moved mom into a rehab center for 2 days she was not doing well her left side is paralized Arm and Leg By mon 3rd she seemed to be doing better wed dec5 i was told that they were going to transport mom to a Dr, Office to she is she would do better with a peg feeding tube in the stomach so the loaded her into a wheel chair and we went off to the Dr office When He saw her he listened to her heart and looked at her stomach and said she needs to have this done when they got her back
Avatar m tn What happens to me feel like I'm constantly having a heart attack totally ***** I feel Ya pain hun
Avatar f tn My bodys was trembling and twitching periodically.Then my heart started to race and I started crying. The crying wouldn't stop, no matter what I did. I trid deep breathing and watching TV but I coudn't calm down. I went to get my mom, and it took her an hour to calm me down. I felt like my mind was spinning. It was like I was caught in this loop of anxiety and I couldn't stop thinking about it. My mom had to come in and put on a movie.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 22 year old male. For the Last 3-4 months I have been experiencing almost all of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism : kidney stones, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, depression, etc I recently went to Kaiser ER for an anxiety attack I was having do to "massive facial and head twitching" (my jaw and temple area on both sides twitching.
Avatar n tn I do not know if you have heart trouble or if you are just having panic attacks, which can have the same symptoms as a heart attack. I say at 29 you are too young to mess around and not see a doctor, so start there and work your way through it.
Avatar n tn If you’re in a sensitive state, this can ring alarm bells because you fear a sudden heart attack. The more you panic, the faster the heart beats. It’s therefore understandable why many people in this situation jump to conclusions and call for medical help. What you have to remember is that palpitations are perfectly natural and can often be caused by exhaustion or stimulants like caffeine.
Avatar m tn I've been experience symptoms of a heart attack and it's put my life on a halt, I don't know what else to do anymore. I've been to the ER a few times and my doctor multiple times. I've had all kinds of tests done. EKG, ultra sound, stress test, Cat scan, blood test and they all came out normal somehow, it's so frustrating. Symptoms: Chest pain or pressure at times and arm pain. Random spasms in the chest area right and left.
Avatar f tn I fully believed that I must be having a heart attack! The pulmonologist believed that the costochondritis was a result of being on crutches for an extended amount of time and that it would go away as quickly as it began. Almost two years later, I'm still suffering from severe chest pain so painful and frequent that it disrupts my life. Soon I began to experience other problems. After watching a TV show, I went to stand up and felt a very painful and strange sensation in my ankles.
Avatar n tn However, recently we found out why my brother died of a heart attack. We have a serious genetic heart defect. It called Long QT Inverval Syndrome. It kills people under 50 years of age. They die as young as 6 years old. so essencially, it is a young persons condition. It is easily treated. But if you have it and it hits you, it drops you dead in your tracks. You don't even have time to get scared. Typically, if you going to die of a heart attack, this is the way to go.
Avatar n tn I have talked to my doctor but he tells me I am too young for any heart problems. My brother had a heart attack when he was 31, My father too has a history of heart problems as well as diabetes. I had a stress test 12 years ago that showed Mitral Valve prolapse, along with an abnormal EKG's. Now my EKG's are normal therefore my doctor refuses to refer me anywhere or do additional testing. Could this be a normal feeling or should I try and get more testing done??? I am 35 years of age.
Avatar n tn I believe I had a panic attack because on Christmas day I went to the ER, thinking I was having a heart attack. I had chest pain and shortness of breath along with the numbness down my left arm. They performed an EKG and gave me ativan to calm me down. I followed up with a workman's comp doctor and he came to the conclusion that I had a pinched nerve in my neck because the numbness came about when I would look up or left. Then I began twitching a lot and also had chest pain.
Avatar f tn Demember 2007 Panick attack during driving. Throat, face, chest, left arm went numb. Eyes twitching. Still able to function. Went to destination Throughout the day my heart seems to beat extra hard. I have been in therapy and have been on medication (Effexor XR since Janurary 2008). My thoughts and anxiety have slowed. My resting heart rate remains the same. I have my legs crossed and my leg beats significantly to the pulse of my heart.
Avatar n tn (no help yet.) The rhumatologist said fibro and neuro disagrees. he says the twitching and spasms and nerve pain can be due to signal in nerves not traveling properly. why he dosent know. i read on my brain mri single left frontal lobe white mater but doc said normal? why?
Avatar n tn I told my husband and he started freaking out about the left arm heaviness and numbness b/c my father died of a massive heart attack at a 54 only 2 years ago. I knew it probably wasn't heart related since I'm so young, but my husband is such a loving concerned person, he rushed me to the ER that night. That's when my symptoms were at their worst. Also, as I am typing right now, my left hand doesn't seem as responsive as my right hand and still feels heavy and weighted down.
Avatar f tn Stiff neck and pain in neck also occurs frequently. I'm only 24 so i don't feel i'm at a high risk of a heart attack as i'm not having any severe chest pains but who knows... i'd pretty much just like to know what symptoms i should watch out for along with these that would indicate a serious risk to my health.