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967168 tn?1477588089 ) I have a supplemental health options (SHOP) policy through Allstate Workplace, that pays for hospitalization, surgery etc. It's been over 3 months since surgery & I filed a claim 3 days after surgery. They're dragging their feet and I get different answers about the status each time I call. I've called, emailed and faxed 50 times (all noted with dates/times/names) so far.
387294 tn?1207623785 My son and daughter may be looking for health insurance after they leave college and are no longer dependents. My daughter has been diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic heart valve. She has a healthy heart and it is working well. With this impact her chances to get health insurance on her own? Will it impact our ability to continue her insurance after the cobra period is over on our insurance?
Avatar f tn Like someone else said , the ONLY way to know how your insurance works and what is covered is to call your insurance and ask about your specific policy. I worked for a major health insurance company for years and the biggest mistake you can make is not calling them in advance. I also recommend finding out what options you have for permanent coverage for your baby.
433263 tn?1204110037 Hello Not to sure if anyone knows anything about this but any ideas or suggestions would be great. I was on my parents health insurance until I was grad. high school and I have liver Illness called Orthine Transcarbamalyse I was born with it and until I started going to school I had a job with health insurance... Now I went to pick up my medication called buphenyol and I about fainted when he said a four digit number. My father says he can not put me on his policy until oct.
Avatar n tn later, I learned that the virus has returned. I was let go from my job 2.5 yrs ago (and, thus, my group health insurance coverage)and formed my own company of one last year. I finally got health insurance coverage through Humana and did not disclose anything regarding Hep-C.
Avatar n tn (5) I go riba-crazy LOL and call the insurance company; (6) The insurance company tells me that the reason they didn't authorize the pre-cert was because the doctor's office didn't give them information that fufilled the *criteria* needed for the pre-cert. (Criteria that only the insurance company apparently knows. LOL.
Avatar n tn I know that Kaiser of Southern California has a continuation policy you can get after COBRA, and because of a federal law called HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), if you had 18 months of continuous coverage they must cover you. It's expensive though, at least as much as COBRA coverage. You'd better hurry on this, because there's a rule that if 63 days (I think that's the number) have passed without coverage, you are SOL.
683231 tn?1467326617 Or maybe Gliead is trying to push the insurance companies do what we pay our insurance to do.
Avatar m tn I am trying to figure out what to do with my health insurance. I currently have Medicare and a "carve out" program with Lovelace that I pay for each month. I recently was approved for Medicaid. What does this do for me? How do all these insurance plans work together? What would you recommend that I do?
Avatar f tn You may want to call your state's insurance department to get a list of private health insurance companies. You may also want to contact your local Blue Cross to see what they can do for you.
Avatar f tn I was assuming insurance was picking up the bill, hope they are. Now I'm panicky. Do people with insurance have a big out of pocket with this or will it be just my 15 dollar co pay? i will be calling, but would like some feedback or any advice you may have. also if you can think of any other questions I should ask insurance when I call.
Avatar f tn Contact your health insurance company, with mine the baby is covered for 7 days under my name and then he/she gets her own policy number, but I have to wait for his/her social security number.
Avatar n tn my former job used United Health Care which approved my new job also uses United Healthcare it will just be a different group and policy I need to tell him I have hep c and currently on tx...just not sure the correct protocol...thanks....
Avatar n tn The underwriting for a DI policy also varies from company to company and according to policy type. Even though you are in limbo, your past health history, current doctors visists, and a possible physical examination could curtail your attempts to obtain a policy. As for long term care insurance, you are correct. These policies would cover care up to a certain limit for any or all of assisted living, nursing, skilled care, etc. depending on the type of policy purchased.
876473 tn?1240167269 but that is what we have done with health insurance companies. 2. They have been given the ability to withhold services If all United Health Care (for example) did was to provide insurance, they would not be vilified as they are. But since the only data available for medical care was the claims data they hold, they were put in a position to control cost. This was sensible initially, as they had both the data and the means (denying unnecessary care) of cutting cost.
335728 tn?1331418012 policy in partnership with American General for this really low fee every month - we signed up immediately, and the policy is a good one. What I'm thinking is, when you start calling around to insurance companies regarding getting a policy, you certainly may be able to find one, but the downside is it might be horribly expensive to pay on monthly. One more thing, is there any way you might could do some research on "inactive MS"? Meaning, you may have a case with the ins.
Avatar m tn Weve got health insurance. Good health insurance. Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The whole family went to the eye doctor yesterday. All had exams and each exam was $10. Yeah, $10 bucks!!! Pretty awesome.... glasses for the whole outfit excluding me, even with good insurance is going to cost $700. So much for that good insurance. Who knows what it would have cost if I was going to get glasses....
1391695 tn?1298143389 OK, thanks, hopefully my insurance will cover, if not, this is good info. Do you think I can call my insurance and ask? If so, what is the exact technical shot I am asking about?
Avatar n tn whatever you do, because you dont know what could happen, DO NOT get rid of your insurance... if you have to pay out of pocket for your health insurance policy, do it... it will be a lot less costly, even if it is just for the medications themselves. i would recommend working until your treatment starts and you then determine that it is making you too sick to work... there is no point to not working now...
Avatar f tn I have heard (but never tried to confirm whether it is true) that in New Jersey, health insurance must cover IVF. Given the high costs of the procedure, it would surprise me if just any health insurance (in the United States) covers IVF (like Blue Cross or whatever), I would guess only customized group policies for just a few companies do. I have heard it is much less expensive to do IVF in India. Good luck, sorry this is all hearsay.
Avatar n tn I have recently been put on medicine to help my body filter out the high levels of amonia i am experiencing. I cannot obtain health insurance due to my current illness. I have been advised to apply for Medi-Cal which i am working on just not sure how strict the application process is. I am located in California. I am seeking any help possible in regards to the application? I do not make much money due to my illness and after write offs i basically net 0 dollars.
Avatar f tn That 1800 number doesn't seem to have enough digits.
798555 tn?1292791151 When I cut my hours back through our small business, I no longer qualified for health insurance and Cobra was so expensive I've gone without insurance. I've waited 6 months, but am finally eligible for the the PCIP plan through the pre exisiting health care reform. The rates were alot higher but starting in Jan they will be lower and now there's 3 or 4 plans with different rates available for most states.
Avatar m tn A controversial new policy by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System depriving hepatitis C patients coverage for liver transplants is effectively a death sentence that, left unchecked, could have far-reaching consequences for millions of Americans afflicted with chronic viral hepatitis, the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR) said today.
Avatar n tn It is one of the reasons why lifespan in America is ranked at 40th in the world A lack of health insurance can definately be detrimental to your health. Many people in this country without health insurance can't afford a doctor visit and thus let things go until they become major problems. The cost of prescription drugs is the highest of any country in the world. The cost of health insurance in this country is rising at over 10% a year, so more and more people are going without it.
Avatar m tn US physicians increasingly support a single-payer national health insurance system, according to the results of a survey reported online January 29 in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. “Many politicians may mistakenly believe that single-payer national health insurance lacks support among key stakeholders such as doctors,” lead author Danny McCormick, from Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA), said in a news release.
128725 tn?1207861017 I work in the health insurance industry and pregnancy can no longer be considered a pre-existing condition. Services provided that are not included in routine OB care and deemed to not be medically necessary may not be covered. You always have the option to appeal those claims.
645800 tn?1466864555 Basic human needs resources (including food banks, clothing closets, shelters, rent assistance and utility assistance); Physical and mental health resources (health insurance programs, maternal health, etc.
Avatar f tn My insurance doesn't over infertility treatment. Should i buy a new insurance type? if yes, what do you suggest. Or what should i do? Thanks so much.
349465 tn?1289085364 What about United Healthcare? I know some of it depends on what type policy we are on. If you can let me know, I would appreciate it.