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Avatar f tn Do any of you have pet insurance. I've looked at a couple but they seem like a rip off. A lot of stuff is excluded from coverage and after the deductible and what they don't cover, it seems like what little they do pay is not as much as the premiums.
1569985 tn?1328251082 I had health insurance from my employer since 1966, and from the Navy for a few years before that. .
1580434 tn?1378600128 I just can't afford to go without health insurance, and in Texas there's no other options. Private health insurance is a big joke - they either won't take pre-existing conditions, or they want $600 a month. We desperately need health care reform - the bill just passed was helpful, but we need more.
Avatar m tn Take your blood pressure next time you're at a pharmacy (even Walmart and many supermarkets). Check you heart rate too and see if anything there is amiss. My experience with health insurance, even now that I am on Medicare with a secondary private insurance, the deductible keeps going up. So the good news is while one may have to pay the doctor bill, the fact they haven't yet hit their deductible means they've been relatively healthy.
306867 tn?1299253309 I don't think Obama is going to get me free insurance. I don't want that. I would just like it to be more fare. Why is Health insurance 40% more in Miami than most of the country? McCain's plan is the same as Bush's. It's not working. It goes up 15-20% a year. At least Obama talks about insurance and understands there is a huge problem. McCains plan is no plan. Obamas plan keeps the giant H.M.O.s in the middle, making billions off the health of people. So, Obama's plan ***** too.
535822 tn?1443980380 The Affordable Care Act's requirement that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax," wrote Chief Justice John Roberts, in his majority opinion. "Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness." Thus, the government can force Americans to buy anything it wants by simply characterizing the forced payment as a "tax.
209405 tn?1189759421 I don't want to debate whether you like or don't like Michael Moore but I can relate to some of the insurance victims in this movie. I was denied health insurance a couple years ago because the insurance company didn't want to take on someone with anerexia, even though I'm not anerexic, never been told or treated by a doctor for anerexia, and I love to eat. The insurance company inferred it because I was skinny for my height with low blood pressure and a history of depression.
2059648 tn?1439770265 that they charge the people that can least afford to pay it, the people without health insurance. Either ask your doctor to ask your insurance company what is the allowable charge for the particular CPT code of the test that you want, or call your insurance company and ask them directly. Concurrently, you could ask what percentage of allowable the insurance company will pay, or equivalently, what will be your patient responsibility.
612551 tn?1450025775 Being early in the year when my wife refilled her 90 supply of Ability anxiety medication we had not yet paid anything into our insurance medical deductible of $1,250. When we picked up the prescription it cost $1,290.00 Wow, looking into the issue I see the medication is listed at over 1,600 for 90 pills, or over $18 per pill. This is enough to cause anxiety by itself. We paid our $1,250 plus our per prescription copay of $40.
645390 tn?1338558977 and That's with insurance - under the new health reform act Obama Plan. I have a 50% copay. My insurance will cost more come January and so will the copaxone. I can't afford either and have been without copaxone for quite seometime. Haven't been able to get any financial assistance through Shared Solutions - I was rejected.
280485 tn?1249017444 I hear you regarding health insurance, pep. Something needs to change. I don't know the answer, but I don't want to see the government start running the show.
Avatar n tn Caremark is the pharmacy. So make sure you call your insurance company to arrange it thru the mail if possible. It would have cost me alot of money if I went to the local pharmacy and thats even with using my insurance. I just happened to stumble upon this info when I asked an NP how much would my payments be and she wasn't able to give an answer.
Avatar n tn Being in the know as far as health care is concerned, what would you say to those of us who have not been diagnosed yet as far as insurance related issues are concerned. I know it must be harder getting health and life insurance once you get a DX like MS. I currently work for Kaiser and have Kaiser insurance and have no clue about the RX coverage for more intricate meds. like Avonex. Once the diagnosis is made, everything I know will be affected.
649848 tn?1534637300 Oct 11, 8:15 AM (ET) By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER WASHINGTON (AP) — For just the third time in 40 years, millions of Social Security recipients, disabled veterans and federal retirees can expect no increase in benefits next year, unwelcome news for more than one-fifth of the nation's population. They can blame low gas prices. By law, the annual cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, is based on a government measure of inflation, which is being dragged down by lower prices at the pump.
1530342 tn?1405020090 I bought my insurance with a pre-existing condition, so it's not impossible to get health insurance when you have one. I'm an example of that. Health insurance can be a bit expensive, but I would take that over universal health care any day. I love what we have now. I love the freedom I have in the US to pick my specialist of choice, a doctor who completely understands my rare medical condition and knows how to treat it.
Avatar m tn Problem – 01 Absolutely no Doctors are taking this insurance. I call the Health Insurance on my card and call the Doctors office and both are saying that I am screwed. I call BCBS and they say go online and check and also call in to see if Doctor is in Network. I go online see a Doctor call in and make sure with BCBS and call the Doctors office and low and behold the Doctor says they are not in network.
Avatar f tn My experience with insurance companies is that their $ cut is more important than your health. No matter what age you are now Medicare is choice and freedom. Ryan's voucher system is big profits for the insurance companies, less for the patient, and a lower quality of care. Medicare is a government run, single payor system. So yes, I am for universal health care. Medicare proves it works.
1034549 tn?1255428213 We felt we had no choice at th time but to change insurance companies and I ended up with zero insurance due to all of pre-existing conditions. After this, our bills started piling up. We ended up 2.5 months behind on our mortgage, 2 months behind on utilities, car payments, and bill collectors were calling every day. It's easy to pay two or three bill collectors $50 a pop every month, but when you suddenly have 20 or more bills from different doctors, labs, etc...
209384 tn?1231171906 Just about the time we think we're really getting somewhere something else goes wrong with my health. To top it off today, my insurance refuses to pay for the Cortrosyl injection or the test to check my cortisol levels that my endo ordered. Am hoping that it can be down with a 24-hour test, but don't know yet. It's not enough that my lack of energy and enthusiasm for life is almost non-existant, I have to suck all the money down the tubes with me.
599170 tn?1300977493 At the first of the month following the end of their term, there should be an immediate cessation of their health insurance unless they can pay for COBRA coverage and have the task of rolling over their pension plan in the time allotted. Oh .. and with all due respect and no malice intended .. may they also exhibit a willingness to work without a job in sight and their unemployment benefits ceasing .. if only to let them realize that this is happening to many people across the nation. Hmmm .
Avatar m tn I tend to think adrenal issues are not your problem. Adrenal issues tend to come from a long time of being hypo, and from your initial labs, it seems like you never were hypo (based on FT3 and FT4). I'd approach my doctor on pituitary issues by asking her why she thinks your FT3 and FT4 were good in your initial test, yet your TSH was somewhat elevated. As your FT3 and FT4 increased in your second set of labs, your TSH actually went up. This is the opposite of what it should do.
Avatar f tn I dont want to wait too long and have other age related problem hindering my tx. Also my health insurance will be gone by may 2011. So I need to do something.
Avatar f tn Second was a shot a week and I did better that time...hoping this one is bearable ;-) Anyone out there with health insurance through their work that has any input on how well the treatment was covered? I have a high deductible, pay 2500.00 out of pocket and the rest is all paid for, have reached my deductible, but worrying the ins co will play the games of meds not being covered.
Avatar n tn My next viral load test isn't scheduled until week 24. I don't have good insurance. The deductible is high enough that doctor visits and lab tests are all paid out of my pocket. Insurance pays 50% of the prescription (but probably nothing beyond 48 weeks). I'm thinking of having the viral load test every 4 weeks, and if I go undetectable, go 36 weeks of treatment from that point. Does this make sense to others here? Any ideas or suggestions?
Avatar m tn In the USA people with HBV keep quiet, because you can't get a decent health insurance coverage once you disclose your status. That is why the statistics are low. Keep watching these statistics to change next year, when Health Insurance companies will be banned to abuse us. In Europe they have free health care, so the numbers of HBV infected seeking treatment are real.
1508977 tn?1290189811 ) I found out that only part of my uterous was removed which really confuses the heck out of me, why would only part be removed if you requested all of it to be removed for sterility reasons??? I have health insurance so the free clinics i have tried to go to deny me since i do have it. problem being i pay $400.00 a month for my kids and i to have the insurance and there is a $1500.00 deductible for another surgery to be done so they can remove my right ovary.
1947387 tn?1325644930 I've only seen my dr once since being diagnosed, and that was in November which just resulted in another lab test. I have high deductible health insurance because my husband and I are 25 yrs old and healthy (prior to this thyroid situation at least..). My lab tests are done at the dr I see and are fairly inexpensive, but the pituitary testing was sent away and was a couple hundred dollars.
Avatar f tn it appears my decision was made for me when I called my insurance co ( Aetna) and was told that LabCorp was out of network, where I have a 6K deductible. QUEST it is!!! FYI....Quest has online lab results if you register and get Dr.okay. I am getting ready to do that. We should ALL do that who use Quest.