Heart attack symptoms pain in left arm

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Avatar f tn Can left arm pain be a predisposition to a heart attack and what part of the arm do you get heart pain in? I have had about three ecgs done this year and all are normal.
Avatar m tn I have pain in left armpit that radiates down my arm...comes and goes and started today. I have had some weird heart populations today when exerting myself with my stressful business.
Avatar n tn It only lasts for a short time but it is starting to worry me. I also have occasional left upper arm pain. Does this sound like heart attack symptoms? I have been put on a prescription for beta blocker and given nitro spray, had an ecg, chest xray and blood tests but still waiting for results.
Avatar f tn I'm a 39 year old diabetic,I had pain in my left shoulder and arm,was sweating,and my heart was racing then it went away Could this have been a small heart attack?
Avatar n tn I had a heart attack 15 months ago. When I did, I had a place in my left arm about 3 inches above my wrist then about 4 or 5 inches long that I described as having a hot poker stuck in my arm in that location. I have been told that having a burning sensation happens with a heart attack sometimes. Now when I exert myself I hurt in this same spot, If I rest or take a nitroglycerin pill it goes away.
Avatar n tn I am 41 years old in good health besides being overweight. For the past 4 or 5 days I have been having pain from my chin down thru my colar bone..and sometimes down my arm a little. It comes and goes. And the pain is very minor. I can't tell if it's just neck or what..My neck is sore if I try to bend it.. I also occasionally feel some pain in my chest on the left side..it's very minor also.. Also, I sit at a computer all day for work..so I sometimes get a stiff neck fromt hat...
Avatar n tn The night before last my husband had chest pain that went into his left arm and then his left leg and arm went numb to the point he had trouble moving them. He WOULD NOT go to the hospital. He's very bull-headed!!! The next day his chest and arm was very sore and he was very tired. Is this symptoms of a heart attack? I made him a Doctors appointment but he cancelled it. He doesn't believe it was anything to really worry about. He said..... it's just stress. I'm worried!!
Avatar m tn I have the usual severe chest pains in the center and on my left side, but the symptoms that scare me are the pain/numbness down my left arm and numbness in my arm and both ankles. This is starting to scare me! My left arm and both ankles feel like they're falling asleep, even when I'm just sitting down. If the ER ruled out the possibility of a heart attack, what could be causing my heart/chest pain with the numbness? Could it be heart failure?
Avatar f tn If the heart is beating too fast, the chambers cannot fill properly with blood and therefore the body does not receive enough oxygen which can cause you to feel pain or weakness or dizziness. Most heart attack symptoms include pain in the left arm, jaw, stomach and for many women, in the middle of the back. A person may be sick to their stomach and paleness and they break out in a cold clammy type of sweat.
Avatar f tn ve been experiencing stabbing and squeezing pains in my chest for a few weeks. I also have stabbing pain in left arm and left wrist, now I have a nagging pain in my jaw that wont go away. I am so worried. If I move a certain way or put pressure on my chest, it brings in the pain again. Can someone please help me?
Avatar m tn I hear all the time of left arm pain being a sign of heart problems. My question is what kind of pain and where?
Avatar m tn Ok for about three weeks I have had a discomfort nothing unbearable or even very painful in my left arm. The pain moves sometimes in my shoulder , elbow, upper arm, lower arm sometimes I lay on my arm. When I rub it down the pain stops and it does not hurt all the time. I am some what of a worrier so I just like to be sure I am 6'5 335 had a doctors checkup in Nov. 2007 and everything was fine of course the doc said I need to loose weight.
Avatar f tn i have pain under my left breast and arm pusait,,also have a feeling of heaviness between my breasts,nausa,vomiting,dizzy and lightheaded,pain in my lower and upper back..i have low blood pressure blood because of my anti-depressants..i know i have high cholestrol,and low good cholestrol...also there is a family history of heart disease...went to the er with these symptoms was told because of good blood work and good ekg and a low blood pressure that it wasn't my heart but a ulcer...
Avatar n tn My mother died at age 66 of a massive heart attack. Is it possible that this episode is a symptom of heart disease or a pre curser to a heart attack? I should also mention that during rest I felt fine. When I was up moving around or moving my left arm is when I felt the pain. Also during the beginning of the attack it was very hard to take a deep breath. This would make the pain worse. If this was a heart attack or a symptom of one what steps should I take now that I am feeling ok?
Avatar f tn I understand your concern regarding your symptoms. Do you have history of increased blood pressure? While your symptoms are similar to heart attack, it seems unlikely especially if it has been there for 4 days. However, it is recommended that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Diagnostic tests such as electrocardiogram may be done. Acid peptic disease and musculoskeletal issues may need to be ruled out. Take care and do keep us posted.
4410657 tn?1354153494 I am a 57 yr old female...Early A.M . I woke with pain in my chest,left arm hurting and left hand tingling as tho it was asleep,a headache and slight nausea.This lasted about an hour and went away and I went on to work feeling fine. I have a hiatal hernia and I was wondering could it have been the hernia or a heart attack??? Can a person feel ok after a heart attack??
Avatar n tn Last week I was struck by a pain in my left arm and chest that lasted about 45 minutes in total, this was after dinner and walking up some steep steps faster than I had walked since the surgery. I was told by my doctor to go to the emergency room the day after the episode though by that point I was fine. The blood test results and lung scan with dye showed that I had suffered no heart attack nor had a blood clot.
Avatar m tn A man beside me told me that he had had a heart attack a week ago. He said that the only pain he felt was in his left arm. He also had some numbness in his arm. He went to the ER. They rushed him into the cath lab and placed a stent in one of his coronary arteries. He saved himself any real damage to the muscle of the heart, by acting on his instinct. He looked just fine to have had a heart attack a week before.
Avatar n tn Have a heavy feeling in my left arm kinda like its asleep . No pain in chest no pulled muscle havent lifted anything. Its been doing it off and on for about three days. Should i go to ER?
Avatar n tn i'm having pain in my left arm...in my chest on the left side under my breast and down my left side...wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what this might be.....it also hurts when i take a breath....
Avatar f tn ve been experiencing stabbing and squeezing pains in my chest for a few weeks. I also have stabbing pain in left arm and left wrist, now I have a nagging pain in my jaw that won't go away. I am so worried. If I move a certain way or put pressure on my chest, it brings in the pain again. Can someone please help me?
Avatar f tn I am a 40 yr female who is very prone to anxiety and panic. For the past almost 2 weeks I have been having random pain in my left arm and shoulder. It's not severe at all, but comes and goes and is different places sometimes. There are times when i can push on it and the pain slightly intensifies. I saw my cardiologist on Monday, he doesnt believe it to be cardiac related, I've had quite a few ekgs,and also have had a treadmill stress test and echo about 3 years ago.
Avatar n tn My left arm became very weak, and I could feel some kind of flip flopping in my heart. I became really nervous. There is still some mild pain in my chest and crampiness in my arm. I have had arrythmias for some time and have noticed quite a few recently. Could I have possible had a heart attack? I am a 38 yr. old female. Also, if I were to be okay for the evening and go see my doc tomorrow, would he be able to tell if I indeed had a heart attack with blood work or EKG? Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn sister has high blood pressure, other than that no family heart issues/attacks. For the past 4 days my left arm (upper) and my left coller bone has been aching, I wouldn't say pain.. its more like pulling a muscle feeling and also my left side of my neck, it can really feel it if I lean forward. And also ive been burping alot, and really bad indegestion last night that made me feel sick, but I always have indegestion, it runs in the family. Normal pulse in the 70s.
Avatar n tn i have had a pain in my left arm for four days now and its realli startin to worri me also i have bin gettin a light pain in the left side of my chest and also increased heart rate could u make a suggestion on what this could be?