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Avatar n tn The night before last my husband had chest pain that went into his left arm and then his left leg and arm went numb to the point he had trouble moving them. He WOULD NOT go to the hospital. He's very bull-headed!!! The next day his chest and arm was very sore and he was very tired. Is this symptoms of a heart attack? I made him a Doctors appointment but he cancelled it. He doesn't believe it was anything to really worry about. He said..... it's just stress. I'm worried!!!!!!
Avatar m tn anyone ever have their left arm go numb or hurt a bit when stressed or having anxiety?
Avatar m tn After a while of feeling odd and stuff, I began to have trouble breathing and chest pains (I can't remember which started first), it kind of felt like they coincided, but I still would get very minor and infrequent pain without breathing, it felt like I couldn't take a full breath of air, and when I did the chest pain would kick in (more), it felt like a tightening pain.
Avatar f tn Severe chest pain accompanied by numbness in the left arm is one of the main symptoms of heart attack. Your neurologist would also consider vitamin B deficiency or alcoholism as the possible culprit. Cervical spine disc degeneration could also be responsible for the arm numbness. Hope this helps. Take care.
646529 tn?1223620394 He was having heart attack symptoms (luckly no heart attack) but did go through a bypass and also had 2 stents put in this past week. He is hopefully coming home tomorrow.
Avatar n tn He had the crushing pain in the chest but had recently been told he had acid reflux not heart problems so he wouldn't go earlier in the evening to the ER. His heart attack was so severe that he has lost heart function and I was told if we had waited any longer he would not have survived.
Avatar n tn they gave me something to drink to numb me and calm the reflux and the pain didn't go away. Only time and rest helped. Where do I go from hear? Please help.
Avatar n tn I have been having some serious heart palpitations that are accompanied by numb left arm from the elbow to finger tips, feeling like I am going to blackout and extream dizziness. After the palpitaions stop I am left with the dizziness and feel very tired. I have been to my gp who took blood and urine, both of which came back normal. I also went to the ER, where I had chest xray, ecg and had a holter moniter for 24 hours. All of which came back normal.
Avatar m tn Whenever i got pains in my left neck, it was also like a ***** but lasted for 3-4 seconds and was way more intense. i've been literally worried sick that i may have heart problems/ a heart attack. i went to the hospital at midnight 3 days ago because i couldn't sleep because i was so worried. the doctor just checked for a problem in my ribs or something and didn't check my heart and sent me home with deflammatory pills for muscle pain.
Avatar n tn I find if i press on my chest the pain incresses so i not havein a heart attack. numb fingers, face, arms , hips and back with tinging all these things at different times. my temp go up and down at times,blood presure same, heart speeds up like im in a race. I am not bed ridden but i can do very little before the pain increses, I take mscontin time release meds for the pass 9 years. I am wondering if what you take is better for the pain. I have seen every doc.(the best there are).
Avatar m tn There are more episodes like yours than you realise, where you go to hospital have an angiogram and no blockage is found. I had the same thing with my last attack a few months ago. It was explained to me that sometimes a clot may form and it disperses quickly enough to prevent damage. The administering of GTN, aspirin and clopidogrel can overcome this quite quickly.
Avatar n tn I started having panic attacks in October, the first of which landed me in the hospital, as I didn't know what was happening. I was having trouble breathing, my heart was racing, my left arm was tingling and going numb and I thought I was going to pass out or even die. It was terrifying. My husband, the paramedic, was not home at the time . . . of course :) For weeks after this trip to the hospital, I was suffering with this terrifying feeling.
Avatar m tn (This has happened before in college months earlier when I drank a energy drink) but then I had back pain between my shoulder blades and that really freaked me out since that was one of the last words my late father said to his friend before he had a heart attack. Hours past and I went to the ER in the middle of the night since these were all heart attack symptoms and got blood tests, an EKG and an X-ray.... all came back fine.
Avatar n tn bad pains -all of a sudden / light headness / short of breath /feeling cold - 30mins worth.. does not sound too good to me.. I would think about paying a visit to a local ER if this happens again or you have any chest pains or breathing problems. or asap see your Doctor and let them take some tests so you know your ok or not .. I know Gas can cause chest pains - and also trapped gas bloating can do the same thing with cramping to the back and shoulders.
Avatar n tn I've only had one serious panic attack where i was laying on the couch watching tv, all of a sudden my heart started pounding my left arm went numb i couldnt breathe and thought i was going to pass out, went to the ER and my heart is perfectly healthy and they said it was a panic attack. My doc perscribed me with zoloft, which i must say, was a life saver. For months before i had felt depressed, never wanted to get out of bed and didn't feel like myself.
Avatar f tn The last time I worked out was 2 days ago and the soreness from that had already gone away. I'm worried that it might be a stroke or heart attack because a numb arm is a common symptom.
Avatar m tn I started to stress out big time and become very frustrated and then became panicky then i started feeling pain. sharp chest pain, my left arm felt almost numb and shaking, and I felt like I was gonna go crazy i was so afraid i was having a heart attack. but then i calmed down and it went away. i couldn't figure out what had happened. did i have an axiety attack? was it from stress? was i pushign myself towards a heart attack?
Avatar f tn Right now im up i slept 1 and a half hour and my arm got numb again i felt i wanted to throw up and my heart started beating fast. please help me im not sure what to do or what is going on.
Avatar f tn While it is true that a myocardial infarct is sometimes reflected in left arm pain, in such a case "rubbing" will not relieve the pain. It "ain't a heart attack". With due respects a chiropractor is not the appropriate "professional" to seek treatment from. The professional has an M.D. in front of his name.
Avatar m tn I have been dealing with what feels like constant pressure on my chest for months starter after I quit, two days ago I woke up at about 5am couldn't get back to sleep so I started my day with some cleaning, come around 7 or so my whole left arm started feeling numb and my heart rate increased, this lasted for a few minutes then went away with me doing some deep breathing exercises, I thought maybe I slept on my arm and it just took a while for that blood flow to get moving so my heart had to wo
Avatar n tn I thought I had just experienced a stroke or a heart attack. I really thought that if my arm didn't come back, my whole body was going to turn numb and I was going to die. My wife said it was the most bizarre thing she had ever witnessed. I googled heart attack, then stroke, then panic attack, since I had one last year just like this but without the numbness, and with trouble breathing instead. I am scared to go back to sleep now.
Avatar f tn Last night I kept waking up with my arms tingling, numb and full of pins and needles. They were so numb at times that my fingers curled in as if paralyzed. Right now I can feel the tingles going down my shoulders into the back of my arms and into my pinky and ring fingers on my left side and into the back of my thumb and index finger on my right. This is taking forever to type. The last time I had this symtom to this extent was 4 years ago after the birth of my daughter.
Avatar n tn I have other symptoms also, pins and needles in my hand, cold numb hand and again, upper arm pain, and sometimes wrist pain. The past month I have pain now in my left arm, same pain as right and its daily. Had an EMG test done, which came back perfectly fine, and the neurologist said 'your fine' I told him of my daily pain, he said Im sorry for your pain but your nerves are fine. he had no advise, nothing, just goodbye. I was quite dissapointed to say the least.
Avatar m tn i was just about to get into my car along with my wife as i felt very uncomfortable, i had a hard time catching my breath along with dizzyness and tightness of my chest at the same time my left arm got very numb up to my fingertips. i also had pain in my left armpit and chest my wife gave me a bear asperin and after 15 minutes of these simptoms going and me being stubbern not listening to go to the hospital it finaly went away but i still feel my left arm hurting like if it was brused.
Avatar f tn I went and laid down but in the mean time thought i was going to die or having a heart attack however i had no chest pain. After a half hour or less the pain stopped and i was ok except for having a headache and freezing cold and clammy hands and feet. I finally fell asleep and woke up this morning exhausted,my muscles have been sore all day,Also i have been diagnosed with cositocondritus that flares up when i get sick or anything. Please advise what is the best way to handle this.
Avatar m tn I'd go get your heart checked, just on the rare chance.
Avatar n tn Would you care to tell me what kind of physical sensations you were/are having? Perhaps I can relate to them.............I have many of my own! Like you, I will often feel something for just a second or two, but my anxiety driven mind turns it into a heart attack or stroke and then it becomes nearly impossible to "pull" myself out of it. Since you said you still get anxious from them, let's talk. It helps. I'm here if you want to.
Avatar n tn I don't want to worry you either, but people generally have these kind of symptoms in the weeks leading up to a heart attack also. I would go to the ER, invest a few hours and get it checked out. I would in no way wait for 21/2 weeks to be told to go to the ER by your other doctor. It is simply not worth taking the chance, especially if you have any of the classic risk factors. Do yourself a favor, get it checked out..................